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  • The History And Social Impact Of The Circus Freak Show

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    The History and Social Impact of the Circus “Freak Show” Since it's humble beginning in the mid 16th century, the circus and “freak show” act has been entertaining and horrifying people to this day; however, in today’s ultra-sensitive society, how has the classic “freak show” evolved to be deemed acceptable and be used to promote acceptance and positive views of people with abnormalities, rather than viewing these people as “freaks”, as was the original purpose of the classic “freak show”? Popularized

  • Cirque Du Freak Is A Fantasy Book By Darren

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    The Book Cirque du Freak is a Fantasy book by Darren Shan. In this book, the characters Darren and Steve end up at a freak show. At the show, a lot of really weird things happen. Then, the director of the show, Mr. Creepsly’s poisonous spider bites Steve and the only way Steve can survive is if Darren becomes a vampire and saves him. Darren in the book Cirque Du Freak, is clearly an archetypal hero by saving Steve. Darren saves Steve by becoming a Vampire. This can be proven by the Initiating