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  • Jan & Antonina Zabinski : A Family That Defied The Nazis

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    about biology and the psychology of animals, as well as produced a number of very popular radio-shows” (Hiding in Zoo Cages: Jan and Antonina Zabinski, Poland 2017). Antonina and Jan married in 1931 and moved across the river to Praga, a tough industrial district only fifteen minutes away from downtown Warsaw. From then on, the couple would devote their entire lives to the Warsaw Zoo. Zeitgeist The Zabinski’s era was shaped by the looming threat of war. “Sometime in the winter of 1937-38, Hitler

  • The National Oceanic And Atmospheric Association Defines Captive Breeding

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    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association defines captive breeding as “Raising animals (or plants) in controlled conditions to produce stock for subsequent release into the wild.” Some captive breeding programs include departments within zoos, rescues, and sanctuaries where animals or plants are kept in enclosures and bred to produce future generations of their species. The focus of captive breeding programs is on rare, threatened, and endangered species therefore, it is used as a much-needed

  • Animal Cruelty: Dog Fighting

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    According to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty), the first humane organization, founded in 1866, in the Western Hemisphere that works to rescue animals from abuse and pass humane laws, the definition of animal cruelty is “acts of violence or neglect perpetrated against animals.” This definition is presented in a paper written by Learning To Give, an organization that teaches children to give back, take voluntary citizen action, and engage civilly and presents it through a

  • Negative Effects On Animal Pollution

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    has an extremely negative impact on many animals. Water polluted with different chemicals can cause a decline of population in some species; On the other hand water polluted with nutrients can lead to huge growth of toxic algae which when eaten by other animals may cause serious diseases and death to these animals. Persistent organic pollutants contains the growth of fish and wipe out their breed. Chemical runoff from farms run into oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. Littering can also lead to death

  • The Treatment And Research Institute For Autism Spectrum Disorders ( Triad ) Presentation

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    The Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders (TRIAD) presentation was given by Pablo Juarez and Dr. Whitney Loring. They began their presentation by speaking about evidence-based practices and how they are studied within the ever-changing framework of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Then they discussed a variety of programs that were either supported by strong research, partially supported, or needed more research. Finally, they shared how the Families First Program provides

  • My Experience In My Life

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    experience going somewhere far away from home.But that wasn't the only reason why we were going we were .Also going because we wanted to see the zoo some people were talking about it and how wonderful and amazing it was to go there.Everyone was exciting me, my sisters and my mom too because it was are first time that we were going to stay at a hotel. But also for the zoo, we got all of our stuff that we needed ,but me and my sisters got some pillows and blankets. Once we got all of our stuff we got on the

  • The 's Role Model At Daycare

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    Cultural Difference Bastian has always lived in a fairly safe neighborhood and attends a safe school. He also has been raised differently than his father. He is allowed to be more independent and is not taken to more activities to learn from such as the zoo or museum. My parents were stricter with me; with Bastian I tend to be more lenient and allow him to discover and learn on his own. If my parents were to raise him he would be guarded more closely and not allowed to try things on his own. They would

  • Animals And Entertainment : The Use Of Animals In Entertainment

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    Animals are used for a wide variety of entertainment including zoos, circuses, animal fights/races, and a mass amount of other media. This topic is controversial due to the entertainment brought to the audience who is either oblivious or negligent to the abuse of the animals. Many animals utilized in the entertainment industry suffer, whether by the intentional hands of the owner or the side effects of safety being provided. Local zoos are attractions loved by children and adults the same. Seeing

  • Essay On Freedom Of Speech On Media

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    every aspect of their personal lives on the web, and according to the research shown, they should take care of what they post as this can lead to repercussions. One such example of on the job social media based firing happened with the Brookfield Zoo and one of its employees. The Chicago Tribune’s, Dennis Sullivan, reported that the employee posted a

  • The Importance Of Life In Captivity For Animals

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    which leads to the breakdown of their psyche. One example of this comes from a zoo in the United Kingdom. In the year 1979, the Bristol Zoo gained a new animal which would become one of their biggest attractions. Misha the male polar bear caught the eye of the public with his unusual and odd behavior. Researchers that studied animal rights in the late twentieth century linked this behavior to Misha’s enclosure at the zoo. Researchers came to the conclusion that the prison-like living conditions that