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Bacon to Byron

Bacon, Francis, Lord Bacon. 1561–1626  Life (Gold)
Baillie, Joanna. 1762–1851  Outlaw's Song (OBEV)
Baillie, Lady Grisel. 1665–1746  Werena my Heart's licht I wad dee (OBEV)
Bangs, John Kendrick. 1862–1922  Little Elf (MAP)
Bannerman, Frances. 19th Cent.?  An Upper Chamber (OBEV)
Barbauld, Anna Lætitia. 1743–1825  Life (OBEV)
Life! I know not what thou art (Gold)
Barbour, John. 1320?–1395  Freedom (OBEV)
Barlow, Joel. 1754–1812  Psalm CXXXVII: The Babylonian Captivity (YBAV)
Barnefield, Richard. 1574–1627  Nightingale (Gold)
Philomel (OBEV)
Barnes, William. 1801–1886  Mater Dolorosa (OBEV)
Wife a-lost (OBEV)
Beattie, James. 1735–1803  An Epitaph (OBEV)
Beaumont, Francis. 1584–1616  On the Tombs in Westminster Abbey (Gold)
On the Tombs in Westminster Abbey (OBEV)
Beaumont, Sir John. 1583–1627  Of his Dear Son, Gervase (OBEV)
Beddoes, Thomas Lovell. 1803–1849  Dream-Pedlary (OBEV)
Song (OBEV)
Wolfram's Dirge (OBEV)
Beeching, Henry Charles. 1859–1919  Going down Hill on a Bicycle (OBEV)
Prayers (OBEV)
Beers, Ethelinda (Eliot). 1827–1879  All Quiet Along the Potomac (YBAV)
Behn, Aphra. 1640–1689  Libertine (OBEV)
Song (OBEV)
Belloc, Hilaire. 1870–1953  South Country (MBP)
Benét, Stephen Vincent. 1898–1943  Portrait of a Boy (MAP)
Benét, William Rose. 1886–1950  His Ally (MAP)
How to Catch Unicorns (MAP)
Benson, Arthur Christopher. 1862–1925  Phoenix (OBEV)
Binyon, Laurence. 1869–1943  A Song (MBP)
House That Was (MBP)
Invocation to Youth (OBEV)
O World, be Nobler (OBEV)
Blake, William. 1757–1827  Cradle Song (OBEV)
Hear the Voice (OBEV)
Little Black Boy (OBEV)
Love's Secret (OBEV)
Night (OBEV)
Reeds of Innocence (OBEV)
Song (OBEV)
Tiger (OBEV)
To Spring (OBEV)
To the Muses (OBEV)
Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen. 1840–1922  Desolate City (OBEV)
Gibraltar (OBEV)
St. Valentine's Day (OBEV)
Song (OBEV)
To Manon, on his Fortune in loving Her (OBEV)
Two Highwaymen (OBEV)
With Esther (OBEV)
Written at Florence (OBEV)
Bodenheim, Maxwell. 1892–1954  Poet to His Love (MAP)
Bowles, William Lisle. 1762–1850  Time and Grief (OBEV)
Boyd, Mark Alexander. 1563–1601  Sonet (OBEV)
Branch, Anna Hempstead. 1875–1937  Monk in the Kitchen (MAP)
While Loveliness Goes By (MAP)
Breton, Nicholas. 1542–1626  A Cradle Song (OBEV)
Phillida and Coridon (OBEV)
Bridges, Robert. 1844–1930  Absence (OBEV)
A Passer-by (OBEV)
My Delight and Thy Delight (OBEV)
Nightingales (MBP)
Nightingales (OBEV)
On a Dead Child (OBEV)
Pater Filio (OBEV)
Spirits (OBEV)
When Death to Either shall come (OBEV)
Winter Nightfall (MBP)
Winter Nightfall (OBEV)
Brody, Alter. 1895–  Searchlights (MAP)
Brome, Alexander. 1620–1666  Resolve (OBEV)
Brontë, Emily. 1818–1848  Last Lines (OBEV)
My Lady's Grave (OBEV)
Prisoner (OBEV)
Remembrance (OBEV)
Brooke, Rupert. 1887–1915  Dust (MBP)
Great Lover (MBP)
Soldier (MBP)
Broome, William. 1689–1745  Belinda's Recovery from Sickness (OBEV)
Rosebud (OBEV)
Brown, Phebe (Hinsdale). 1783–1861  Private Devotion (YBAV)
Brown, Thomas Edward. 1830–1897  Dora (OBEV)
Jessie (OBEV)
My Garden (OBEV)
Browne, of Tavistock, William. 1588–1643  A Welcome (OBEV)
In Obitum M.S. Xo Maij (OBEV)
Memory (OBEV)
On the Countess Dowager of Pembroke (OBEV)
Rose (OBEV)
Sirens' Song (OBEV)
Song (OBEV)
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. 1806–1861  A Musical Instrument (OBEV)
Consolation (OBEV)
Deserted Garden (OBEV)
Grief (OBEV)
Rosalind's Scroll (OBEV)
Sonnets from the Portuguese(OBEV)
Sonnets from the Portuguese ii (OBEV)
Sonnets from the Portuguese iii (OBEV)
Sonnets from the Portuguese iv (OBEV)
Sonnets from the Portuguese(OBEV)
Browning, Robert. 1812–1889  Earl Mertoun's Song (OBEV)
Home-thoughts, from Abroad (OBEV)
Home-thoughts, from the Sea (OBEV)
In a Gondola (OBEV)
Last Ride together (OBEV)
Lost Mistress (OBEV)
Meeting at Night (OBEV)
Misconceptions (OBEV)
Parting at Morning (OBEV)
Pippa's Song (OBEV)
Porphyria's Lover (OBEV)
Song (OBEV)
Song from 'Paracelsus(OBEV)
Thus the Mayne glideth (OBEV)
Wanderers (OBEV)
You'll love Me yet (OBEV)
Bryant, William Cullen. 1794–1878  Battle-Field (YBAV)
Conqueror's Grave (YBAV)
Crowded Street (YBAV)
Death of the Flowers (YBAV)
Forest Hymn (YBAV)
Future Life (YBAV)
June (YBAV)
Oh Mother of a Mighty Race (YBAV)
Past (YBAV)
Planting of the Apple-Tree (YBAV)
Snow-Shower (YBAV)
Song of Marion's Men (YBAV)
Thanatopsis (YBAV)
To a Waterfowl (YBAV)
Bunner, Henry Cuyler. 1855–1896  A Pitcher of Mignonette (MAP)
Atlantic City (YBAV)
Behold the Deeds(MAP)
Candor (YBAV)
Chakey Einstein (YBAV)
Chaperon (YBAV)
Da Capo (YBAV)
Feminine (YBAV)
Just a Love-Letter (YBAV)
She Was a Beauty (YBAV)
Way to Arcady (YBAV)
Wed (YBAV)
Bunyan, John. 1628–1688  Shepherd Boy sings in the Valley of Humiliation (OBEV)
Burgess, Gelett. 1866–1951  On Digital Extremities (MAP)
Psycholophon (MAP)
Purple Cow (MAP)
Burns, Robert. 1759–1796  Ae Fond Kiss (OBEV)
A Farewell (Gold)
A Red, Red Rose (OBEV)
Auld Lang Syne (OBEV)
Banks o' Doon (OBEV)
Bonnie Lesley (Gold)
Bonnie Lesley (OBEV)
Duncan Gray (Gold)
Farewell (OBEV)
Hark! the Mavis (OBEV)
Highland Mary (Gold)
Highland Mary (OBEV)
Jean (Gold)
Jean (OBEV)
John Anderson (Gold)
John Anderson, my Jo (OBEV)
Lament for Culloden (Gold)
Lament for Culloden (OBEV)
Mary Morison (Gold)
Mary Morison (OBEV)
My Bonnie Mary (OBEV)
O my Luve's like a red, red rose (Gold)
O were my Love yon Lilac fair (OBEV)
To a Mouse (Gold)
Ye banks and braes o' bonnie Doon (Gold)
Burr, Amelia Josephine. 1878–  Lie-Awake Song (MAP)
Burton, Richard. 1861–1940  Black Sheep (MAP)
Butler, Samuel. 1612–1680  Metaphysical Sectarian (Meta)
Butler, William Allen. 1825–1902  Incognita of Raphael (YBAV)
Nothing to Wear (YBAV)
Bynner, Witter. 1881–1968  A Farmer Remembers Lincoln (MAP)
Train-Mates (MAP)
Byron, George Gordon Noel,  
Lord Byron. 1788–1824  
All for Love (Gold)
Elegy (Gold)
Elegy on Thyrza (Gold)
For Music (OBEV)
Isles of Greece (OBEV)
On the Castle of Chillon (Gold)
She walks in Beauty (OBEV)
She walks in beauty, like the night (Gold)
There be none of Beauty's daughters (Gold)
We'll go no more a-roving (OBEV)
When we two parted (Gold)
When we Two parted (OBEV)
Youth and Age (Gold)


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