XLR connector

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  • Signal Flow:VI4 is a Digital Soundboard Provided by Soundcraft

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    Local rack has 19 analogue inputs, 8 pairs of AES/EBU, 16 GPIO In/out and a 64ch MADI In. The Stage rack offers 48 analogue inputs, 24 outputs and 8 GPIO in/out. Signal Starts with the microphone on one end connected into the stage box with standard XLR cables, which through analogue to digital conversion in the box, is then sent out into the local rack via Ethernet networking which sends uncompressed, low latency audio signals over standard Ethernet network. Type of cable used determines the maximum

  • How I Build A Personal Computer

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    How to Build a Personal Computer Building your own PC (personal computer) is a both informative and cost effective method when you are in need of a computer. The process of selecting compatible parts is the most difficult part of building your own computer, but luckily assembling everything is a very easy process that will be outlined in the following pages. Step 1: Preparing your workspace The first step in the process of assembling your brand new PC is to select the best workplace available to

  • Marketing Strategy Of Hub

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    Nowadays, in this world there are many new products which have innovative has been launched to the media. Most of the people are using a lot of technology items such as smart phone, smart watch and more. In order to ensure that the products will not be eliminated, the new products must be innovative and must be better than the old one to ensure that the items have been upgraded. Based on my research, I would choose the innovative product which is HUB. HUB is a wireless hub which is designed for

  • Live Streaming Video Game Footage

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    Live streaming video game footage is becoming an increasingly bigger phenomenon in the gaming world. Already some forty-five million gamers go on Twitch every month to stream, watch, and chat about games. And that’s just one streaming platform, there are others platforms, like YouTube gaming, just to name one. But streaming is traditionally something that was done from a PC and pc games like DOTA, Counterstrike, and StarCraft dominate the streaming scene. But with the newest generation of consoles

  • Air Conditioning Blower Control Module

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    most of these models the glove box will swing out of the way when you push up on the stop tab in the upper left corner of the glove box compartment. When this swings out of the way you have an excellent view of the blower motor and its two wire connector. Although you probably have a bad blower module you still want to take a few basic tests before you purchase the replacement parts. You want to check the fuses to make sure that they are not blown. If they are blown it could be yet another sign

  • American Connector Company Analysis

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    the key to American Connector Company (ACC) success. ACC has lost market share to DJC over the recent years, which will be exacerbated if DJC opens a production facility in the United States. DJC has gained much knowledge from its Kawasaki plant and is going to enter the US market with factories that will be efficient. ACC is in trouble and needs to drastically change the way they do business if they want to survive. Looking and emulating DJC is the first step American Connector needs to follow. American

  • Taking a Look at GSM Module: SIM300

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    with Tcp/ip convention. The physical interface between Sim300 and the portable requisition is through a 60 pin board-to-board connector, which gives all fittings interfaces from module to client's sheets with the exception of the RF recieving wire interface. Sim300 furnishes RF radio wire interface with two elective recieving wires, i.e., reception apparatus connector and recieving wire cushion. Sim300 is utilized to serially exchange information or send message utilizing AT (Attention Terminal)

  • Decisions For Innovate Rather Than Replace. Carter, T. Cis X2 Essay

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    Decisions to Innovate Rather than Replace Carter, T. CIS-486 Instructor: Dr. Barry Cumbie 12/10/16 University of North Alabama INTRODUCTION Finding new and innovative ways of handling existing problems has never been easier or more frequent than today. New technological concepts seem to be coming to light on what seems a daily basis. With this being said, sometimes it is easier to solve existing problems with existing solutions rather than finding new ones. When is it acceptable for

  • Fiber Cable, Tools, And Test Equipment

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    Test Equipment are purchased and used for this project: • Tripp light multi-mode micron cable for networks. This will cost around $260.00 for 1,00ft. Therefore the total for the project would be $260.00. • Next a cable IQ advanced IT kit with SC connectors is required. The Cable IQ Advanced IT Kit is designed to maximize the efficiency of any cable qualification job. Use the included Intelli-Tone 200 Probe to find cables quickly and definitively, even on active networks. The total cost of this is

  • Optical Optic Of Fibre Optic

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    Abstract The used of fibre optic technology in subsea control system has impressively improved the communication capacity, quality and reliability. It provides large bandwidth, extend step-out distant with minimum error rate. This survey paper will focus on basic overview of fibre optic transferring data in communication system, key benefits of using fibre optic in subsea production control system, comparison between the used of fibre optic and cooper wire, key components and consideration of fibre