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  • The Tea Of Tea Master

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    over time. Tea Master Michael Fung also talked about the history and the origins of tea and why it is drank and how it is developed. He also mentioned that the waxing paper determines the tea 's quality. Pu 'er tea is an aged dark tea produced in Yunnan province of China under the process of fermentation and Tea Master Michael Fung showed us the difference between Sheng and Shu Cha and its health benefits. Since Pu 'er tea can be stored to mature, I observed that there was a year and the region of

  • Ethnic Minority Education in China: Finding a Path between Tradition and Development

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    Ethnic Minority Education in China: Finding a Path between Tradition and Development Introduction Educating a nation is no simple task. Even in the United States—which boasts a substantial tradition of public education, political stability, economic prosperity and a strong middle class—issues such gender and racial equality, diversity, and budget reality still cause continuous debate. For a nation like China, the task of educating its people is even more daunting. China has a population

  • Tourism : Tourism And Tourism

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    Now I am the head of the Yunnan province tourism department, and I will give an introduction to it. Yunnan province is situated in the southest of China which covers a total area of 394,000 square kilometers. And it is land of natural beauty and mystery. Today people think of it as a “ frontier province”, which lies just below the Tibetan plateau and Vietnam, Laos and Burma. Yunnan is one of the best cities to be visited. The weather of many scenic spots in Yunnan is very pleasant all the year

  • Yunnan Baiyao

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    YUNNAN BAIYAO: PRODUCT / MARKET DIVERSIFICATION Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd. is part of the pharmaceutical industry known for its unique traditional herbal medicines specializing in the treatment of open wounds, fractures, contusions and strains. The business has undergone changes in the recent years to modernize not only the structure of the company but also with the aim to diversify its market and products in order to remain competitive at a global level. The long history of Yunnan Baiyao’s

  • Structure Between Vertical Levels Of Governance

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    compared to Yunnan, the former being a more migrant based society with the later having millennia long ties to the land, may have had something to do with the changes. The most distinctive, he believes are the respective financial resources of each province, with Yunnan having a 50% larger budget at the beginning of the reform era than Guizhou. This makes pursuing economic development polices with high financial costs easier as compared to poverty reduction programs that Guizhou took on. Yunnan on the

  • My Experience At Holidaying

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    with my family, reading books and so on. All in all I had an unforgettable time at the holiday. Warm-up #2 (If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? ) If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to Yunnan. When I was young, I have enjoyed learning about local conditions

  • Analysis Of The Bridge Of Winds

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    have obtained extravagant wealth, while the rural western portion of China remains decades behind in development. One minority ethnic group in particular, the Lisu, live in the foothills and mountains that separate southwestern China from Myanmar in Yunnan province. Throughout this paper, I will analyze the documentary, Bridge of Winds, which followed the daily lives of the Lisu people in fall of 1992, to purposefully show the negative effects of the wealth gap towards rural populations within China

  • The Concepts Of Carbon Emissions Pinch Analysis

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    The concepts of Carbon Emissions Pinch Analysis (CEPA) techniques and Energy Return of Investment (EROI), with special attention to the methodology and system boundaries of EROI analysis have been reviewed in this literature. The analyses of EROI results for different fuel types especially EROI results of hydropower plants are also presented. The essential features of storage type hydropower plants also have been generally discussed as an important part of EROI’s Energy input calculation. Special

  • South Chinese Tiger : The South China Tiger

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    The South China Tiger, or other wise known as the Chinese, The Amoy or Xiamen Tiger, was known to roam the temperate forests of southeast China. It is thought that the South China Tiger is the original tiger that all other tiger subspecies are evolved from. Pygmy slow lorises are nocturnal and arboreal animals,which means that they are mainly only active during the nighttime and sleep at night. They do most of their foraging and hunting in the trees at night. François' monkeys are Old World monkeys

  • Why Does I Love Travel Essay

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    Who loves traveling? I DO love traveling. But, I love more if I have companions. Why? One of the reasons is I hate to use selfie stick. For me, taking selfie is ridiculous! (*demonstrate some selfie-sticks poses). Aaand, traveling alone forces you to use selfie stick. Since the invention of the selfie stick, the helpful stranger industry has plummeted. Not only that, the new research finds that the frequent use of selfie stick will result in “selfie elbow”, and, will therefore impede the ability