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"E., A." to Guiterman

"E., A." 1867–1935  By the Margin of the Great Deep (OBEV)
Great Breath (MBP)
Great Breath (OBEV)
Unknown God (MBP)
Eastman, Max. 1883–1969  At the Aquarium (MAP)
Diogenes (MAP)
Edwards, Richard. 1523?–1566  Amantium Irae (OBEV)
Elliot, Jane. 1727–1805  A Lament for Flodden (OBEV)
Lament for Flodden (Gold)
Elliott, Ebenezer. 1781–1849  Battle Song (OBEV)
Plaint (OBEV)
Emerson, Ralph Waldo. 1803–1882  Bacchus (OBEV)
Borrowing: From the French (YBAV)
Brahma (OBEV)
Brahma (YBAV)
Concord Hymn (YBAV)
Days (YBAV)
Fable (YBAV)
Give All to Love (OBEV)
Heri, Cras, Hodie (YBAV)
Humble-Bee (YBAV)
Poet (YBAV)
Problem (YBAV)
Rhodora (YBAV)
Sacrifice (YBAV)
Shakespeare (YBAV)
To Eva (YBAV)
Uriel (OBEV)
Etherege, Sir George. 1635–1691  Song (OBEV)
To a Lady asking him how long he would love her (OBEV)
Fanshawe, Sir Richard. 1608–1666  A Rose (OBEV)
Ferguson, Sir Samuel. 1810–1886  Cashel of Munster (OBEV)
Cean Dubh Deelish (OBEV)
Fair Hills of Ireland (OBEV)
Ficke, Arthur Davison. 1883–1945  Portrait of an Old Woman (MAP)
Sonnet (MAP)
Field, Eugene. 1850–1895  Bibliomaniac's Prayer (YBAV)
Dear Old London (YBAV)
Dibdin's Ghost (YBAV)
Duel (YBAV)
Grandma's Prayer (YBAV)
In Amsterdam (YBAV)
Little Boy Blue (MAP)
Little Peach (YBAV)
Lydia Dick (YBAV)
Preference Declared (YBAV)
Seein' Things (MAP)
Tea-Gown (YBAV)
Fitzgerald, Edward. 1809–1883  Old Song (OBEV)
Omar Khayyám (excerpt) (OBEV)
Flatman, Thomas. 1637–1688  Sad Day (OBEV)
Flecker, James Elroy. 1884–1915  Old Ships (MBP)
Fletcher, Giles. 1585?–1623  Wooing Song (OBEV)
Fletcher, John. 1579–1625  Aspatia's Song (OBEV)
Away, Delights (OBEV)
Beauty Clear and Fair (OBEV)
Bridal Song (OBEV)
God Lyaeus (OBEV)
Hear, ye Ladies (OBEV)
Hymn to Pan (OBEV)
Love's Emblems (OBEV)
Melancholy (OBEV)
Melancholy (Gold)
Sleep (OBEV)
Weep no more (OBEV)
Fletcher, John Gould. 1886–1950  Lincoln (MAP)
Skaters (MAP)
Fletcher, Phineas. 1582–1650  A Litany (OBEV)
Flint, F. S. 1885–  London (MBP)
Ford, John. 1586–1639?  Dawn (OBEV)
Fox, George. 1825–1877  County of Mayo (OBEV)
Freeman, John. 1880–1929  Stone Trees (MBP)
Frost, Robert. 1874–1963  Birches (MAP)
Mending Wall (MAP)
Road Not Taken (MAP)
Tuft of Flowers (MAP)
Garrison, William Lloyd. 1805–1879  Freedom for the Mind (YBAV)
Gascoigne, George. 1534?–1577  A Lover's Lullaby (OBEV)
Gay, John. 1685–1732  Black-Eyed Susan (Gold)
Song (OBEV)
Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson. 1878–1962  Prelude (MBP)
Sight (MBP)
Stone (MBP)
Gilder, Richard Watson. 1844–1909  Ah, Be Not False (YBAV)
A Woman's Thought (YBAV)
Heroic Age (YBAV)
Noël (YBAV)
Reform (YBAV)
River Inn (YBAV)
Songs (YBAV)
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins S. 1860–1935  A Conservative (MAP)
Godolphin, Sidney. 1610–1643  Cloris, it is not thy disdaine (Meta)
Lord when the wise men came from farr (Meta)
Noe more unto my thoughts appeare (Meta)
Goldsmith, Oliver. 1730?–1774  Memory (OBEV)
When lovely woman stoops to folly (Gold)
Woman (OBEV)
Gore-Booth, Eva. 1870–1926  Walls (MBP)
Waves of Breffny (MBP)
Gosse, Edmund. 1849–1928  Revelation (OBEV)
Graham, Marquis of Montrose,  
James. 1612–1650  
I'll never love Thee more (OBEV)
Graves, Robert. 1895–1985  A Pinch of Salt (MBP)
It's a Queer Time (MBP)
I Wonder What It Feels Like to be Drowned(MBP)
Last Post (MBP)
Gray, Thomas. 1716–1771  Bard (Gold)
Curse upon Edward (OBEV)
Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard (Gold)
Elegy written in a Country Churchyard (OBEV)
Hymn to Adversity (Gold)
Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College (Gold)
Ode on the Pleasure Arising from Vicissitude (Gold)
Ode on the Spring (Gold)
On a Favourite Cat, Drowned in a Tub of Gold Fishes (OBEV)
On a Favourite Cat Drowned in a Tub of Goldfishes (Gold)
Progress of Poesy (Gold)
Progress of Poesy (OBEV)
Greene, Robert. 1558–1592  Fawnia (OBEV)
Samela (OBEV)
Sephestia's Lullaby (OBEV)
Greville, Fanny. 18th Cent.  Prayer for Indifference (OBEV)
Greville, Fulke, Lord Brooke. 1554–1628  Myra (OBEV)
Griffin, Gerald. 1803–1840  Eileen Aroon (OBEV)
Grimald, Nicholas. 1519–1562  A True Love (OBEV)
Guiney, Louise Imogen. 1861–1920  Wild Ride (MAP)
Guiterman, Arthur. 1871–1943  Strictly Germ-proof (MAP)


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