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Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936)
Stephen Vincent Benét (1898–1943)

Rudyard Kipling. 1865–1936  A Dedication (OBEV)
An Astrologer's Song (MBP)
Conundrum of the Workshops (MBP)
Gunga Din (MBP)
L'Envoi (OBEV)
Recessional (OBEV)
Return (MBP)
William Butler Yeats. 1865–1939  An Old Song Resung (MBP)
Cap and Bells (MBP)
Lake Isle of Innisfree (MBP)
Lake Isle of Innisfree (OBEV)
Song of the Old Mother (MBP)
When You are Old (OBEV)
Where My Books go (OBEV)
Arthur Symons. 1865–1945  In the Wood of Finvara (MBP)
Modern Beauty (MBP)
Bert Leston Taylor. 1866–1921  Canopus (MAP)
Richard Le Gallienne. 1866–1947  A Ballad of London (MBP)
August Moonlight (MAP)
Regret (MBP)
Second Crucifixion (OBEV)
Song (OBEV)
Gelett Burgess. 1866–1951  On Digital Extremities (MAP)
Psycholophon (MAP)
Purple Cow (MAP)
Ernest Dowson. 1867–1900  To One in Bedlam (MBP)
You Would Have Understood Me (MBP)
Lionel Johnson. 1867–1902  Mystic and Cavalier (MBP)
To a Traveller (MBP)
"A. E." 1867–1935  By the Margin of the Great Deep (OBEV)
Great Breath (MBP)
Great Breath (OBEV)
Unknown God (MBP)
Stephen Phillips. 1868–1915  A Dream (MBP)
Beautiful Lie the Dead (MBP)
Fragment from "Herod(MBP)
Edgar Lee Masters. 1868–1950  Anne Rutledge (MAP)
Lucinda Matlock (MAP)
Silence (MAP)
Carolyn Wells. 1869–  A Penitential Week (MAP)
Spelling Lesson (MAP)
William Vaughn Moody. 1869–1910  Gloucester Moors (YBAV)
Ode in Time of Hesitation  (YBAV)
On a Soldier Fallen in the Philippines (MAP)
George Sterling. 1869–1926  Black Vulture (MAP)
Edwin Arlington Robinson. 1869–1935  An Old Story (MAP)
Master (MAP)
Richard Corey (MAP)
Laurence Binyon. 1869–1943  A Song (MBP)
House That Was (MBP)
Invocation to Youth (OBEV)
O World, be Nobler (OBEV)
Jessie B. Rittenhouse. 1869–1948  Paradox (MAP)
Anthony C. Deane. 1870–  A Rustic Song (MBP)
Ballad of the Billycock (MBP)
Eva Gore-Booth. 1870–1926  Walls (MBP)
Waves of Breffny (MBP)
T. Sturge Moore. 1870–1944  A Duet (OBEV)
Dying Swan (MBP)
Silence Sings (MBP)
Alfred Douglas. 1870–1945  Green River (MBP)
Hilaire Belloc. 1870–1953  South Country (MBP)
Nora Hopper Chesson. 1871–1906  A Connaught Lament (MBP)
J. M. Synge. 1871–1909  A Translation from Petrarch (MBP)
Beg-Innish (MBP)
To the Oaks of Glencree (MBP)
William H. Davies. 1871–1940  Days Too Short (MBP)
Example (MBP)
Moon (MBP)
Villain (MBP)
Arthur Guiterman. 1871–1943  Strictly Germ-proof (MAP)
T. A. Daly. 1871–1948  Between Two Loves (MAP)
Mia Carlotta (MAP)
Ralph Hodgson. 1871–1962  Birdcatcher (MBP)
Eve (MBP)
Mystery (MBP)
Time, You Old Gipsy Man (MBP)
Paul Laurence Dunbar. 1872–1906  A Coquette Conquered (MAP)
Discovered (MAP)
John McCrae. 1872–1918  In Flanders Fields (MBP)
Guy Wetmore Carryl. 1873–1904  How a Cat Was Annoyed and a Poet Was Booted (MAP)
How Jack Found that Beans May Go Back On a Chap (MAP)
Ford Madox Hueffer. 1873–1939  Clair de Lune (MBP)
There Shall Be More Joy (MBP)
Walter De la Mare. 1873–1956  An Epitaph (MBP)
Listeners (MBP)
Nod (MBP)
Old Susan (MBP)
Tired Tim (MBP)
Josephine Preston Peabody. 1874–1922  Spinning in April (MAP)
Amy Lowell. 1874–1925  Free Fantasia on Japanese Themes (MAP)
Madonna of the Evening Flowers (MAP)
Two Lacquer Prints (MAP)
G. K. Chesterton. 1874–1936  A Prayer in Darkness (MBP)
Donkey (MBP)
Lepanto (MBP)
Henry Herbert Knibbs. 1874–1945  Trail-Makers (MAP)
Robert Frost. 1874–1963  Birches (MAP)
Mending Wall (MAP)
Road Not Taken (MAP)
Tuft of Flowers (MAP)
Anna Hempstead Branch. 1875–1937  Monk in the Kitchen (MAP)
While Loveliness Goes By (MAP)
Ridgely Torrence. 1875–1950  Bird and the Tree (MAP)
Percy MacKaye. 1875–1956  Child-Dancers (MAP)
William Ellery Leonard. 1876–1944  To the Victor (MAP)
Amelia Josephine Burr. 1878–  Lie-Awake Song (MAP)
Adelaide Crapsey. 1878–1914  On Seeing Weather-beaten Trees (MAP)
Triad (MAP)
Warning (MAP)
Edward Thomas. 1878–1917  Cock-Crow (MBP)
Fifty Faggots (MBP)
If I Should Ever By Chance (MBP)
Tall Nettles (MBP)
Don Marquis. 1878–1937  Unrest (MAP)
Edwin Meade Robinson. 1878–1946  Halcyon Days (MAP)
Lord Dunsany. 1878–1957  Songs from an Evil Wood (MBP)
Grace Hazard Conkling. 1878–1958  April in the Huasteca (MAP)
Wilfrid Wilson Gibson. 1878–1962  Prelude (MBP)
Sight (MBP)
Stone (MBP)
John Masefield. 1878–1967  A Consecration (MBP)
Choice (MBP)
Rounding the Horn (MBP)
Sea-Fever (MBP)
Sonnet (MBP)
Carl Sandburg. 1878–1967  Cool Tombs (MAP)
Fog (MAP)
Grass (MAP)
Nocturne in a Deserted Brickyard (MAP)
Seumas O'Sullivan. 1879–  Praise (MBP)
Vachel Lindsay. 1879–1931  Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight (MAP)
Congo (MAP)
Eagle That Is Forgotten (MAP)
Harold Monro. 1879–1932  Every Thing (MBP)
Nightingale Near the House (MBP)
Strange Meetings (MBP)
Joseph Campbell. 1879–1944  I Am the Mountainy Singer (MBP)
Old Woman (MBP)
T. M. Kettle. 1880–1916  To My Daughter Betty, The Gift of God (MBP)
John Freeman. 1880–1929  Stone Trees (MBP)
Alfred Noyes. 1880–1958  Barrel-Organ (MBP)
Epilogue (MBP)
Sherwood (MBP)
Lascelles Abercrombie. 1881–1938  From "Vashti(MBP)
Song (MBP)
Franklin P. Adams. 1881–1960  Rich Man (MAP)
Those Two Boys (MAP)
Witter Bynner. 1881–1968  A Farmer Remembers Lincoln (MAP)
Train-Mates (MAP)
Padraic Colum. 1881–1972  An Old Woman of the Roads (MBP)
Plougher (MBP)
John G. Neihardt. 1881–1973  Let Me Live Out My Years (MAP)
James Oppenheim. 1882–  Lincoln-Child (MAP)
Slave (MAP)
Tasting the Earth (MAP)
Thomas S. Jones, Jr.. 1882–1932  Sometimes (MAP)
John Drinkwater. 1882–1937  A Town Window (MBP)
Reciprocity (MBP)
James Joyce. 1882–1941  I Hear an Army (MBP)
James Stephens. 1882–1950  Shell (MBP)
To the Four Courts, Please (MBP)
What Tomas An Buile Said In a Pub (MBP)
Arthur Davison Ficke. 1883–1945  Portrait of an Old Woman (MAP)
Sonnet (MAP)
Alfred Kreymborg. 1883–1966  Old Manuscript (MAP)
Max Eastman. 1883–1969  At the Aquarium (MAP)
Diogenes (MAP)
James Elroy Flecker. 1884–1915  Old Ships (MBP)
Sara Teasdale. 1884–1933  I Shall Not Care (MAP)
Night Song at Amalfi (MAP)
Spring Night (MAP)
Eunice Tietjens. 1884–1944  Drug Clerk (MAP)
Anna Wickham. 1884–1947  Reality (MBP)
Singer (MBP)
Song (MBP)
Francis Brett Young. 1884–1954  Lochanilaun (MBP)
J. C. Squire. 1884–1958  A House (MBP)
F. S. Flint. 1885?–  London (MBP)
D. H. Lawrence. 1885–1930  People (MBP)
Piano (MBP)
Shane Leslie. 1885–1971  Fleet Street (MBP)
Pater of the Cannon (MBP)
Ezra Pound. 1885–1972  [Greek] (MAP)
Ballad for Gloom (MAP)
In a Station of the Metro (MAP)
Louis Untermeyer. 1885–1977  On the Birth of a Child (MAP)
Prayer (MAP)
Summons (MAP)
Roy Helton. 1886–  In Passing (MAP)
Joyce Kilmer. 1886–1918  Trees (MAP)
William Rose Benét. 1886–1950  His Ally (MAP)
How to Catch Unicorns (MAP)
John Gould Fletcher. 1886–1950  Lincoln (MAP)
Skaters (MAP)
Frances Cornford. 1886–1960  Preëxistence (MBP)
"H. D." 1886–1961  Oread (MAP)
Pear Tree (MAP)
Siegfried Sassoon. 1886–1967  Aftermath (MBP)
Dreamers (MBP)
Rear-Guard (MBP)
Thrushes (MBP)
To Victory (MBP)
Jean Starr Untermeyer. 1886–1970  Autumn (MAP)
John Hall Wheelock. 1886–1978  Sunday Evening in the Common (MAP)
W. M. Letts. 1887–  Grandeur (MBP)
Spires of Oxford (MBP)
Rupert Brooke. 1887–1915  Dust (MBP)
Great Lover (MBP)
Soldier (MBP)
Orrick Johns. 1887–1946  Little Things (MAP)
Edith Sitwell. 1887–1964  Interlude (MBP)
Web of Eros (MBP)
F. W. Harvey. 1888–  Bugler (MBP)
Alan Seeger. 1888–1916  I Have a Rendezvous with Death (MAP)
Willard Wattles. 1888–1935  Builder (MAP)
Creeds (MAP)
Haniel Long. 1888–1956  Dead Men Tell No Tales (MAP)
T. P. Cameron Wilson. 1889–1918  Sportsmen in Paradise (MBP)
W. J. Turner. 1889–1946  Romance (MBP)
Conrad Aiken. 1889–1973  Morning Song From "Senlin(MAP)
Patrick Macgill. 1890–  By-the-Way (MBP)
Death and the Fairies (MBP)
Christopher Morley. 1890–1957  To a Post-Office Inkwell (MAP)
Irene Rutherford Mcleod. 1891–  Is Love, then, so Simple (MBP)
Lone Dog (MBP)
Francis Ledwidge. 1891–1917  An Evening in England (MBP)
Evening Clouds (MBP)
Edna St. Vincent Millay. 1892–1950  God's Wod (MAP)
Edward Shanks. 1892–1953  Complaint (MBP)
Maxwell Bodenheim. 1892–1954  Poet to His Love (MAP)
Richard Aldington. 1892–1962  At the British Museum (MBP)
Images (MBP)
Prelude (MBP)
Osbert Sitwell. 1892–1969  Blind Pedlar (MBP)
Progress (MBP)
Robert Nichols. 1893–1944  Nearer (MBP)
Alter Brody. 1895–  Searchlights (MAP)
Charles H. Sorley. 1895–1915  To Germany (MBP)
Two Sonnets (MBP)
Robert Graves. 1895–1985  A Pinch of Salt (MBP)
It's a Queer Time (MBP)
I Wonder What It Feels Like to be Drowned(MBP)
Last Post (MBP)
Stephen Vincent Benét. 1898–1943  Portrait of a Boy (MAP)


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