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  • Analysis Of Hands By Xiao Hong

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    In the short story “Hands” by Xiao Hong, the main character, Wang Yaming, experiences this sort of pain in her boarding school. In this story, the main character is being tormented by students and staff because of her black, stained hands. Her hands are this way because, she is the dyer’s daughter and wants to make ends so she can afford to go to school. When fellow classmates and the Principal of Wang Yaming criticized her for her hands, it made depictions of how people will treat you unfairly because

  • Analysis Of Hands By Xiao Hong

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    Differences is what makes people unique. But what if being different is the reason for someone’s unhappiness, what if being different causes someone to want to be the same? In the short story Hands, written by Xiao Hong, a girl who is different from the rest of her peers at school is mocked and dehumanized. The story takes place in the early 20th century in northern China. The girls name is Wang Yaming and her hands are much darker than the rest of the girls because she is a dyer, someone who dyes

  • Ethical Phenomenon Of Confucianism

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    The Ethical Phenomenon of the Confucian Family The spiritual core of Confucianism is the eternal human values. However, on this it may be objected that all more or less significant spiritual currents in one way or another have always been associated with these values. To this, there is the following answer: a pledge of eternal Confucianism was able to express those values in the most accessible, the most common and the indisputable form. Moreover, the author believes that it is necessary to speak

  • The Good Earth By Pearl S. Buck

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    in history have had a vital impact on certain civilizations . An example of this is the Xiao Jing, which is a Chinese treatise that throughly explains the concept of filial piety. The Chinese strictly adhered to and lived by the rules set forth in the Xiao Jing, therefore these written set of rules greatly the influenced the way of life, behavior, and beliefs of Chinese people. A major point covered in the Xiao Jing is the role and position women have in Chinese society. Women were considered slaves

  • Movie Analysis : ' Comrades : Almost A Love Story '

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    two Mainland Chinese immigrants to Hong Kong, Xiao Jun and Li Qiao. Xiao Jun is a naive Northerner of China who speaks Mandarin, while Li Qiao is from Guangzhou, a Cantonese speaking region of Southern China. Both foreigners of Hong Kong share the dream of making a better life, in which Xiao-Jun’s goal is to be able to make enough fortune to marry his fiance, Xiao Ting, while Li Qiao’s goal is to become a prosperous businesswoman. Originally, when Li Qiao met Xiao-Jun, she planned to deceive him

  • The Oral Autobiographies Of Maria Detsios Spano From Greece

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    Detsios Spano from Greece, Stefan Weissing and Theresia Brinkhaus Weissing from Germany, and Edward Hong from China. Even though each individual entered America legally, they all faced differential treatment once they arrived. In his interview, Edward Hong recalls his family’s initial experiences at Angels Island in San Francisco. After arriving after the eighteen-day journey from China, the Hong family was detained at Angel Island for weeks. The family had to go through rigorous interviews and

  • Analysis Of The Book ' The Huge Bed '

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    every other night, he pretended that his nightmares didn 't happen. Hong Kong, Hong Kong "Dude, this ship 's full of bloody victims." Literally. The eyes of Mengzhi, current head of the operation bureau of Hong Kong Police Force, twitched as gurneys of injured victims were wheeled off the huge ship, transported onto ambulances that would take them to a general hospital. These victims came from an island off the shore of Hong Kong that was recently wiped by a hurricane. The ship was a medical transporter

  • Embracing Dream And Identity Of Hong Kong

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    China and Hong Kong. Without questioning, one of the most influential incidents happened during this period of time was Hong Kong’s reunion with China in July 1997; it transformed Hong Kong from a colonial dependent territory to a Chinese administration region. The local Hong Kong people felt disoriented of their futures and many of them came to the question of their national identities; it is because the different political and educational system between Hong Kong and China makes the local Hong Kong

  • Relationship Between China and Hong Kong

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    between Hong Kong and mainland using concepts introduced in this course. Introduction Hong Kong, located at the southern coastal of China, fully shows the diversification of culture, with a mix characteristics of different backgrounds. Hong Kong is currently under the rule of the PRC as a special administrative region, with the practice of ‘One country, two system’. Hong Kong exercises capitalism under the rule of the British government and thus continues its practice after the handover. Hong Kong

  • Smokers in Great Britain and the United States

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    while in Hong Kong, the altitude towards smokers is not strict (Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, 2013). However, the only one similar attitude between all the three countries is that they all disapprove smoking. This paper will explore the statement "Smokers in Great Britain and the United States are increasingly treated as social pariahs". Comment on this point of view, compare and contrast the attitude to smoking in both of these countries with attitudes in China Hong