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Callanan to Dwight

Callanan, Jeremiah Joseph. 1795–1839  Outlaw of Loch Lene (OBEV)
Campbell, Joseph. 1879–1944  I Am the Mountainy Singer (MBP)
Old Woman (MBP)
Campbell, Thomas. 1777–1844  Battle of the Baltic (Gold)
Battle of the Baltic (OBEV)
Freedom and Love (Gold)
Hohenlinden (Gold)
Lord Ullin's Daughter (Gold)
Maid of Neidpath (Gold)
Ode to Winter (Gold)
River of Life (Gold)
Soldier's Dream (Gold)
To the Evening Star (Gold)
To the Evening Star (Gold)
Ye Mariners of England (Gold)
Ye Mariners of England (OBEV)
Campion, Thomas. 1567–1620  A Hymn in Praise of Neptune (OBEV)
Cherry-Ripe (OBEV)
Devotion ii (OBEV)
Integer Vitae (OBEV)
Laura (OBEV)
O come quickly(OBEV)
Vobiscum est Iope (OBEV)
Winter Nights (OBEV)
Carew, Thomas. 1594/5–1640  A deposition from love (Meta)
An Elegie upon the death of Dr. John Donne (Meta)
Another (OBEV)
Ask me no more where Jove bestowes (Meta)
Epitaph On the Lady Mary Villiers (OBEV)
Eternity of Love protested (Meta)
Ingrateful Beauty threatened (OBEV)
Ingratefull beauty threatned (Meta)
Maria Wentworth, Thomæ Comitis Cleveland (Meta)
Mediocrity in love rejected (Meta)
Persuasions to Joy: a Song (OBEV)
Song (OBEV)
To a Lady that desired I would love her (Meta)
To His Inconstant Mistress (OBEV)
To my inconstant Mistris (Meta)
To my worthy friend Mr. George Sandys (Meta)
True Beauty (Gold)
Unfading Beauty (OBEV)
Carey, Henry. 1687?–1743  A Drinking-Song (OBEV)
Sally in Our Alley (Gold)
Sally in our Alley (OBEV)
Carman, Bliss. 1861–1929  A Vagabond Song (MAP)
Daisies (MAP)
Hem and Haw (MAP)
Why (OBEV)
Carryl, Charles E. 1841–1920  Robinson Crusoe's Story (MAP)
Carryl, Guy Wetmore. 1873–1904  How a Cat Was Annoyed and a Poet Was Booted (MAP)
How Jack Found that Beans May Go Back On a Chap (MAP)
Cartwright, William. 1611–1643  Falsehood (OBEV)
On a Virtuous Young Gentlewoman that died suddenly (OBEV)
On the Queen's Return from the Low Countries (OBEV)
To Chloe (OBEV)
Cary, Phoebe. 1824–1871  Alas(YBAV)
Nearer Home (YBAV)
Cawein, Madison. 1865–1914  Deserted (MAP)
Man Hunt (MAP)
Chapman, George. 1559?–1634  Bridal Song (OBEV)
Chatterton, Thomas. 1752–1770  Song from Ælla (OBEV)
Chaucer, Geoffrey. 1343?–1400  Balade (OBEV)
Love Unfeigned (OBEV)
Merciles Beaute (OBEV)
Chesson, Nora Hopper. 1871–1906  A Connaught Lament (MBP)
Chesterton, G. K. 1874–1936  A Prayer in Darkness (MBP)
Donkey (MBP)
Lepanto (MBP)
Cibber, Colley. 1671–1757  Blind Boy (Gold)
Clare, John. 1793–1864  Written in Northampton County Asylum (OBEV)
Cleveland, John. 1613–1658  An Elegy on Ben. Jonson (Meta)
Upon Phillis walking in a morning before Sun-rising (Meta)
Clough, Arthur Hugh. 1819–1861  Say not the Struggle Naught availeth (OBEV)
Coffin, Robert Barry. 1826–1888  Ships at Sea (YBAV)
Coleridge, Hartley. 1796–1849  Early Death (OBEV)
Friendship (OBEV)
She is not fair to outward view (Gold)
Solitary-Hearted (OBEV)
Song (OBEV)
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. 1772–1834  Glycine's Song (OBEV)
Kubla Khan (OBEV)
Love (Gold)
Love (OBEV)
Rime of the Ancient Mariner (OBEV)
Time, Real and Imaginary (OBEV)
Work without Hope (OBEV)
Youth and Age (Gold)
Youth and Age (OBEV)
Coleridge, Sara. 1802–1850  Child (OBEV)
O sleep, my Babe (OBEV)
Collins, J. 18th Cent.  To-Morrow (Gold)
Collins, William. 1721–1759  Fidele (OBEV)
How sleep the Brave (OBEV)
Ode to Evening (OBEV)
Ode to Simplicity (OBEV)
Ode Written in 1746 (Gold)
Passions (Gold)
To Evening (Gold)
Colum, Padraic. 1881–1972  An Old Woman of the Roads (MBP)
Plougher (MBP)
Congreve, William. 1670–1729  A Hue and Cry after Fair Amoret (OBEV)
False though She be (OBEV)
Conkling, Grace Hazard. 1878–1958  April in the Huasteca (MAP)
Constable, Henry. 1562–1613  Diaphenia (Gold)
On the Death of Sir Philip Sidney (OBEV)
Cook, Marc. 1854–1882  Her Opinion of the Play (YBAV)
Cooke, Philip Pendleton. 1816–1850  Florence Vane (YBAV)
Cooke, Rose (Terry). 1827–1892  Two Villages (YBAV)
Corbin, Alice. 19th Cent.  Echoes of Childhood (MAP)
Cornford, Frances. 1886–1960  Preëxistence (MBP)
Cory, William (Johnson). 1823–1892  Heraclitus (OBEV)
Mimnermus in Church (OBEV)
Cotton, Charles. 1630–1687  To Coelia (OBEV)
Cowley, Abraham. 1618–1667  Against Hope (Meta)
Anacreontics 1. Drinking (OBEV)
Anacreontics 2. The Epicure (OBEV)
Anacreontics 3. The Swallow (OBEV)
A Supplication (Gold)
Change (Meta)
Destinie (Meta)
Of Wit (Meta)
On the Death of Mr. Crashaw (Meta)
On the Death of Mr. William Hervey (OBEV)
Spring (Meta)
To Light (Meta)
Wish (OBEV)
Cowper, William. 1731–1800  Loss of the "Royal George(Gold)
My Mary (OBEV)
Poplar Field (Gold)
Solitude of Alexander Selkirk (Gold)
To a Young Lady (Gold)
To Mary Unwin (Gold)
To Mary Unwin (OBEV)
To the Same (Gold)
Crabbe, George. 1754–1832  A Marriage Ring (OBEV)
Late Wisdom (OBEV)
Meeting (OBEV)
Crapsey, Adelaide. 1878–1914  On Seeing Weather-beaten Trees (MAP)
Triad (MAP)
Warning (MAP)
Crashaw, Richard. 1612–1649  A Hymn to Saint Teresa (OBEV)
An Epitaph upon Husband and Wife (OBEV)
Answer for Hope (Meta)
Christ Crucified (OBEV)
Hymn in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (Meta)
Hymn of the Nativity (Meta)
Hymn to Saint Teresa (Meta)
Loves Horoscope (Meta)
Saint Mary Magdalene (Meta)
To the Countesse of Denbigh (Meta)
Upon the Book and Picture of Saint Teresa (OBEV)
Verses from the Shepherds' Hymn (OBEV)
Weeper (OBEV)
Wishes for the Supposed Mistress (Gold)
Wishes to His Supposed Mistress (OBEV)
Wishes. To his (supposed) Mistresse (Meta)
Cunningham, Allan. 1784–1842  A wet sheet and a flowing sea (Gold)
Hame, Hame, Hame (OBEV)
Spring of the Year (OBEV)
Sun rises bright in France (OBEV)
Cunninghame-Graham of Gartmore,  
Robert. 1735–1797  
If Doughty Deeds (OBEV)
If doughty deeds my lady please (Gold)
Curtis, George William. 1824–1892  Egyptian Serenade (YBAV)
O listen to the sounding sea (YBAV)
Spring Song (YBAV)
Cust, Henry. 1861–1917  Non Nobis (OBEV)
Cutler, Elbridge Jefferson. 1831–1870  Volunteer (YBAV)
Cutts, Lord Cutts, John. 1661–1707  Song (OBEV)
"D., H." 1886–1961  Oread (MAP)
Pear Tree (MAP)
Daly, T. A. 1871–1948  Between Two Loves (MAP)
Mia Carlotta (MAP)
Daniel, Samuel. 1562?–1619  Beauty, Time, and Love (OBEV)
Care-charmer Sleep, son of the sable Night (Gold)
Love is a Sickness (OBEV)
Ulysses and the Siren (OBEV)
Darley, George. 1795–1846  Fallen Star (OBEV)
Song (OBEV)
To Helene (OBEV)
Davenant, Sir William. 1606–1668  Aubade (OBEV)
Before we shall again behold (Meta)
Christians reply to the Phylosopher (Meta)
For the Lady Olivia Porter (Meta)
Lark now leaves his watry Nest (Meta)
Praise and Prayer (OBEV)
To a Mistress Dying (OBEV)
To the Queen (Meta)
Davidson, John. 1857–1909  A Ballad of Hell (MBP)
Imagination (MBP)
Last Rose (OBEV)
Song (OBEV)
Davies, Sir John. 1569–1626  Man (OBEV)
Davies, William H. 1871–1940  Days Too Short (MBP)
Example (MBP)
Moon (MBP)
Villain (MBP)
Deane, Anthony C. 1870–  A Rustic Song (MBP)
Ballad of the Billycock (MBP)
Dekker, Thomas. 1570?–1632  Happy Heart (Gold)
Sweet Content (OBEV)
De la Mare, Walter. 1873–1956  An Epitaph (MBP)
Listeners (MBP)
Nod (MBP)
Old Susan (MBP)
Tired Tim (MBP)
De Vere, Aubrey. 1814–1902  Serenade (OBEV)
Sorrow (OBEV)
De Vere, Sir Aubrey. 1788–1846  Children Band (OBEV)
Dickinson, Emily. 1830–1886  A Book (MAP)
Beclouded (MAP)
Chartless (MAP)
Doane, George Washington. 1799–1859  Evening: Psalm CXLI. 2 (YBAV)
Dobell, Sydney. 1824–1874  A Chanted Calendar (OBEV)
Ballad of Keith of Ravelston (OBEV)
Laus Deo (OBEV)
Dobson, Henry Austin. 1840–1921  A Garden Song (OBEV)
In After Days (OBEV)
Urceus Exit (OBEV)
Dodington, Lord Melcombe,  
George Bubb. 1691–1762  
Shorten Sail (OBEV)
Donne, John. 1572–1631  A Hymn to God the Father (OBEV)
A Hymne to Christ (Meta)
Aire and Angels (Meta)
Anniversarie (Meta)
A nocturnall upon S. Lucies day (Meta)
At the round earths imagin'd corners, blow (Meta)
A Valediction: forbidding mourning (Meta)
A Valediction: of weeping (Meta)
Batter my heart, three person'd God; for, you (Meta)
Blossome (Meta)
Daybreak (OBEV)
Death (OBEV)
Death be not proud, though some have called thee (Meta)
Dream (OBEV)
Dreame (Meta)
Ecstasy (OBEV)
Expiration (Meta)
Extasie (Meta)
Funeral (OBEV)
Funerall (Meta)
Goe, and catche a falling starre (Meta)
Goodfriday, 1613. Riding Westward (Meta)
Good-morrow (Meta)
His Picture (Meta)
Hymne to God my God, in my sicknesse (Meta)
Lovers infinitenesse (Meta)
Message (Meta)
On his Mistris (Meta)
Prohibition (Meta)
Relique (Meta)
Satyre (Meta)
Show me deare Christ, thy spouse, so bright and clear (Meta)
Song (OBEV)
Sunne Rising (Meta)
Sweetest love, I do not goe (Meta)
That Time and Absence proves (OBEV)
This is my playes last scene, here heavens appoint (Meta)
Thou hast made me, And shall thy worke decay(Meta)
To Christ (Meta)
To Sir H. W. at his going Ambassador to Venice (Meta)
To the Countesse of Bedford (Meta)
Twicknam garden (Meta)
What if this present were the worlds last night(Meta)
Douglas, Alfred. 1870–1945  Green River (MBP)
Dowson, Ernest. 1867–1900  To One in Bedlam (MBP)
You Would Have Understood Me (MBP)
Drake, Joseph Rodman. 1795–1820  American Flag (YBAV)
Drayton, Michael. 1563–1631  Agincourt (OBEV)
Love's Farewell (Gold)
Parting (OBEV)
Sirena (OBEV)
To His Coy Love (OBEV)
To the Virginian Voyage (OBEV)
Drinkwater, John. 1882–1937  A Town Window (MBP)
Reciprocity (MBP)
Drummond of Hawthornden,  
William. 1585–1649  
Change should breed Change (OBEV)
Doth then the world go thus, doth all thus move(Gold)
Her Passing (OBEV)
Inexorable (OBEV)
Invocation (OBEV)
Lessons of Nature (Gold)
Madrigal (Gold)
Madrigal (OBEV)
Saint John Baptist (Gold)
Saint John Baptist (OBEV)
Sic Transit (Gold)
Spring Bereaved(OBEV)
Spring Bereaved(OBEV)
Spring Bereaved(OBEV)
Summons to Love (Gold)
To His Lute (Gold)
Dryden, John. 1631–1700  Ah, how sweet it is to love(OBEV)
Alexander's Feast; or, the Power of Music (Gold)
A Song for St. Cecilia's Day, 1687 (OBEV)
Song for St. Cecilia's Day, 1687 (Gold)
Hidden Flame (OBEV)
Ode (OBEV)
Song to a Fair Young Lady (OBEV)
Dunbar, Paul Laurence. 1872–1906  A Coquette Conquered (MAP)
Discovered (MAP)
Dunbar, William. 1456?–1513?  In Honour of the City of London (OBEV)
Lament for the Makers (OBEV)
On the Nativity of Christ (OBEV)
To a Lady (OBEV)
Dunsany, Lord. 1878–1957  Songs from an Evil Wood (MBP)
D'Urfey, Thomas. 1653–1723  Chloe Divine (OBEV)
Dwight, Timothy. 1752–1817  Love to the Church (YBAV)


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