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  • Severity Of Xenophobia

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    Understanding the Severity of Xenophobia in Singapore In 2016, it was reported that foreigners make up 40% of the Singapore’s population and is projected to increase to 50% by 2030. The influx of foreigners has caused Singaporeans to fear or hate foreigners even more. In other words, Singaporeans are becoming increasingly xenophobic. This is evident in the increase of xenophobic acts or events like the Hong Lim Park protest and Philippine Independence Day. Undeniably, xenophobia is a contemporary social

  • Effects Of Xenophobia

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    Another reason for the occurrence of xenophobia or a justification for this ill treatment of foreigners is on the basis of the South African economic and social issues they are facing where around half of the population is said to be living in poverty (Neocosmos, 2011). Acco0rding to Neocosmos (2011) this has led to the widespread social exclusion of foreigner, as they are viewed as competitors for scarce resources.The notion of competition for scarce resources is actually true, especially when following

  • Effects Of Xenophobia In South Africa

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    Research Question What are the effects of xenophobia on South African society? Tentative Thesis The effects of xenophobia on South African society are devastating. Xenophobia causes tension between citizens and immigrants, causes displacement of thousands and even loss of life. It also undermines the fragile relationships and trust between the foreigners and citizens. It violates what our country stands for (democracy and equality to all) by not treating immigrants as equals especially when they

  • Negative Effects Of Xenophobia

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    The Effects of Racism, Bigotry, and Xenophobia against Conservatives In today’s society there is a type of mob mentality that seeks to destroy those whose ideas seem racist, bigoted, or xenophobic, and while that in itself may not be a bad thing, the means that the destruction is accomplished is badly executed. Someone who expresses an idea that may be racist, bigoted, or xenophobic will be slandered regardless of whether context is taken in account or if there is even any actual proof. Along with

  • Reaction Paper On Xenophobia

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    Introduction Xenophobia is one of the major crises that are facing South Africa today. A number of foreign nationals have lost their lives and a countless number of them have been scarred mentally, psychologically and emotionally by xenophobic attacks. Xenophobia is a Greek word that is composed of two words, Xeno meaning foreigners and phobia meaning fear. According to Collins English dictionary (2012), Xenophobia is a fear of foreigners or strangers. Xenophobia can also be defined as the hatred

  • What Are The Reasons For Xenophobia?

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    The South African Institute of Race relations conducted the research and concluded there were 9 main causes of xenophobia, namely: Failure to maintain the rule of law When a government repeatedly fails to bring levels of violent crimes under control contributes to an environment that is okay with resorting to violence without the fear of arrest or any successful prosecution

  • What Are The Potential Effects Of Xenophobia

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    Xenophobia can be defined as a sensation of fear or phobia toward a person or a given group of people deemed strange or foreign. When such a sensation becomes collective it may lead to rejection of the “other”. By rejecting others from one’s community, one de facto denies or chooses to ignore any positive contribution from them to this community. This paper intends to demonstrate the impact of such behaviour on the wellbeing of the different communities involved. In the specific case of the African

  • What Are The Effects Of Xenophobia In South Africa

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    Africa became a democratic state, contrary to expectations, the occurrence of xenophobia increased. This paper will in depth elucidate what xenophobia is and furthermore discuss its causes as well as its effects on a state, with specific focus on the South African state Xenophobia is hatred or fear of foreigners (South African Oxford Dictionary of Current English, 1994) In this new era of South Africa, the word xenophobia generally means aversion of immigrants. There is an adverse outlook towards

  • What Are The Causes Of Xenophobia In South Africa

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    This essay serves as a platform to dispute the causes of the Xenophobia attacks that arose in South Africa not so long ago. According to the paper on the Analysis of the Causes, Effects and Ramifications of Xenophobia in South Africa, xenophobia is defined as a crime against humanity that involves aspects such as dislike, fear, distrust or intolerance of foreigners, often expressed in terms of hostilities towards the outsiders (Evans & Newnham, 1998: p.583). Nel (2005), classifies it as a ‘hate crime’

  • Yasmin Alibhai-Brown's Poem

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    In “No Room at the Inn”, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (2002) argues that current attitude towards refugees and shelter seekers is supported by racism and makes European people lose their heritage. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, born in Uganda, is a British journalist of Asian descent who has written for several newspapers and magazines (Alibhai-Brown, 2002). She obtained a Master of Philosophy degree from Oxford in 1975 and is an author of several books including No Place Like Home; True Colours; Who Do We Think