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  • The Birthmark Symbolism

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    nothing is perfect, Nature has a flaw on everything and Georgiana’s was her birthmark. Her husband, Aylmer, notices the birthmark and also sees it as an imperfection even though other men would often tell her it was a charm. “No, dearest Georgiana, you came so nearly perfect from the hand of Nature that this slightest possible defect, which we hesitate whether to term a defect or a beauty, shocks me, as being the visible mark of earthly imperfection” (Hawthorne 11). Aylmer at first is the only one,

  • Where You Came From

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    intellectual, physical and spiritual. Discovery can be viewed as a journey that all through life are presented with. Their undertaking and acceptance of the circumstances they are faced with, will mould and shape their views accordingly. Go Back To Where You Came From is a documentary based TV series that follows around 6 Australian’s that have strong views on the topic of Refugees and Asylum seekers. This series encapsulates feelings of emotional, creative, intellectual, physical and spiritual discovery

  • Where You Came From Documentary

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    “Go Back to Where You Came From” Season 3 is an Australian TV documentary reality series broadcast in 2015 on SBS, produced by Cordell Jigsaw Productions and directed by Ivan O’Mahoney. It is an amazing documentary, six Australians were confronted with human agony, injury, afraid, dangerous and their personal partial opinions waver. Six Australians who are Davy Nguyen, Renee Marner, Jodi Charman, Kim Vuga, Andrew Jackson and Nicole Judge. The documentary took six Australians with different opinions

  • The Characteristics Of A Leader In Mala Yousafzai's Leadership

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    Yousafzai's own autobiography, it is clear that she fits all of these qualities, and many more, which is why she has made a huge impact in such a short period of time. It is clear that, to be a good leader, you must have all of these characteristics, and Malala Yousafzai is a perfect example of what it means to be an impactful leader. Being compassionate towards those who would benefit from a cause, and caring about the effect of one’s work is very important

  • Analysis Of The Lottery By Shirly Jaxson

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    theme of the 2 story’s The Lottery by Shirly Jaxson and First they came … by Martin Niemoller is it is dangerous to follow blindly . The lottery is a story were everyone still does this tradition that basically gets people killed if they “win” then the towns people throw rocks at the people who “won” . They first came is a poem and it is about how the Nazis come for all of these different people and he did not stand up then they came for him and no one else was there to help him so basically taking

  • Quinn Helps Clover The Train Essay

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    First they came to the Red Town. The people in the Red Town were angry. They did not come out of their

  • The Lottery And The Lottery

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    consequences is something both first they came by Martin Niemoller and The lottery by Shirley Jackson have in common. But for different reasons. Both stories are different but are also the same. Both stories share the same theme but for different reasons. So these two stories have a lot in common but somethings that are different, so in this essay I will talk about how they are the same and also different. Some ways that The Lottery and First they came are the same is that they both share the same

  • Poetry : Concrete And Abstract Language

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    possibilities, that we couldn’t agree what it represented – it became our vision of war, rather than the author’s. Though the medium was an image, rather than words, I felt a glimmer of understanding beginning to kindle in my mind. That class is where I first came to understand that abstract language (with which my poems to that point had been positively riddled) may have an unintended effect: it can garble and even dissolve its own meaning. I swore then and there to make sure my own poems would be full of concrete

  • Comparison Of Shirley Hutchinson And The Lottery

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    is standing up for what is right may not be the easiest path. This means that when you are thinking about standing up for someone and no one else starts to, it may be hard for you to start standing up for someone. In “The Lottery” Tessie Hutchinson and her family live in a town that do this thing called the lottery, but you don’t win any money during this “lottery”, you get the prize of death. In “First They Came…” Martin Niemoller expresses his point of view on how he did not speak out for people

  • Analysis Of The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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    Sometimes following a crowd isn’t always a good. The theme of these two stories is about following a crowd. You shouldn’t follow a crowd, even if you think it is a good idea it could still end up very badly. Like if you were at a party, and someone brings drugs or drinks and you are underage that is not a good thing to be involved in, and not a group of people you should want to be around. “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, is a short story about a town that gets together on June 27th on a sunny summer