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Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)
William Cullen Bryant (1794–1878)

Sir Walter Scott. 1771–1832  A Serenade (Gold)
Answer (OBEV)
Brignall Banks (OBEV)
Coronach (Gold)
Datur Hora Quieti (Gold)
Gathering Song of Donald the Black (Gold)
Hunting Song (Gold)
Jock of Hazeldean (Gold)
Lucy Ashton's Song (OBEV)
Maid of Neidpath (Gold)
Outlaw (Gold)
Patriotism 1. Innominatus (OBEV)
Patriotism 2. Nelson, Pitt, Fox (OBEV)
Pride of Youth (Gold)
Proud Maisie (OBEV)
Rosabelle (Gold)
Rover (Gold)
Rover's Adieu (OBEV)
To a Lock of Hair (Gold)
Where shall the lover rest (Gold)
Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 1772–1834  Glycine's Song (OBEV)
Kubla Khan (OBEV)
Love (Gold)
Love (OBEV)
Rime of the Ancient Mariner (OBEV)
Time, Real and Imaginary (OBEV)
Work without Hope (OBEV)
Youth and Age (Gold)
Youth and Age (OBEV)
Robert Southey. 1774–1843  After Blenheim (Gold)
His Books (OBEV)
Scholar (Gold)
Charles Lamb. 1775–1834  Hester (Gold)
Hester (OBEV)
Old Familiar Faces (Gold)
Old Familiar Faces (OBEV)
On an Infant Dying as Soon as Born (Gold)
On an Infant dying as soon as born (OBEV)
Walter Savage Landor. 1775–1864  Absence (OBEV)
Alciphron and Leucippe (OBEV)
Autumn (OBEV)
Dirce (OBEV)
Finis (OBEV)
Ianthe (OBEV)
Ianthe's Question (OBEV)
Late Leaves (OBEV)
Maid's Lament (OBEV)
Mother, I cannot mind my Wheel (OBEV)
Of Clementina (OBEV)
On Catullus (OBEV)
Proud Word you never spoke (OBEV)
Resignation (OBEV)
Rose Aylmer (OBEV)
Separation (OBEV)
Twenty Years hence (OBEV)
Verse (OBEV)
Years (OBEV)
Thomas Campbell. 1777–1844  Battle of the Baltic (Gold)
Battle of the Baltic (OBEV)
Freedom and Love (Gold)
Hohenlinden (Gold)
Lord Ullin's Daughter (Gold)
Maid of Neidpath (Gold)
Ode to Winter (Gold)
River of Life (Gold)
Soldier's Dream (Gold)
To the Evening Star (Gold)
To the Evening Star (Gold)
Ye Mariners of England (Gold)
Ye Mariners of England (OBEV)
Francis Scott Key. 1779–1843  Star-Spangled Banner (YBAV)
Thomas Moore. 1779–1852  At the mid hour of night (Gold)
At the Mid Hour of Night (OBEV)
Echoes (Gold)
Irish Peasant to His Mistress (OBEV)
Journey Onwards (Gold)
Light of Other Days (Gold)
Light of Other Days (OBEV)
Pro Patria Mori (Gold)
Young May Moon (OBEV)
Edward Thurlow, Lord Thurlow.  
May (OBEV)
Ebenezer Elliott. 1781–1849  Battle Song (OBEV)
Plaint (OBEV)
Phebe (Hinsdale) Brown. 1783–1861  Private Devotion (YBAV)
Allan Cunningham. 1784–1842  A wet sheet and a flowing sea (Gold)
Hame, Hame, Hame (OBEV)
Spring of the Year (OBEV)
Sun rises bright in France (OBEV)
Leigh Hunt. 1784–1859  Jenny kiss'd Me (OBEV)
Thomas Hastings. 1784–1872  In Sorrow (YBAV)
Latter Day (YBAV)
Thomas Love Peacock. 1785–1866  Grave of Love (OBEV)
Love and Age (OBEV)
Three Men of Gotham (OBEV)
Caroline Southey. 1787–1854  To Death (OBEV)
Emma (Hart) Willard. 1787–1870  Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep (YBAV)
George Gordon Noel Byron,  
Lord Byron. 1788–1824  
All for Love (Gold)
Elegy (Gold)
Elegy on Thyrza (Gold)
For Music (OBEV)
Isles of Greece (OBEV)
On the Castle of Chillon (Gold)
She walks in Beauty (OBEV)
She walks in beauty, like the night (Gold)
There be none of Beauty's daughters (Gold)
We'll go no more a-roving (OBEV)
When we two parted (Gold)
When we Two parted (OBEV)
Youth and Age (Gold)
Sir Aubrey De Vere. 1788–1846  Children Band (OBEV)
Fitz-Greene Halleck. 1790–1867  Alnwick Castle (YBAV)
Burns: To a Rose (YBAV)
Connecticut (YBAV)
Marco Bozzaris (YBAV)
On the Death of Joseph Rodman Drake (YBAV)
Red Jacket (YBAV)
Charles Wolfe. 1791–1823  Burial of Sir John Moore after Corunna (OBEV)
Burial of Sir John Moore at Corunna (Gold)
To Mary (OBEV)
John Howard Payne. 1791–1852  Home, Sweet Home (YBAV)
Percy Bysshe Shelley. 1792–1822  A Dream of the Unknown (Gold)
A Lament (Gold)
A widow bird sate mourning for her Love (Gold)
Flight of Love (Gold)
From the Arabic (OBEV)
Hellas (OBEV)
Hymn of Pan (OBEV)
Hymn to the Spirit of Nature (Gold)
I fear thy kisses, gentle maiden (Gold)
Indian Serenade (OBEV)
Invitation (Gold)
Invitation (OBEV)
Invocation (Gold)
Lines (OBEV)
Lines to an Indian Air (Gold)
Love's Philosophy (Gold)
Moon (OBEV)
Music, when soft voices die (Gold)
Music, when Soft Voices die (OBEV)
Night (OBEV)
Ode to the West Wind (Gold)
Ode to the West Wind (OBEV)
One word is too often profaned (Gold)
Ozymandias of Egypt (Gold)
Poet's Dream (Gold)
Question (OBEV)
Recollection (Gold)
Remorse (OBEV)
Stanzas Written in Dejection near Naples (Gold)
To —— (OBEV)
To a Lady, with a Guitar (Gold)
To a Skylark (Gold)
To a Skylark (OBEV)
To the Moon (Gold)
To the Night (Gold)
Written among the Euganean Hills, North Italy (Gold)
John Keble. 1792–1866  Burial of the Dead (OBEV)
Hew Ainslie. 1792–1878  Willie and Helen (OBEV)
Felicia Dorothea Hemans. 1793–1835  Dirge (OBEV)
John Clare. 1793–1864  Written in Northampton County Asylum (OBEV)
William Bingham Tappan. 1794–1849  Hour of Peaceful Rest (YBAV)
William Cullen Bryant. 1794–1878  Battle-Field (YBAV)
Conqueror's Grave (YBAV)
Crowded Street (YBAV)
Death of the Flowers (YBAV)
Forest Hymn (YBAV)
Future Life (YBAV)
June (YBAV)
Oh Mother of a Mighty Race (YBAV)
Past (YBAV)
Planting of the Apple-Tree (YBAV)
Snow-Shower (YBAV)
Song of Marion's Men (YBAV)
Thanatopsis (YBAV)
To a Waterfowl (YBAV)


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