Women's Flat Track Derby Association

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    essay will outline how female participation in bodywork, specifically in regards to roller derby, can be both empowering and disempowering at the same time depending on which aspects a person chooses to emphasize and their perspective used to analyze it. Bodywork allows a person to make

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    Subculture is defined as an internal variation within a culture, in which a group of people share a more specific belief, value or practice, while still belonging to the larger culture. The Long Beach Roller Derby Girls are a good example of a Long Beach subculture. These are women from different socioeconomic backgrounds, age groups, and ethnicities coming together to engage in a full contact sport. According to their mission statement, they are “dedicated to providing an opportunity for all types

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    Articles Sociology of the Prison Classroom: Marginalized Identities and Sociological Imaginations behind Bars Teaching Sociology 39(2) 165–178 Ó American Sociological Association 2011 DOI: 10.1177/0092055X11400440 http://ts.sagepub.com Kylie L. Parrotta1 and Gretchen H. Thompson1 Abstract The authors use sociology of the college classroom to analyze their experiences as feminists teaching sociology courses in the ‘‘unconventional setting’’ of prison. Reflective writing was used to chronicle experiences

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