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  • Women Mathematicians: Why So Few? Essays

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    Women Mathematicians: Why So Few? The great field of mathematics stretches back in history some 8 millennia to the age of primitive man, who learned to count to ten on his fingers. This led to the development of the decimal scale, the numeric scale of base ten (Hooper 4). Mathematics has grown greatly since those primitive times, in the present day there are literally thousands of laws, theorems, and equations which govern the use of ten simple symbols representing the ten base numbers. The

  • Female Mathematicians Essay

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    Throughout history, women have been looked down upon and seen as insubordinate and incapable. Women were never viewed as equal to men until about the 1950s. History will also tell us that men dominated the mathematical scene and have made the biggest contributions in that field, yet this does not seem to be the case. Women have had just as big an impact on math as men have, if not a bigger contribution.They still continue to rock the mathematical world today. Various women such as Hypatia from the

  • Women in the Math World Essay

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    Women in the Math World Works Cited Not Included Math is commonly known as the man’s major. Many college math professors are men and the same goes for their students. "One study revealed that women accounted for 15% of students in computer science, 16% in electrical engineering,. . . Gender splits in the faculty were similar" (Cukier). There are few women that have made an impact on the math society compared with the number of men. A person can

  • Human Gender and Mathematics Essay

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    and Mathematics Is there a difference in the mathematical ability between men and women? Historians have no precise method of quantifying or comparing their individual accomplishments (Olsen). Not only in mathematics, but also in many other career areas in the past, women were looked upon as inferior to their male counterparts. Women were not encouraged to pursue a career in mathematics. Historically, women were seen working around the home, cleaning the house, taking care of the children, and

  • The Mathematical Abilities of Women Essay

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    The Mathematical Abilities of Women Tests have proved that women have the same mathematical abilities than men do. Since there is no difference in ability, you would think that the field is equally occupied by both genders. Many people have thought about a seemingly simply asked question and have failed to come up with a practical answer why it is so. The question, "How come you know more male mathematicians than female?" is one that I, previously uninformed on this subject plan to supply data

  • Sophie Germain Essay

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    time into each book as she had taught herself Latin and Greek, allowing her to read other famous mathematicians work such as Isaac Newton. Obsessed

  • Amalie Emmy Noether

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    project to create a paper on a famous mathematician. My first thought was what man should I choose. After all, aren’t all great mathematicians men? Well, I have decided to research and find a great female mathematician. I have selected Amalie Emmy Noether. I have chosen Amalie Emmy Noether to show everyone that a famous mathematician can be a lady. Today we won’t do everything by the numbers, instead we will meet Ms. Amalie Emmy Noether, famous mathematician. Ms. Amalie Emmy Noether was born March

  • Sophie Germain : An Important Date

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    wealthy family to say the least. Like any parents in the 1700 's, Ambroise and Marie did not want Sophie to grow up and be a mathematician, but that is later. First we must know what was happening around the time of Sophie 's birth. Although Sophie Germain was born into a very wealthy family, she was not of the aristocratic status. Soon after the birth of the great mathematician

  • An Exploration Into The Lack Of Female Interest

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    my assignment by discussing how gender affects the learning of mathematics, focussing on secondary school mathematics, and then continue to analyse whether using same-sex classes could be a useful adjustment in today’s secondary schools. As a mathematician myself I have gone through the educational system and seen the uneven proportion of boys to girls within mathematics classrooms. As soon as mathematics became

  • How Did Plato Contribute To Geometry

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    Plato and Archimedes: Two Great Mathematicians of All Time Plato is one of the greatest mathematicians and teachers of geometry to ever live. To some, he is known as the “maker of math.” He himself made an academy that stressed mathematics as a way of understanding reality. He founded this academy in 387 BCE. According to one website, “... he was convinced that geometry was the key to unlocking the secrets to the universe.” Plato had many contributions in mathematics and geometry that helped in