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  • The Hitler Youth Organization Essay

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    Hitler came into office in 1933, up to the time when Germany surrendered to the Allied forces and Hitler committed suicide in 1945; the future for Germany became strongly invested in the hands of the younger generations. The Hitler Youth was a paramilitary organization formed in 1926. It gave kids excitement, adventure and new heroes to idolize. Hitler admired young kids drive, energy and strong love for Germany. He recognized these qualities and made it part of his plan to control the future world

  • The National Youth Organization 's Change Initiative

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    The purpose and goal of this thread is to create and discuss the foundation for a change initiative which will be applied the National Youth Organization - in light of board composition and the historical, cultural framework of the organization - and to offer recommendations for the initial and secondary implementation of the National Youth Organization’s change initiative to accomplish the president’s goals. The work will be divided into three sections and present a two-stage plan for successful

  • My Organization 's Programs Promote And Impact The Healthy Development Of Children And Youth Essay

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    Professional Development Grant Please state your organization’s mission and describe how your organization’s programs directly promote and impact the healthy development of children and youth. Include the number of Indiana youth served and briefly discuss program outcomes. The mission of Kankakee Valley High School is to provide a rigorous academic training that is relevant and transferrable to students’ future learning and success. As a teacher, I am responsible for the development of students

  • Volunteering For Youth Organizations : Reasons Why Volunteers Do And Do Not

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    Volunteering for youth organizations: The reasons why volunteers do and do not. Chad Dean OLCU-501 Organizational Research Brandman University February 15, 2015   Table of Contents Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Research questions 4 Research question one: What is the population base

  • Youth Needs More Organizations For Our Youth

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    area. While there are a lot of organizations for community members who are adults, there are not a lot of organizations for our youth. I believe that our youth needs more organizations. Type of organizations for our youth not only encourages them, but also motivates them. Motivation is so important. While Rolla has, “The Community Partnership” for our youth there is a need for Extension. This can give this community a better understanding about the role of youth in the community development process

  • The American Youth Soccer Organization

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    Many years ago I volunteered with AYSO – American Youth Soccer Organization. During my few years there as coach, age director and referee I became associated with the Volunteer Protection Act as well as the Child Protection Act. So when time came for our church in Washington to create a children’s ministry program, I was able to help the church in implementing these Acts into its policies. We never called the news and spouted off that we were the first to do such as another church attempted to do

  • Generation-X Essay

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    generation of youth that have given into the pressures of the world. I would like you to think of the X as the Greek symbol for “Chi” which is used as a symbol for Christ. In this decade the youth involved in the Christianity has grown significantly. Youth are responding to the church in ways that the past generation did not. Where mom and dad embraced the tumultuous sixties their children have taken hold of Christianity. The youth organizations that promote the Protestant doctrine have seen the youth membership

  • The Progressive Youth Organization Case Study

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    Even though Kansas City didn't start out racially segregated, it did play a role in segregating cities in America, in fact, Kansas City still to remains to be a very segregated city today. The Progressive Youth Organization (PYO-KC) is an organization that is taking a stance on capitalism and segregation because they want students to join the act in order to earn a more self-governing education system. They want schools to inform students about a system that misuses and tyrannizes them. One of the

  • National Youth Organization Case Study

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    of your organization, how would you go about laying the groundwork for the significant changes you believe need to be undertaken?  The process of engineering a fundamental shift in the way a complex organization conducts its business is an enormous task, one which requires both an ability to independently deliver management directives, and to work collaboratively with key stakeholders who have a vested interest in the organization's eventual restructuring. As the president of a large youth services

  • Best Youth Services : An Organization With Values Based On Enhancing The Quality Of Life Of The Youth

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    Best Youth Services is an organization with values based on enhancing the quality of life of the youth in the community. The severity of the allegations of soliciting sex from a student of Bill Barnes cannot be taken lightly. Mr. Barnes is the scheduled guest speaker for the 25th anniversary banquet being held Saturday night. The luncheon is in honor of all the staff and children who have participated in the program over the 25-year span with the goal of enhance BYS’s reputation in the community