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  • The Negative Effects Of Zoos

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    actually supporting this financially in various ways. Millions of people every day go to support animal captivity in the forms of zoos, circuses, and aquariums for their own human entertainment. Contrary to the belief zoos have many positive effects, is actually quite false, in fact zoos or any other for of animal captivity cause more harm on wild animals that good. Zoos cause severe psychological and emotional damage that in some cases can lead to the death of the animal, trainers, or regular people

  • Are Zoos Are Cruel And Unnecessary?

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    In the article “Zoos Are Cruel and Unnecessary,” Earth Times posed a question, “With the internet, as well as DVDs, 3D TV, etc., are zoos really necessary to teach people about animals in the 21st century?” In the response given by Liz Tyson, director of the Captive Animals’ Protection Society, she argues an animal and its environment in a zoo is “out of context” and there is no substitution for an animal’s natural habitat. Therefore, viewing animals in such environments distorts the message that

  • Zoos Persuasive Essay

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    Imagine being captive for life. In a cage locked up when your so innocent. Zoos have become a controversial issue in our society, and from what I am thinking, I feel that it’s not right to keep the animals in zoos. So do we have the rights to do that? Generally every body has been to a zoo at least once in their life, I'm sure you can remember when you were a kid adoring animals behind glass. But you were missing the point the big picture. Animals need freedom it's like being locked in a

  • Research Paper On Zoos

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    Paragraph: (lead, introduce topic, and thesis) Zoos are an enclosure that traps the animal. There are people out there who care about the animals in captivity. Craig Brokenshaw, an Australian surfer dedicated to saving the dolphins in captivity said, “I felt quite sad, quite disgusted. It looked like they weren’t happy at all. They just looked kind of lifeless and disinterested,” Zoos are businesses that surround breeding and buying wild animals. Around 10,000 zoos worldwide hold at least 3,000 animals each

  • Benefits Of Animals In Zoos

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    There have been many discussions about the welfare of animals since the first zoos were created. Some people agree that animals should be kept in zoo’s, they argue that it benefits the animals because their every need is catered to. However, in some zoo’s they are treated the exact opposite of being catered to. Sometimes the animals are also deprived of a natural environment that the zoo’s fail to recreate. However, zoo’s can be helpful educationally to kids. It gives them a close up on the beauty

  • The Pros And Cons Of Zoos

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    every day. Zoo workers are just like pet owners, keeping the animals healthy and fed. Some people think zoos should no longer exist. There are zoos out there that are not the best but there are more good zoos than bad. Zoos conserve animals, breed animals, help humans gain knowledge about wild animals, entertain, and create jobs. If people never saw animals doing amazing things like a whale blowing water out of its blow hole they wouldn’t care to hear that the whales are going extinct. Zoos have more

  • Pros And Cons Of Zoos

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    The Zoo is a place where many kinds of wild animals are kept and purpose of the zoo is that collection, study, and display the animals to the public. Zoos are entertainment, and while they contribute to conservation. In addition, zoos study their animals to provide a suitable environment. Zoos give medical care and feed animals who need help so reduced the animals’ stress. Moreover, zoos can educate people about the importance of rescuing endangered animals. Therefore, there are some people who believe

  • Pros And Cons Of Zoos

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    Are Zoos Bad or Good? Zoos, there are more than 10,000 in the world and more than 700 million people visit them annually each year (AZA). Some people go for entertainment, some go for work, and some go for studies. These facilities are normally owned by government, cities, or privately owned. Zoos are able to exist because of taxpayers, grants, funds, and annual visitors that come to zoos. One question has been lingering around about zoos though do they really benefit animals or are they human entertainment

  • The Benefits Of Zoos And Animals

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    The first zoo was started in Vienna, Austria is 1748 and is still running today. So zoos have been entertaining people for many many years, but is that all they are good for? Zoos are beneficial for animals and make their lives better. A lot of people think that keeping animals locked up in a small habitat is a terrible thing. However, many species are starting to go extinct. Which is not good at all. “About 41 percent of all amphibian species and 26 percent of all mammals are now threatened with

  • The Benefits Of Animals In Zoos

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    In the 18th century zoos started getting popular around the world. Zoos have a public stand of claiming to protect the animals and to educate the general public (Captive Animals, 2010). Contrary to people’s beliefs the costs of keeping animals in zoos far outweigh the benefits. However zoos believe that captivity is the only way that animals of all species will survive. What zoos don’t understand is that animals living conditions are very poor and that can take affect the animals health, behavior