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    Wound care (Pressure Ulcer) Descriptions During community placement, my mentor and I visited M (patient), a 75years old lady, who was presented with a Pressure Ulcer, on the heel of her right leg. On arrival, my mentor asked me to manage M’s wound. However, I have observed and participate in carrying out this skill (wound care) with my mentor on several occasions. I explained the procedure to M and gained her consent to carry out the procedure. The preparation and application of aseptic technique

  • Wound Care

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    the Care that Mr Jones will require in relation to the safe management and promotion of wound healing This essay will focus on the holistic care of Mr Jones, with particular attention to the management of his wound. The points that will be discussed and analysed are the role of the skin, wound assessment, the nutritional status of Mr Jones and the problem of his obesity. Added to this, an analytical discussion of the involvement of the multi-disciplinary team, the way that Mr Jones’ wound should

  • Research on Wound Care

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    Wound Cleansing: Water or Normal Saline? Ashtin Plummer MidAmerican Nazarene University Wound Cleansing: Water or Normal Saline? Wound cleansing has been discussed about for many years, different solutions and techniques have been discussed to use, and it is an important part of preventing infection. Wound cleansing is described as the use of fluids to remove debris and dead tissue from the surface of the wound. The purpose of wound cleansing is to make the best possible conditions at the

  • Honey As A Homeopathic Wound Care

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    Honey As A Homeopathic Wound Care “If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live” (Maeterlinck 317). When Maurice Maeterlinck wrote The Life of a Bee, he truly realized the bee’s importance to our environment, however did he recognize the importance of their honey to medicine. Many people will argue that old-fashioned treatments are less effective than modern medicines. While traditional medicines are simple and more easily applied, in

  • Wound Care Education

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    Wound Care Education Abstract The purpose of this paper is to identify a patient health issue that would benefit from patient education. During the clinical rotation at Jackson South the group identified a need in wound care especially for patients with other underlying health issues such as diabetes. A large percentage of patients had wounds that would require patients to properly care for them once discharged. The group identified a lack of patient knowledge on how to care for these wounds

  • Use of Maggots for Wound Care

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    Orthopaedic Surgery (2010), Volume 2, No. 3, 201–206 ORIGINAL ARTICLE Clinical research on the bio-debridement effect of maggot therapy for treatment of chronically infected lesions os4_87 201..206 Shou-yu Wang MD1, Jiang-ning Wang MD2, De-cheng Lv MD1, Yun-peng Diao PhD3, Zhen Zhang MD1 1 Department of Orthopedic Surgery, The First Affiliated Hospital, 3Department of Pharmacy, Dalian Medical University, and 2Institute of Reconstructive Surgery, Dalian University, Dalian, China Objective:

  • Advanced Target Marketing: Wound Care

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    Advanced Target Marketing Citrus Memorial Wound Care facility provides comprehensive healing of chronic and acute non-healing wounds and offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy in an outpatient setting. The center utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to wound care. A team approach is used to provide patients with the most optimal wound treatment possible. The clinic optimizes its ability to provide patients with the best care possible by using advanced wound healing products including bioengineered skin

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    Reflective Outline and discuss a clinical audit that you have undertook into one aspect of care delivery and reflect upon the experience using Driscoll’s model of structured reflection. Word Count (2197) During the course of this piece of work, it is my intention to outline and discuss a clinical audit that I undertook into one aspect of care delivery and reflect upon the experience using Driscoll’s model of structured reflection (Driscoll, 2000). The audit, which focused upon the completion

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    closely due to what factors? Select all that apply. A. Anesthesia can have a depressing effect on respirations. B. Mr. Baker has a history of smoking. C. Mr. Baker has an abdominal incision. D. All of the above. Lori is developing Mr. Baker’s care plan and adds the nursing diagnosis potential for infection. Why would Mr. Baker be at high risk for developing an infection? Answer: Rationale: Mr. Baker’s nurse asks Lori to apply a thromboembolic device (TED) hose and a

  • Wound Care Analysis

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    and concise wound care documentation. It talks about this importance from the stand point of a lawyer who deals with a lot of wound care negligent cases. His key points include proper measurements, weekly documentations, pictures and correct diagnosis of the type of wound to have accurate information. He also talks about the importance of having the right employees completing the information or the systems don’t work. Whether it’s an electronic or paper-based system, or photos of the wound, employees