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  • NRA Secrets Case Study

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    this is dr. Andrew Jones in this edition of NRA secrets I'm going to talk about grapes causing death in dogs the signs and solutions as you may or may not know grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs recently there's been some discussion around this being some type of veterinary fallacy and so though it's important that I do a video on it and we address you know some of those concerns along with what really is factual in 1989 a computerized animal toxicity database helped veterinarians see and establish

  • Disney Springs At Jock Lindsey

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    Yesterday evening we went over to Disney Springs for dinner at Jock Lindsey 's, but first we wanted to swing by the new Ganachery Chocolate Shoppe that had just opened a couple days before. We love good chocolate, so we had high hopes for this newest addition to the list of high-end foodie shops at Walt Disney World. The Ganachery did not disappoint! For most people, unless you know of some little artisan confectionery, the best chocolates you can get your hands on are Godiva. There is an excitement