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  • Zoos, Aquariums And Museum

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    person who has never been in a zoo, aquarium or museum. Since childhood we find it fancy to observe animals and exhibits, but sometimes even adults do not understand what the real value of zoos, aquariums and museums is. First, it is necessary to explain the main goals of these institutions which are to increase knowledge about the surrounding, to learn about conservation-related behavior and to build conservation principles. In order to fulfill these goals, modern zoos, aquariums and museums provide

  • Essay On Bronx Zoo

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    The Bronx Zoo was opened on November 8, 1899, with approximately 6,000 animals and about 100 exhibits and is still adding animals daily. The Bronx Zoo is a great place to visit. Animal lovers and families should visit the Bronx zoo because of the exhibits, the fascinating animals, and the history that makes it great. To begin with, the Bronx Zoo is a place for people who love history. The zoo opened on November 8, 1899, and had 843 animals and 22 exhibits. The city gave 250 acres of land for the

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Zoo

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    anytime the family visited the zoo. My elderly brother, who was very shy and quiet, became social because the animals in the zoo were friendly to him. My father would always assign us homework titled: My Experience at the Zoo. This became a routine practice which contributed hugely to our academic performances. Zoo proponents believe that they provide education and entertainment to the public and they also protect the animals. Zoo opponents, on the other hand, believe that zoos harm animals. The care,

  • Causes Of Mistreatment In Zoos

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    The Hidden Factor On average about 175 million people visit a zoo per year. However, the majority of these people fail to notice a relative issue that is lying in front of their faces. That these animals within these zoos are suffering every day from mistreatment and abuse. Most of the society ignores the many factors that have been revealed to them every time they enter a zoo. Instead, society focuses in on issues that are happening right now, the issues that draw out the media and are on the cover

  • Argumentative Speech On Zoos

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    Nathalia Rucci Metzger Speech: Period 4 6 October 2014 Zoos are Internment Camps for Animals and Should Be Shut Down Attention Getter/ Intro (Attention Getter, intro to topic, thesis, preview) Close your eyes.Picture yourself as a child. You are walking through the entrance gates and try your best to see over the many crowds of people. You have been waiting for this moment and grow very impatient. Finally, you sprint to the very first exhibit in sight, and your mouth drops. You rush to see the next

  • Animal Welfare In Zoos

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    many things can happen. One of these things that are capable by the human species are zoos. Zoos have been around in society for many years, and they hold many purposes such as “conservation, science, education, and recreation” (Wickins-Drazilová). Many zoos have mission statements that hold common themes. The common themes among most of the mission statements are “(a) conservation and (b) education” (Patrick). Zoos should always be able to stay true to their mission statements while continuing to ethically

  • Zoos Literature Review

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    enclosures in zoos safe and beneficial for the animals? Both authors have different opinions when it comes to zoo enclosure, but Benbow focuses on how the enclosures have improved over the years, where Fraser focuses on how the improved enclosures are still not quite safe enough for the animals. This helped me to understand that although the enclosures have improved, they still need some work. In an article by S.M.P. Benbow called Zoos: Public Places to View Private Lives, she discusses how zoo enclosures

  • The Pros And Cons Of Zoos

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    wildlife campaigner, once said “We would consider it cruel to confine a dog permanently in a kennel. Yet we visit zoos where hundreds of wild animals are kept permanently in the equivalent of a kennel.” On average, 6,126 animals are kept in enclosures (Statistic Brain). Of those 6,126 animals, only 1,041 are endangered. The 5,085 are kept in tight, confined areas for “educational purposes.” Zoos date back to as far as 2500 BCE with evidence that rulers and people of higher class used exotic animals as

  • Zoos Historical Debate

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    Animals kept in zoos has always been a controversial decision. Zoos have been around for 4,000 years. Many people argue about the impact a zoo has on an animal and the world. According to the article, ”Zoos: The Historical Debate”, “Some people argue that zoos play an important role in conservation of endangered animals, others say that zoos do more harm than good.” I believe that zoos play an important role in conservation. They also educate us about animals. Finally, zoos entertain us in many ways

  • Zoos And The Conservation Of Animals

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    trip to their local zoo when they stop to look at the tigers. The child sprints over to exhibit with excitement; he notices a red sign stuck the glass of the enclosure which reads, Endangered. “Daddy, if the zoo is keeping the tigers in a cage in order to save them, when will they let them back into the wild to live free?” Based on statistics from public zoos across America, the unfortunate answer to this question is a resounding ‘”Never.” It has become noticeably evident that zoos are not a current