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  • Evaluation of the Opening Scenes of an Episode of the X-Files

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    Evaluation of the Opening Scenes of an Episode of the X-Files The opening sequence of the 'X-Files' episode 'Tooms' uses a variety of techniques to capture the attention of the audience. The 'X-Files' is a very popular television series written by Chris Carter. The series can be described as a 'hybrid' genre because it reflects a number of different genres. The obvious genre is Science Fiction because one of the main themes of the series is the paranormal. However

  • Essay about Analysis of the X-Files Episode: Tooms

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    Analysis of the X-Files Episode: Tooms Commercial films have three main parts to them in which there is the prologue followed by the credit showing all the people that involved in the film, following that is the actual film. The aim of the prologue is to get the audience hooked to the film; the credits don't do this so that is why the prologue is first. The prologue has to be very interesting to get the audience hooked to the film; it has to make the audience want to

  • X-Files Synopsis

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    It just felt fitting to review the X-Files from IDW during the X-Files revival currently happening on Fox. Two episodes in, and I'm vested. Not to say they're aren't bumps, but I'm optimistic they can be ironed out. First off, they deluxe board game is a blast to play. I liked how you can either fulfill the role of Cigarette Smoking Man or Fox , Scully, Skinner or Krycek. Also it I liked how each age had a special ability. Second, the detail and love of the series is completely on display here.

  • The X-Files Essay

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    The X-Files: I Want to Believe The X-Files: I Want to Believe is a novelization of a sci-fi/mystery movie with the same name. The book was written by Max Allan Collins and published in 2008. The story is set in Virginina during winter. The story begins with abduction of Monica Bannan and the only clues the FBI has are a severed human arm and visions of former priest Joe . Because of the paranormal nature of the case special agent Dacota Whitney asks for help of ex-agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully

  • The X-Files Finale

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    The season finale of The X-Files miniseries ended with a shocker, as Scully and Agent Miller are taken away by (why didn't we see this coming?) a UFO. However, Robbie Amell, who plays Miller in the show, says that it isn't so bad to have his character disappear mysteriously into space. After all, his character Ronnie Raymond has been killed off not once but twice in The Flash! In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Amell spoke about the jaw-dropping X-Files finale. "The ending was insane,"

  • X-Files Research Paper

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    The X-Files: “I want to Believe” Fox Mulder is constantly searching for answers and wants to believe in the truth, but he is unsure of what the truth is. As an FBI agent, he uses The X-Files as a way of searching for the truth in supernatural, paranormal, and extraterrestrial investigations. When Fox was 12 years old, his sister Samantha was reportedly abducted by aliens never to be seen again. He has dedicated his life and career to becoming a very well educated and knowledgeable profiler for the

  • Who Is The Antagonist In X Files

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    The film tv series X files is one engaging and fascinating product centred on a scientific discovery and the tribulations of its exposure. The series is centred on a discovery made by Fox Mulder who is the main character in the cast. It begins when Mulder conducting a study research in which he discovers the existence of alien beings on earth with the intention of colonizing it. Mulder is a strong believer in the existence of paranormal beings and he would like the citizens to know about the aliens

  • Pros And Cons Of Tv Conspiracy

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    He gone through horrible times after he went missing, there was no evidence, no sign, and no clue on what might have happened he first left the country in pursue of knowledge to compensate for his loss and later he did the same with opening the X – Files. We can safely assume that his sense of loss and no control over finding his beloved sister pushed him for the search of unexplainable. Same with Casandra Spender, that suffered from many medical and psychological conditions, left by her husband

  • Descriptive Essay About Thunder

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    I dozed off last night, again woke to the sound of thunder, I think it’s starting to drive me crazy. Determined to get to the bottom of this, I called a psychologist, I was so eager to understand what was happening, I went to him right away, I was there so fast, it was like I was a speeding bullet. My psychologist was a short, white-haired, old man, I could see in his eyes that he was experienced, he radiated sagacity. He talked to me about my wife, and I told him of the circumstances of her death

  • My Identity And Sense Of Self Worth

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    I’m eighteen years old. I’m the child of two highly educated, bright academics. I have several siblings in grad school at ivy league colleges. I love them, but I hate them, too, because I want to be like them and I don’t know if I can. There 's nothing really wrong with me, but I wish there was, so I had something to blame. Here’s my biggest and most closely guarded secret: I’m stupid. I’m too stupid to go to college, too stupid to study what I’m interested in. Sometimes, I feel too stupid to even