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  • Frida Kahlo: the Woman. the Artist.

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    Frida Kahlo: The Woman. The Artist. Why did I choose Frida Kahlo for my research paper? I choose Ms. Kahlo because she is my favorite artist. I first learned of her in middle school and immediately fell in love with her work. It was very emotionally impacting. I have included many samples of her artwork. The things she saw and accomplished prompted the sensational works that spilled out of her brush. She had not wanted to follow in the imaginative strides of her photographic artist father and granddad

  • Greek Art

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    The history of art is one the most fascinating type of history there is. Reasons can range from having the unique ability to tell the story of every artist putting their own mark on art culture to simply being the story of how people were able to create an outlet where they could express the way they were feeling about society or changes within Earth itself, with beautiful and admirable artwork. But of all, the artwork created a chance to be openly interpreted by anyone and be observed differently

  • `` The Ecstasy Of Influence `` By Jonathan Allen Lethem

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    Plato’s Ion, which states that God speaks through the artists, Lethem’s The Ecstasy of Influence: A plagiarism; projects that inspiration comes from the influence of our surroundings which is the key to creation. Jonathan Allen Lethem, a modern American essayists, writes the article in which he talks about how some artists see plagiarism as a wrong doing or stealing. Lethem disagrees with those artists’ point of view. He writes, “most artists are converted to art by art itself. Finding one’s voice

  • The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery

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    different artists and a beautiful collection of many different pieces. I selected the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery because I was curious to see how other people viewed Florida through their art. Two artists in particular caught my attention, Bill McCoy and Nancy Hamlin-Vogler. Bill McCoy is a traditional oil painter that creates paintings that reflect Florida’s lifestyle and nature. His paintings are semi-realistic and capture the beauty of Florida. Bill McCoy was the president of The Artists Guild of

  • The Prayer At Valley Forge Analysis

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    As Gala has no favorite style, she also can’t pick a favorite artist. Growing up, she said that her favorite artist was Arnold Friburg, a well known artist whose work is realistic and reminiscent of the Renaissance painters. Arguably his most famous painting is “The Prayer at Valley Forge,” depicting George Washington, kneeling by his horse. Friburg lived near where Gala grew up and she saw him as a local rockstar. Later, when Gala gained her own fame for “The Ten Virgins,” she sent Friburg an invitation

  • A New Approach to Art

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    A NEW APPROACH “I continue to get further away from the usual artists’ tools; easel, palette, brushes. I prefer sticks, trowels, knives and dripping fluid paint. My feeling is new needs need new techniques. It seems to me the modern painter cannot express this age – the airplane, the atom bomb, the radio – in the old forms of the Renaissance or any other past culture.” Jackson Pollock (1950) It is apparent from the quote mentioned above that Art has undergone rapid transformation from the 20th century

  • Renee Cox, An African American Woman And Artist

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    Renee Cox, as an African American woman and artist, uses her body and identity to start a discussion on the Black experience in America. Besides representing a population of minority artists, the female and the non-white, her art has affected society with her brazen approach to her craft. Cox’s significance comes from her open display of race and sex. In many of her pieces, nudity and the celebration of the African American experience is the focus. In addition to this, her medium of choice, mixed

  • The Conflicts Between Seeing Nature As A Medium Of Art

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    consider nature as the purest form of natural expression. Some artists consider nature as a medium of art. But what is a medium of art? Art is expressed to be man made, a form of human expression, a tale of beauty or tragedy. The world is a beautiful place filled with unique creatures, beautiful scenery and an overwhelming sense of power and importance. But a medium is considered as materials used to help express the viewpoint of the artist. In this evaluation argument one will see the conflicts between

  • Conformity Is The Most Prized Virtue

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    nonconformity as a catalyst of cultural evolution with the story of the tumult that took place in France when officials proposed that one of the pavilions of the prestigious 1925 Paris Exhibition be set up in the space belonging to the Society of Independent Artists — the collective of nonconformists whose annual exhibitions had been setting the tone for modern art since their formation in 1884. It was suggested that these innovators had done their job and there was no further need for their tradition-upending

  • An Analysis Of Tolstoy ' Tolstoy 's ' The Sigh '

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    activity is beauty, that is to say, pleasure." (Tolstoy, 7). The “nourishment” good art provides is capability to infect others with the emotions that the artist had when he expressed the art. This “nourishment” stems from the idea that one must have the feelings of the artist transmitted to them, and if they experience similar feelings as the artist then it is true art and the observer/viewer is nourished. This “hunger”, this fundamental human need, which good art satisfies is the need for man to