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  • Short Story

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    said as he walks by after getting some water. “What?” she gets scared. Soon after Yusei wakes up to the sound of her talking. “Oh hey Yusei what's up," “Crow what are you doing up this early," he said wiping his eye sleepily. “I was getting water," he said holding his glass “Then i was she was up," Yusei looked up the bed, seeing her looking at him blankly. “Oh hey you're up and you seem to be doing better," he smiles “Y-y-yeah are one of you to the one who brought me here?” she gets nervous

  • Monologue Letter For A Wife

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    Author's note: Hello, fans! I am sure all of you are use to my Powerpuff Girls fics with the REDs (Blossom and Brick). Incase most of you are unaware, I use to write Yu-GI-Oh fan fictions just for fun. One of my original OTPs were Kaiba and Tea and I am an azureshipper and still am (and I still ship them. No offense to the Kaiba and Serenity shippers but they do look pretty together but Kaiba needs a strong, bold, assertive woman. I'm not an anti-Silentshipper. I just don't think Serenity would date

  • The Morning After for Mokuba Kaiba

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    It is a beautiful Morning in domino city, the sun was shining and birds were singing. People were making their way to work, chatting on cell phones with business calls, or chatting and gossiping with friends. Teens and children were chatting with one another on the way to school. For Mokuba Kaiba, it wasn't such a great morning. He was extremely nervous, because last night Serenity, Joey Wheelers little sister, had given up her virginity to him. If Seto, his older brother found out he had sex