Wittig reaction

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  • Wittig Reaction Lab Essay

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    Long-wavelength TLC plate: solvent line = 3.9cm filtrate: same values appear as under short-wavelength in addition to 1.1cm/3.9cm = 0.28 trans,trans-isomer: same value as under short-wavelength Discussion: This experiment was governed by the the Wittig reaction mechanism, which is done properly yields an alkene. The percent yield for the overall experimented, after purification was approximately 4.23%, not a very high yield but enough to carry out subsequent

  • Essay about Wittig Reaction: Synthesis of Trans-Stilbene

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    The purpose of this experiment was to perform a wittig reaction, the horner-emmons wittig specifically, reacting an aldehyde with an ylide to make an alkene. This particular variation of the wittig reaction has several advantages: It gives only the trans product; it uses a much milder base that is easier to handle; and it gives a water soluble byproduct which is easy to separate from the product. The reason that these advantages occur is a change in the structure of the ylide. Instead of a tripheylphosphine

  • Preparation Of The ( 2 Nitrophenyl ) Acrylate Using The Wittig Reaction

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    Preparation of 3-(2-Nitrophenyl)acrylate Utilizing the Wittig Reaction Introduction: The Wittig reaction, named after Georg Wittig, produces an alkene from an aldehyde or ketone reacting with a phosphonium ylide (a Wittig reagent). The Wittig reaction is typically stereoselective, which makes the Wittig reagents more difficult to work with but use of the Wittig with different allyl substituents prove to make the Wittig more versatile which can lead to the synthesis of a wide range of alkenes, styrenes

  • Essay Wittig reaction

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    TRANS-9-(2-PHENYLETHENYL) ANTHRACENE (A WITTIG REACTION) Introduction: The purpose of this experiment is to convert carbonyl compounds to alkenes using Wittig reaction. In this case we will be synthesizing Trans-9-(2-phenylethenyl) anthracene from benzyltriphenylphosphonium chloride and 9-anthraldehyde. We will also aim to obtaining a high percent yield and purity for the synthesis of Trans-9-(2-phenylethenyl) anthracene. The mechanism for this reaction goes thus: Experimental:

  • The Synthesis Of 13 Butadienes

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    synthesised from aldehydes and ketones using the Wittig reaction. The Wittig reaction facilitates the synthesis of new carbon-carbon double bonds at specific locations in aldehydes and ketones (Bernard & Ford, 1983). The overall reaction mechanism is shown in Figure 1. Protocols for synthesising 1,3-butadienes from aldehydes and ketones have been established in the literature. The synthesis protocol proposed by Greatrex et al. (2014) was used and reactions using several aldehydes (cinnamaldehyde, piperonaldehyde

  • Daydreams and Nightmares: Paradoxical Melancholy and Sally Bowles in Christopher Isherwood’s Goodbye to Berlin

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    What comes almost as a fascinating insight in Sally’s world of songs, lovers, cigarettes and lonesomeness is a magnified view of the city, where destitution predominates and one never fails to turn a deaf ear, to the midnight calls from the street corners. Isherwood ponders in the opening lines of Goodbye to Berlin, this idea of being a disjointed wanderer upon a sensitive landscape. In the section, ‘Sally Bowles’, Isherwood traces acutely the problematic disposition of a woman, who also breathes

  • The Metaphorical Lesbian in Chopin’s The Awakening Essay

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    The Metaphorical Lesbian in Chopin’s The Awakening In “The Metaphorical Lesbian: Edna Pontellier in The Awakening” Elizabeth LeBlanc asserts that the character Edna Pontellier is an example of what Bonnie Zimmerman calls the “metaphorical lesbian.” It’s important to distinguish between Zimmerman’s concept of the “metaphorical lesbian” and lesbianism. The “metaphorical lesbian” does not have to act on lesbian feelings or even become conscious of herself as a lesbian. Instead, the “metaphorical

  • Law Of Gratitude Essay

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    Gratitude: The Law of Gratitude plays out similar to the Law of Cause and Effect or the natural principle of action and reaction. As we look at the law itself, when we express thankfulness to the God Force for that which we have “received” (even though it is still in the unseen), it is an expenditure of force, therefore our gratitude cannot fail to reach God, and when it does the reaction is an instantaneous move toward you. Consider two properly aligned magnets. They are two forces moving in opposite

  • Equipment Review of the Vertec and Bertec

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    study includes a Vertec vertical jump measuring system (Figure 1) and a Bertec force plate (Figure 2). The Vertec vertical jump measuring system measures individuals vertical jump capabilities in inches. The Bertec force plate measures the ground reaction forces in newtons produced when an individual performs a jump and when they land following a jump. The Vertec vertical jump measuring system is constructed out of a steel frame and has horizontal vanes that rotate when the hand touches them. The

  • Biomechanical Functions In Football

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    kicking action (Lees & Nolan, 1998) The biomechanical principles that influence a soccer player’s ability to achieve a maximal velocity instep kick include. – Angular Velocity of the lower limbs – Coefficient of restitution – Ground reaction force Angular Velocity of the lower limbs The angular velocity begins at the support foot plant phase and continues into the follow-through phase. For a player to achieve a maximal velocity instep kick, this is one of the main biomechanical principles