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  • Character Analysis Of Little Women In Little Women

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    Margaret “Meg” March Brook, the oldest March sister in Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel Little Women, is demure yet fierce in her loyalty. Although she cares too much about other’s opinions, she learns to focus on kindness rather than charm and propriety, and value hard work over wealth. Known to be motherly, Meg loves and encourages her friends and younger sisters. She embodies warmth and compassion in her family throughout the book, first when she is living at home with her mother and sisters

  • The Chinese Character Known as Women´s Writing: The Nüshu (Chinese: 女書)

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    Nüshu (Chinese: 女書) is known as "women's writing". It is an asyllabic script and made up by simplified Chinese characters that was used exclusively among women in Hunan province of southern China (Jiangyong Country). [5] 
The uses of Nüshu script is to write a Chinese local dialect, Xiangnan Tuhua (Chinese: 湘南土話, 'Southern HunaneseTuhua'). This dialect is used by people in Xiao and Yongming River of northern Jiangyong County. [6] This dialect is different to the other parts of Hunan that it is not

  • The Characters Of Little Women

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    oldest and Amy the youngest, with Jo and Beth in between. Each sister has a different personality and role in the family. Meg being the oldest is the responsible one and helps her mother take care of her sisters. Jo the second oldest and the main character of the story is the high tempered and the tomboyish sister. She aspires of becoming a writer, so she can earn money to help her family. She also expresses her feeling on the limitations she faces a female. Beth is the third oldest sister and she

  • The Bennett Women Character Analysis

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    In author Roberta R. Carr’s novel The Bennett Women, three generations of women reach a decisive point that could make or break their future as individuals and as a family. Muriel Bennett, an aging grandmother and artist, dreads the possibility that she may have to leave her home and move into an assisted living facility. Susanne Bennett—mother, divorcee, and savvy CEO—needs to make an international business trip, but a professional challenge is not all that awaits her overseas. Lilia Bennett-Parker

  • The Characters Of The Women In Harry Potter

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    The women in Harry Potter are some of the strongest and most complex characters in the literary world. They are intelligence, ruthless, compassionate, impulsive, and are as faceted as they are flawed. Above all, the women of the Potter world are refreshingly human and perhaps don’t get the credit they rightly deserve, particularly the more minor characters that regularly support the trio throughout the series. To remedy this, here’s five reasons to love the odd, intricate, and charming Luna Lovegood

  • Criticism Of Rudali

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    power of the malik-mahajans, are shown as the controlling agencies of the economic system. The lower caste villagers become their easy victim. Religion and rituals turn out to be shackles for them. It is strange that throughout the narrative no character gets any relief and solace from religion. Sanichari is the best example of how the system oppresses and exploits a poor being. Such people have no other choice and the picture looks dismal. Whenever there has been a death in her family. Sanichari

  • On Beauty Analysis

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    Beauty and Body Image Zadie Smith’s On Beauty is filled with characters who all readers can relate to. The novel focuses primarily on the Belseys, who are a mixed race family living in Boston. During the novel, the Belsey family members undergo challenges and situations that shape and mold their identities. The father, Howard is in the middle of a mid life crisis struggling with lack of success in his career, feeling stuck and his infidelity to his wife, Kiki. Kiki is also struggling with aging

  • Beauty And Body Image In Zadie Smith's On Beauty

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    Beauty and Body Image In Zadie Smith’s On Beauty, one main struggle that all the female characters have in common is body image. The burden of a woman’s body remains a main premise throughout the entire novel as the characters define their worth and have their worth defined by others based on their physical appearance. The female body is viewed by characters in different ways based on gender and age. The men in the novel view women’s in terms of their sexual worth as they focus on a woman’s physical

  • Magnificence By Estrella Alfon

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    feminist movement. The male population is known to have a dominant status and role in our society. Therefore, women and children are usually the main characters and victims in her short stories for this reflects the marginalized roles of women in the patriarchal culture among the Filipino citizens. In her literary work “Magnificence”, the short story revolves around 2 major characters namely Vicente, a bus conductor, and the next one is the mother of the two children. The story begins with a characterization

  • The Literary Analysis Of Girl By Jamaica Kincaid

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    girl by her mother on how to live her life before somewhat 30 years. The short story “Girl”, was written by Jamaica Kincaid, that was first published in “The New Yorker” in 1978. It is a very short story in which it can be interpreted that has two characters, the mother and the daughter in which mother is a domain or the main speaker of the story and daughter is the listener. Daughter just speaks a sentence or two in the whole story. The story “Girl” shows how a girl is bound to meet the expectations