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  • Wurundjeri Tribe

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    The Wurundjeri Tribe resides in the Abbotsford Covent, which is situated in the Yarra city, including rivers such as Goulburn, Loddon, Werribee, Maribyrnong and Birraraung, which is also known to the Wurundjeri tribe as “Birrarung River of mist” (Aboriginalhistoryofyarracomau, 2016). These rivers also once outlined the boundaries to each separate Wurundjeri clan languages. These languages include Woi Wurrung, Boon Wurrung, Taung Wurrung, Watha Wurrung and DjaDja Wurrung. The Yarra Wurundjeri people

  • Wurundjeri People Essay

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    represent the interests of Indigenous people in Boroondara and the Eastern Metropolitan Region. They are the Wurundjeri Land Tribe and Compensation Cultural Heritage Council Inc. (Wurundjeri Council) and the Inner East Local Indigenous Network (LIN). The Wurundjeri people are recognised as the Traditional Owners of land in the northern area of Boroondara. The Wurundjeri Council represents the Wurundjeri people and is the key contact for activities occurring in the northern area that can only be performed

  • Wurundjeri Tribe Essay

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    My local council and residence, resides from the traditional land owners of the Woiwurrung language known as the Wurundjeri tribe, which belongs to one of the five language groups forming the Kulin Nation. Wurundjeri siting’s that have been linked to include ‘isolated artefacts and low density artefact scatters’ within their boundaries that were waterways, urban lands and rural lands extending from all Yarra Valley regions. Occupying the land for tens of thousands of years, they served as hunters

  • The Dredging And The Effects Of Erosing At Port Phillip Bay

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    Since the 2009 dredge project, only one big ship that the dredge was accommodating for has come into the bay. The purpose of the 2009 dredge was to allow larger ships come into the bay as it was to shallow, but since then only one has come through making it almost not worth it considering the effects it's had on the bay. Effects came on within two weeks After the dredging in 2009 occurred effects from the procedure were seen within just two weeks, all being negative. Some longterm effects include

  • The Wurundjo Tribe

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    amount than the Victorian average (0.7%) and the Australian average (2.5%) Whitehorse still has a rich Indigenous history. The Wurundjeri- Balluk tribe are recognised as the traditional owners of the land in and around Whitehorse for the past 40,000 years and they are one go the 5 tribes that make up the Kulin Nation (A league of Victorian Indigenous tribes including the Wurundjeri people, The Bunurang people, The Wathaurong people, The Taungurong people and the Dja Dja Warring people.) and they speak

  • Indigenous Australians : Disempowered By The European Invasion Of Australia

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    By 1850, Indigenous Australians were disempowered, dispossessed and devastated by the European invasion of Australia. Whilst white settlement occurred the British colonies and had an impact on the Aboriginal people. Both the British and the Aborigines lead a level of cooperation amongst them. The ‘invasion ‘of British settlers resulted in Aboriginals being dispossessed of their land. Aboriginal people were pushed further and further out of newly settled areas and freedom of movement across the land

  • The Yarra River

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    Yarra River is not big at all compared to other rivers in the world. It only runs for 242km. It is not very deep or wide either. Its source is off the flanks of Mt Baw Baw to its mouth at the head of Port Phillip Bay. For the aboriginies of the Wurundjeri tribe, the Yarra River was a water source, a food source and a bathing source. European settlement: Charles Grimes was the first European to discover it. He named it “Freshwater River”. The second explorer who rediscovered the river was John Batman

  • Case Study: JAB Locksmiths Tullabria

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    shaped JAB Locksmiths Tullamarine to the reputable company that it is today. According to Reverend Langhorne, an advisor to the first government surveyor, Forty years ago Tullamarine was called Toolimerin. It was named after a young member of the Wurundjeri whose name was Tullamareena. The greater part of the suburb is occupied by light industry and a collection of housing estates. The population of Tullamarine was 6,271 people, according to the last census that was performed in the area. This translates

  • The Importance Of The Indigenous Art In The AFL

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    coming together as one community linked by the love of footy, while the dots and hands artwork representing the stories of the Indigenous Giants players. Melbourne The Demons’ Indigenous guernsey was designed by Mandy Nicholson, who belongs to the Wurundjeri-willam (Woiwurrung language) clan. The guernsey represents the MCG and Yarra Park and was worn both in Round 10 and Round 18 against Port Adelaide at the ‘G. St Kilda The Saints’ Indigenous guernsey for this season represents the land of the Yorta

  • Torres Strait Islanderss

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    Introduction Improving academic outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders is mired in inherited troubles as well as contemporary ones. As a result of poor policies and pedagogy, generations fear and lack confidence in the education system (Harrison and Sellwood, 2013). It is therefore imperative that teachers have a range of resources and strategies for adapting the curriculum to the needs of Aborignal and Torres Strait Islanders. This should include fostering pride in identity, making