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  • Existentialist Cafe Reflection

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    Journal 7: Chapter 4 Existentialist Café Discussion & Lecture on Freedom and Consciousness Heidegger emphasized that you can only project on where you stand. We can’t just get up and get started on something new immediately if we decide that our current situation is something that we don’t want anymore. An example would be me deciding if I should still pursue my Master’s degree, or just finding a new job so I can earn some money for stuff. Considering this, I initially pursued it because I felt

  • Analysis Of The Speech Of Muhummad Yunas ( A Microfinancier )

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    Motivated by the speech of Muhummad Yunas (a Microfinancier), Jessica and her husband Matt Flannery took a trip to Africa where they discovered that small loans (between $100-$150) could significantly improve the standards of living for people in impoverished nations. They decided to find KIVA as a non-for-profit organization, as means to alleviate poverty and inspire entrepreneurs in developing African countries through crowdsourced microloan financing. Suffering general cash-flow problems since

  • Poem Titled Hi, My Name's Yuna

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    Hi, my name’s Yuna. I’m a little on the shy and timid side when I first meet people, so when you come into visit with me, there’s a possibility that I may not approach the front of my cage to greet you right away. Though if you take some time to just stand there and talk to me, and let me take things at my own pace, I’ll slowly start to warm up to you. In fact, once I start coming up to the front of the cage to sniff your hand, you can go get one of the girls up front, to come in and help get me

  • The Influence Of Music On The Music Of America

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    The music of America has become very diverse, as it should be, with each person taking and bringing influences from styles of music in the US and all over the world to create new blends. With the amount of people in the music industry today a musician who has a different sound than anybody else will definitely turn a few heads. Some make it bigger than others, but the music tends to hold a particular sound, especially if the singer uses their roots as an influence in the music. One such musician

  • Why Is Aiesec Relevant For Queen 's University, Canada, And The World?

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    GENERAL QUESTIONS 1. Why is AIESEC relevant to Queen’s University, Canada, and the world? Queen’s University is located in a university town, Kingston. It has a distinct culture that allows everyone to feel connected to one other. There is also a wide variation of the places students come from, even within Canada – Vancouver to New Brunswick. Most of the students live far from home, often adjusting oneself to the new environment. By this, Queen’s students are already taking a step in becoming

  • The Role Of Music Festivals On The Inner City Muslim Action Network ( Iman ) Essay

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    In Iranian jails, artists, musicians and filmmakers are held as prisoners on charges of “insulting Islamic sanctities” through their work. Coordinated by Amnesty International, the #FreeArtists social media campaign was recently launched to secure artists’ release. Considered the “nail in the coffin for freedom of expression in Iran,” the imprisonment of these artists was an attempt by Iranian authorities to silence what was considered sacrilegious rhetoric in their works. For most Americans, the

  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Violence

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    AN OUTLINE/SUMMARY OF THE MAJOR DEBATE Topic: In view of recent tragic events in Las Vegas, now is not the right time to talk about banning guns? 1. Opener 1. Team members: Yuna, Manuela, Angie, Theo and James 2. Positions-Opener: Yuna -Emotion: Manuela -Facts and logic: Angie -Rebuttal: Theo -Closer: James 3. Hook Gun control has long been an intense debate, especially in the United States. More and more people are killed

  • Argumentative Essay Music

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    Argumentative Essay Draft 1 In a study done by the Stanford University School of Medicine, they found that “music engages the areas of the brain involved with paying attention, making predictions and updating the event in memory.” The researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to see the brain in action while music was playing and they discovered that music helps sort out oncoming information. Another article by the John Hopkins School of Education said that “Music helps us learn

  • Music Effect On The Brain

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    Music affects the brain in many different ways. What would our world be like without music? Music has a direct path to our brain. It is a very big part of our daily lives. Everywhere a person goes, they hear music. Music affects chemicals in the brain that affect our emotions. Different types of music affect the brain differently. Music can be used in therapy to help a person with emotional problems. Music is even part of every country on earth. Humans are a musical species. Music has a major

  • The Unmanned Aerial System can also loiter at a different speed presenting the opportunity of other

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    The Unmanned Aerial System can also loiter at a different speed presenting the opportunity of other aircraft to overtaking the UAS. Due to this ability, potential midair collision scenarios are numerous. Two critical technological functions will separate the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’s architectures in the system. The vehicle’s ability to control the vehicle, survey and avoid must be addressed by the FAA to mitigate the risk of midair and ground collision factors. UAS technology can perform hovering