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  • Analysis Of War For The Planet Of The Apes

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    In “War for the Planet of the Apes”—the third and supposedly last installment in 20th Century Fox’s rebooted “Planet of the Apes” franchise—Woody Harrelson’s character, known only as ‘The Colonel,’ is trying to build a massive wall in preparation for an attack by another military faction. He has captured almost all of the apes from Caesar’s colony and uses them as a source of slave labor. When the apes aren’t toiling, they are corralled into a pen in shackles, with the adults separated from the children

  • The Glass Castle Analysis

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    portrayal of a family torn apart by poverty. The author, and her three siblings, were moved from location to location and raised by a mother, Rose Mary (Naomi Watts) who seemed more consumed by painting and art then parenting, and a father, Rex (Woody Harrelson), whose alcoholism, depression, and abusive behavior, left everyone reeling. Eventually the family reside in their father's hometown, in West Virginia, a place lacking plumbing, heat, and basic accouterments. Cretton clearly sees inspiration

  • Ethos, Pathos, And Logos

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    Coinciding with the purpose of the film, the tone of the documentary in its entirety is overly critical in its delivery. At the time stamp of 21:10, it shows a perfect example of the tone of criticality on the governmental and economic systems. Harrelson speaks of a scenario where there is a group of businessmen who are powerful enough to have access to the white house. This in itself is directly pegging at what is actually happening in the White House and how much influence big business actually

  • Natural Born Killers And The Film Stars Woody Harrelson And Juliette Lewis

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    For my film project I chose, Natural Born Killers, (1994) the film stars Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis as the notorious couple Mickey and Mallory Knox. The film follows Knox’s on their cross-country murder spree that captivates the world as the media glorifies their crimes making them the most infamous serial killers since Manson. Natural Born Killers starts out in a small diner in the middle of the desert, Mickey is ordering pie and Mallory is dancing to a jukebox, a couple of locals enter

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' The Cheeks Were Red '

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    Long before Woody Allen’s jasmine was blue, his cheeks were red over an allegation about a midnight not in Paris, but in his attic. He was called an irrational man within the halls of his own home in Manhattan, putting Allen in a new kind of spotlight. After ending his twelve-year relationship with Mia Farrow, accusations arose claiming that Mr. Allen had molested the couples adopted daughter Dylan when she was seven. However, despite the precarious circumstances in which the allegations arose, both

  • Review Of Woody Allen 's ' Wild Strawberries '

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    Introduction Ingmar Bergman has been openly described by Woody Allen as a major influence in his craft of making films. Throughout the years of his career, spanning over decades, Allen has been heavily drawn to Bergman’s style as an art form, enough to impact his own style of telling stories in the cinematic medium. Bergman’s strong method of telling a story was truly riveting and groundbreaking in the entertainment industry, especially for the development of Swedish cinema. As for American

  • Halberstam Essay

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    Woody goes through many milestones in which he shows that being a failure is not such a bad thing after all. Collectivity is shown in the move when Buzz and Woody, the replaced toy, accidentally set off on an adventure and are forced to work together to overcome many obstacles. At one point in the movie, they are trapped in a claw machine and have to find a way out. Although their plan to escape the claw machine goes very south, Woody still tries to help out Buzz. Halberstam

  • Civil War And The 1960s

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    A History of Protest Music – Revolutionary War to the 1960s Protest music in the United States dates back to the 19th century. This protest music focused around subjects that were topical for the time period. Among these topics were the Civil War. Another topic was slavery, and its abolition. A final topic was women’s suffrage. A famous group of protest singers was the Hutchinson Family Singers. Their notoriety, which spanned the mid-19th century, began in 1839. Their songs about abolition were

  • Protest Songs And Its Effect On Social Change

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    For many centuries, music has been an unwavering force in society, offering entertainment for various ceremonies and events, while also providing an outlet for creative expression. Most people see the entertainment factor in music, but fail to realize the power music has to influence social change. One way that music inspires social change is through protest songs. Most songwriters agree that protest songs are written because circumstances demand engagement and things can no longer be left unsaid

  • The Adjustments Of Alvy By Woody Allen

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    Adjustments of Alvy Over time, every one changes or transforms. Most often people transform after a traumatic incident or after a failure. Woody Allen’s film Annie Hall captures the changes of a man named Alvy Singer. Alvy is just coming out of a failed relationship to a woman named Annie Hall. Although Alvy is sad, he begins to learn from his mistakes. Alvy (played by Woody Allen) begins the film as a death obsessed comedy writer with a bleak outlook on life. He is consumed by the fear of death and the