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  • Working With Children And Children

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    In addition to working with incarcerated populations, working with children also presents a host of limitations and hurdles to overcome. Numerous safeguards are required when working with children, particularly because children may not be mature enough to give informed consent. The study will follow respective IRB protocols in working with children, including receiving informed consent from the child’s guardian, explaining the research to the child in an age-appropriate manner, and receiving consent

  • Working With Children And Families

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    work is a career that I have always been interested in, especially working with children and families. Helping people overcome obstacles and making the most of themselves is a very rewarding and yet a challenging career. I’ll have the chance to meet a variety of different people with different problems from cases of abuse and neglect as well as supporting those in the care system. I am particularly interested in working with children and families who often form the most vulnerable service users, developing


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    Assignment 310 – Understand Children and Young People’s Self-Directed Play Task A – Briefing Notes 1. Explain the characteristics of freely chosen, self directed play Freely chosen play is where children are able to choose what they want to do Personally directed play is where children will choose how they want to do what they have chosen to play. Intrinsically motivated is why children choose why they choose certain types of play. Goalless means that children will play for no particular reason

  • Working With Children And Young People

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    When working with children and young people it is important to know the aims and responsibilities for your setting. The government frame work, Every Child Matters (ECM) places great importance on partnership working. The five outcomes for ECM are • Be healthy • Stay safe • Enjoy and achieve • Make a positive contribution • Achieve economic well-being It is very important that everyone working together with children and young people finds out about the five outcomes and bases their working practice

  • My Experience Working With Children

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    As my experience working with children grows, I would like to gain the skills necessary to run a preschool program. I have worked primarily with infants and toddlers in the past few months, which has become a new focus of mine. Working with such young children allows me to have a productive impact on their cognitive development. This opportunity has been a great encouragement and I hope to run an infant-toddler program within a larger school. My more immediate goals are centered around gaining experiences

  • Reflection About Working With Children

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    Children are a very interesting population to work with as a counselor. While working with children can be an interesting and a rewarding job it comes with a multitude of challenges. One of the main things we need to focus on when working with children is on understanding how they communicate as well as be able to communicate effectively with them. Often times as adults we tend to apply our own attitudes about learning or reaching goals towards children. An attitude that adults tend to hold is

  • Working With Children And Young People

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    Unit 087: Work with Children and Young People in a Residential Care Setting 1 Understand the legal, policy, rights and theoretical framework for residential care for children and young people 1.1 Explain Current theoretical approaches to residential provision for children and young people: Attachment theory – a model of psychology that tries to how long-term and short-term interpersonal relationships between people develop. Separation/Loss theory tries to explain the insecure attachment behaviour

  • Explain The Difficulties Of Working With Children

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    Working with children or youth can be challenging because worker needs to put consideration of the developmental stage of the individual. Each child and/or young adults may be more vulnerable than others depending on their age, maturity and circumstances. There are many areas of concern when working with children or youth; such as substance abuse, bullying, body image, build relationships, changes in the family (parental separation) and much more. But the one thing that really concern me the most

  • Working Together To Safeguard Children

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    Working with agencies is extremely effective in improving outcomes for children, by coming together to share information and concerns a complete picture of the child/ren is formed. Working together to Safeguard Children states we all share responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, this is done effectively through multi agency, team around the child and EHAF meetings, conferences and core groups. When a referral is made to social care, they investigate, gaining information

  • My Experience Of Working With Children

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    2. In my experience in working with children, I have been placed in sites where the population was diverse. These environments were beneficial because I was exposed to lifestyles of children from different nationalities and socioeconomic statuses, and I saw how their resources affected them. As a staff member working in the Children’s Ministry at my church, I saw firsthand how a child who struggled to learn a play and was constantly absent from church shadowed their absence in school and their