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  • The Soundscape By R. Murray Schafer

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    ‘The Soundscape’ is a interdisciplinary concept with spanning across multiple fields of inquiry from acoustic ecology,1 to urban and landscape design,2 ethnography, as well as the realm of music and sound arts. The term ‘soundscape’ was coined in 1977 by R. Murray Schafer, who co-created and led the Vancouver Soundscape Project and later, World Soundscape Project, based out of Simon Fraser University. His work in the 1970’s culminated in what is considered the foundational text, The Soundscape: The

  • Field Recording History

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    otherwise. The degree to which these recordings are altered varies among artists, with those that fully delve in phonography exhibiting little tangible transformation of the acquired material. Some example of this will be illustrated later in discussing soundscape

  • Population Pollution

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    Building construction in the Lower Mainland is at an all-time high. More than 37,000 units are now being built to meet the demand of a rapidly growing population, most in high-rise towers that will increase population density throughout the region. That construction brings noise, but those disturbances are temporary. As people, and their cars, move into the new condos and townhomes, the city will likely face an increase in ambient noise levels, which can disturb sleep, increase stress response

  • The Great Old Ones

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    When you chose to represent each of your albums on individual novellas from one of the most renowned horror authors in the world, there can hardly be a short supply of thematic inspiration. Numerous bands have created concept albums based around their own ideas, or pen songs that take insight from creative writing, but few bands will dedicate the entire span of an album to an existing piece of literature. H.P. Lovecraft is the lifeblood of France’s ambient black metal quintet, The Great Old Ones

  • Essay about Koyaanisqatsi

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    Koyaanisqatsi Koyaanisqatsi, sometimes titled Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance, was directed by American director Godfrey Reggio. The film deals with the relationship between humans and nature entirely through the contrast between the music and the visuals. The tone of each scene relies purely on composer Philip Glass' score to aid what's being shown on screen and provide meaning to what's taking place. Because there are no conventional story ideas or dialogue, the film takes its message

  • Experience, Perceive And Interact With The Sites Through Our Senses And Body

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    As the principal question is to examine how we experience, perceive and interact with the site through our senses and body, in this section I present excerpts from the interview transcripts which are then analysed to obtain an understanding of sensory qualities of the site. In any site dance, it is not only the performers who are interrogating space through movements, but it also extends to an audience who experiences it. For a better structuring, I have divided this section into two parts: the first

  • Technology And The Digital Revolution

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    Cultural heritage sites are spaces full of rich culture and innovation, providing abundant opportunities for visitors to learn and explore. They are valued for their ability to broaden knowledge, expand minds and deliver new experiences to sites of cultural and historical value. Digital technology is being used to combat some of the main problems that cultural heritage sites face, including inaccessibility, the lack of connection between visitors and objects, and the safety of objects during travelling

  • Museum Of Modern Art ( Moma ) : Soundings Exhibition

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    features an interactive map (fig. 10) for users to upload their own soundbites to specific locations around the world. This interactivity adds a collaborative element to the Soundings exhibition, allowing the user to make the exhibition more personal and to participate in the process of meaning-making. They are actively contributing to the museum space. There are two key elements to this project; the use of sound and the use of interactive maps. In a similar manner, Visualising NYC (fig. 11) by the Bard

  • An Analysis Of Claire Boucher 's New Music

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    Since she started making music in 2010, Claire Boucher’s Grimes project has made some of the oddest pop music imaginable, and since she started making music in 2010, the music has only increased in quality. From 2010′s three lo-fi, darker projects of Darkbloom, Halfaxa, and Geidi Primes, to 2012′s ethereal Visions, to her recent singles, last year’s trap-influenced “Go” and this year’s moody synthpop jam “REALiTi (Demo)”, Boucher seems to have been slowly moving towards a mainstream pop presence

  • Musical Development From The 50 ' S

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    Musical development from the 50’s to the present day 1950’s The 1950’s was a very important decade in the development of music as it saw the birth of rock n’ roll. Artists such as Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry took the style of playing already established in genres such as blues and country music and completely renovated it. They took the idea of a 12 bar blues pattern and sped it up and added rhythmic, catchy hooks to make the music easy to dance to. The lyrics of songs about the genre itself as