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Habington to Joyce

Habington, William. 1605–1654  Nox nocti indicat Scientiam (Meta)
Nox Nocti Indicat Scientiam (OBEV)
To Roses in the Bosom of Castara (OBEV)
To Roses in the bosome of Castara (Meta)
Hall, John. 1627–1656  A Pastorall Hymne (Meta)
An Epicurean Ode (Meta)
Call (Meta)
On an Houre-glasse (Meta)
Halleck, Fitz-Greene. 1790–1867  Alnwick Castle (YBAV)
Burns: To a Rose (YBAV)
Connecticut (YBAV)
Marco Bozzaris (YBAV)
On the Death of Joseph Rodman Drake (YBAV)
Red Jacket (YBAV)
Halpine, Charles Graham. 1829–1868  Thousand and Thirty-Seven (YBAV)
Hardy, Thomas. 1840–1928  Going and Staying (MBP)
In Time of "The Breaking of Nations(MBP)
Man He Killed (MBP)
Harte, Francis Bret. 1836–1902  Chiquita (YBAV)
Dow's Flat (YBAV)
Jim (YBAV)
Plain Language from Truthful James (YBAV)
Society upon the Stanislaus (YBAV)
What the Bullet sang (OBEV)
What the Engines Said (YBAV)
Harvey, F. W. 1888–  Bugler (MBP)
Hastings, Thomas. 1784–1872  In Sorrow (YBAV)
Latter Day (YBAV)
Hawes, Stephen. 1475?–1511  An Epitaph (OBEV)
True Knight (OBEV)
Hawker, Robert Stephen. 1804–1875  Are they not all Ministering Spirits(OBEV)
King Arthur's Waes-hael (OBEV)
Hay, John. 1838–1905  Hymn of the Knights Templars (YBAV)
Jim Bludso of the Prairie Belle (YBAV)
Mystery of Gilgal (YBAV)
Helton, Roy. 1886–  In Passing (MAP)
Hemans, Felicia Dorothea. 1793–1835  Dirge (OBEV)
Henley, William Ernest. 1849–1903  A Bowl of Roses (MBP)
Before (MBP)
Blackbird (MBP)
England, My England (OBEV)
Invictus (MBP)
Invictus (OBEV)
Margaritæ Sorori (MBP)
Margaritæ Sorori (OBEV)
Henryson, Robert. 1425–1500  Bludy Serk (OBEV)
Robin and Makyne (OBEV)
Herbert, George. 1593–1633  Aaron (Meta)
A Dialogue (OBEV)
Affliction (Meta)
Church-floore (Meta)
Collar (Meta)
Discipline (Meta)
Discipline (OBEV)
Easter (OBEV)
Easter wings (Meta)
Gifts of God (Gold)
Jesu (Meta)
Jordan (Meta)
Life (Meta)
Love (Meta)
Love (OBEV)
Pulley (OBEV)
Redemption (Meta)
Vertue (Meta)
Virtue (OBEV)
Windows (Meta)
Herbert of Cherbury, Lord. 1582–1648  An Ode upon a Question moved (Meta)
Elegy over a Tomb (Meta)
Herford, Oliver. 1863–1935  Elf and the Dormouse (MAP)
Japanesque (MAP)
Herrick, Robert. 1591–1674  A Child's Grace (OBEV)
A Meditation for his Mistress (OBEV)
Another (OBEV)
Bracelet: To Julia (OBEV)
Cherry-Ripe (OBEV)
Comfort to a Youth that had lost his Love (OBEV)
Corinna's going a-Maying (OBEV)
Counsel to Girls (Gold)
Delight in Disorder (OBEV)
Epitaph, upon a Child that died (OBEV)
Funeral Rites of the Rose (OBEV)
His Winding-sheet (OBEV)
Litany to the Holy Spirit (OBEV)
Mad Maid's Song (OBEV)
Night-piece: To Julia (OBEV)
Poetry of Dress (Gold)
Primrose (OBEV)
To Anthea Who May Command Him Any Thing (Gold)
To Anthea, who may command him Anything (OBEV)
To Blossoms (Gold)
To Blossoms (OBEV)
To Daffodils (Gold)
To Daffodils (OBEV)
To Daisies, not to shut so soon (OBEV)
To Dianeme (Gold)
To Dianeme (OBEV)
To Electra (OBEV)
To Meadows (OBEV)
To Music, to becalm his Fever (OBEV)
To Oenone (OBEV)
To the Virgins, to make much of Time (OBEV)
To the Western Wind (OBEV)
To the Willow-tree (OBEV)
To Violets (OBEV)
Upon Julia's Clothes (OBEV)
Whenas in silks my Julia goes (Gold)
Heywood, Thomas. 1574?–1641  Matin Song (OBEV)
Message (OBEV)
Pack, clouds, away, and welcome day (Gold)
Hinkson, Katharine Tynan. 1861–1931  All-Souls (MBP)
Sheep and Lambs (MBP)
Sheep and Lambs (OBEV)
Hoccleve, Thomas. 1369?–1426  Lament for Chaucer (OBEV)
Hodgson, Ralph. 1871–1962  Birdcatcher (MBP)
Eve (MBP)
Mystery (MBP)
Time, You Old Gipsy Man (MBP)
Hoffman, Charles Fenno. 1806–1884  Mint Julep (YBAV)
Monterey (YBAV)
Hogg, James. 1770–1835  A Boy's Song (OBEV)
Kilmeny (OBEV)
Holmes, Oliver Wendell. 1809–1894  A Voice of the Loyal North (YBAV)
Ballad of the Oysterman (YBAV)
Chambered Nautilus (YBAV)
Deacon's Masterpiece (YBAV)
Dilemma (YBAV)
Last Leaf (YBAV)
Lexington (YBAV)
Music-Grinders (YBAV)
My Aunt (YBAV)
On Lending a Punch-Bowl (YBAV)
Parting Word (YBAV)
Philosopher to His Love (YBAV)
Qui Vive (YBAV)
Star and the Water-Lily (YBAV)
To the Portrait of "A Lady(YBAV)
Under the Washington Elm (YBAV)
Voiceless (YBAV)
Hood, Thomas. 1799–1845  Autumn (OBEV)
Bridge of Sighs (Gold)
Bridge of Sighs (OBEV)
Death (OBEV)
Deathbed (Gold)
Death-bed (OBEV)
Fair Ines (OBEV)
Past and Present (Gold)
Ruth (OBEV)
Silence (OBEV)
Time of Roses (OBEV)
Horne, Richard Henry. 1803–1884  Plough (OBEV)
Hoskins, John. 1566–1638  Absence (Meta)
Housman, A. E. 1859–1936  Loveliest of Trees (MBP)
Reveillé (MBP)
To An Athlete Dying Young (MBP)
When I Was One-and-Twenty (MBP)
With Rue My Heart is Laden (MBP)
Hovey, Richard. 1864–1900  A Stein Song (MAP)
At the Crossroads (MAP)
At the End of Day (YBAV)
Faith and Fate (YBAV)
Launa Dee (YBAV)
Sea Gypsy (YBAV)
Unmanifest Destiny (MAP)
Unmanifest Destiny (YBAV)
Voices of Unseen Spirits (YBAV)
Wander-Lovers (YBAV)
Howard, Earl of Surrey, Henry. 1516–1547  Complaint of the Absence of Her Lover (OBEV)
Description of Spring (OBEV)
Means to attain Happy Life (OBEV)
Howe, Julia Ward. 1819–1910  Battle-Hymn of the Republic (YBAV)
Our Orders (YBAV)
Summons (YBAV)
Howell, Elizabeth (Lloyd). 1811–1896  Milton's Prayer of Patience (YBAV)
Howells, William Dean. 1837–1920  Earliest Spring (OBEV)
Hueffer, Ford Madox. 1873–1939  Clair de Lune (MBP)
There Shall Be More Joy (MBP)
Hume, Alexander. 1560–1609  A Summer Day (OBEV)
Hunt, Leigh. 1784–1859  Jenny kiss'd Me (OBEV)
Hyde, Douglas. 1860–1949  I Shall Not Die for Thee (MBP)
My Grief on the Sea (OBEV)
Ingalls, John James. 1833–1900  Opportunity (YBAV)
Jago, Richard. 1715–1781  Absence (OBEV)
James I of Scotland, King. 1394–1437  Spring Song of the Birds (OBEV)
Johns, Orrick. 1887–1946  Little Things (MAP)
Johnson, Lionel. 1867–1902  Mystic and Cavalier (MBP)
To a Traveller (MBP)
Johnson, Samuel. 1709–1784  On the Death of Mr. Robert Levet (OBEV)
One-and-Twenty (OBEV)
Jones, Ebenezer. 1820–1860  When the World is burning (OBEV)
Jones, Thomas S., Jr. 1882–1932  Sometimes (MAP)
Jones, Sir William. 1746–1794  Epigram (OBEV)
Jonson, Ben. 1573–1637  A Farewell to the World (OBEV)
An Elegy (OBEV)
A Part of an Ode (OBEV)
Hymn to Diana (Gold)
Hymn to Diana (OBEV)
Noble Balm (OBEV)
Noble Nature (Gold)
On Elizabeth L. H. (OBEV)
On Salathiel Pavy (OBEV)
Shadow (OBEV)
Simplex Munditiis (OBEV)
To Celia (Gold)
To Celia (OBEV)
Triumph (OBEV)
Jordan, Thomas. 1612?–1685  Coronemus nos Rosis antequam marcescant (OBEV)
Joyce, James. 1882–1941  I Hear an Army (MBP)


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