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    literary text and one from a film. The focus of this paper will be on heroes that have a relationship to an element of mythology. I will use the character Odysseus from Homer’s epic poem, “The Odyssey” and the character Wonder Woman from the American superhero film “Wonder Woman”. In this essay I will analyze the gender, appearance, actions, and roles that these heroes have. Throughout this essay, I will also discuss the negative characteristics that both these heroes have, such as their violent

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    15 October 2014 Wonder Woman Children always looking for a positive role model to have, and many end up choosing superheroes they see in their favorite comic books or ones they have seen in the media. Since children are so easily affected by things they see in their childhood, having discriminatory elements in these influential characters may be problematic. “The Wonder Woman Precedent: Female (Super) Heroism on Trial” written by Julie D. O’Reilly, was published in the Journal of American Culture

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    Golden Age Wonder Woman began in 1941 with the Amazon Princess Diana nursing American intelligence officer Steve Trevor back to health after he crashed on Themyscira Island. The Amazons decided that someone should go back to America with Steve to help with the battle in the outside world that was WWII. Wonder Woman won a contest which permitted her to leave Themyscira Island and head off to America with Steve Trevor. In America, Diana adopted the name "Diana Prince" and joined the army to help fight

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    THE SILVER AGE WONDER WOMAN In Issue #8 of DC's All Star Comics (cover date: Jan. '42) there's an eight page story in- tended to test readers reaction to a new type of hero. Written by Charles Moulton (pseudonym of Psychologist William Moulton Marston), with art by Harry G. Peters, Wonder Woman, Amazon Princess, enters a troubled world. Positive feedback encouraged DC to give her the lead feature in a new anthology series - Sensation Comics. An ardent believer in feminism, and a great

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    hide it away and act as if it does not exist. This is exactly the case from the recent Warner Brothers movie Wonder Woman. Sexuality is hardly shown in the movie Wonder Woman, but is very prevalent in the comics. Wonder Woman the movie should not hide the sexual aspects that the comics show because in the comics she shows it is okay to be sexual, and to be proud of your sexuality. Wonder Woman has been a hero who stands for who she is, this is shown, but the film hides her ties to bondage, a part of

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    Field Report Assignment I saw Wonder Woman at the Museum of Modern Art near. The film was made in June 2017 and was directed by Patty Jenkins. The movie of Wonder Woman provides a backstory of Princess Diana prior to her appearance in Batman vs. Superman. Story takes place during World War I where she is on a quest to defeat Aries after believing he is the reason the war is taking place and has the intentions of ending the war. Women empowerment was a major theme that emerged from the narrative

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    Widow (Marvel) for example, anyone would love for her figure and kick-ass moves. Wonder Woman is our hero of the hour, she has made her way onto the big screen; casting her into the spotlight more than ever. She screams fights for love, promotes peace, is a beacon of hope, and screams feminism. What’s not to love? The new movie released on June 2, 2017, has called more attention to the American-spirited, Amazonian woman than ever before. The movie is the first fully female directed movie, Patty Jenkins

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    She is a dark-haired beautiful woman who is a warrior armed with a lasso of truth (Cocca 124-126 Wonder Woman); she is Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman’s manifestation in comic books demonstrates a symbol of a strong woman with her own power. Inspiring girls to change in their own way through raising awareness for important issues meanwhile providing a positive role model that Wonder Woman stands for. Some worry about the effect that images of bondage may counter Wonder Woman’s strong feminine role. However

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    nowhere and saved superman. At first Superman thought it was Supergirl but when she landed Superman couldn't believe his eyes it was Wonder Woman. She came from New Jersey and rescued Superman. One week later Wonder Woman was also about to be destroyed, but Superman came to the rescue Wonder Woman couldn't believe that Superman saved her. A month later Superman and Wonder Women were fighting crime and together they were unstoppable, unbeatable and invincible. A year later after SuperMan and WonderWoman

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    bracelets and magic lasso, Wonder Woman is a popular icon of female strength in a universe of male superheroes. Going through her history however, shows that she depicts a complicated heroine who is more than just a female comic book character. Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston, who was a psychologist and a lawyer, and believed that women's capacity for love, nurture, and self-sacrifice would make them better leaders than men. He created Wonder Woman in order to gain his vision