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Keats to Lytton

Keats, John. 1795–1821  Bards of Passion and of Mirth (OBEV)
Bright Star! would I were steadfast as thou art (Gold)
Fancy (OBEV)
Fragment of an Ode to Maia (OBEV)
Happy Insensibility (Gold)
Human Seasons (Gold)
La Belle Dame Sans Merci (Gold)
Las Belle Dame sans Merci (OBEV)
Last Sonnet (OBEV)
Mermaid Tavern (Gold)
Ode on a Grecian Urn (OBEV)
Ode on Melancholy (OBEV)
Ode on the Poets (Gold)
Ode to a Nightingale (Gold)
Ode to a Nightingale (OBEV)
Ode to Autumn (Gold)
Ode to Psyche (OBEV)
On First Looking into Chapman's "Homer(Gold)
On first looking into Chapman's Homer (OBEV)
Realm of Fancy (Gold)
Song of the Indian Maid (OBEV)
Stanzas (OBEV)
Terror of Death (Gold)
To Autumn (OBEV)
To Sleep (OBEV)
When I have Fears that I may cease to be (OBEV)
Keble, John. 1792–1866  Burial of the Dead (OBEV)
Kendall, Henry Clarence. 1841–1882  Mooni (OBEV)
Kettle, T. M. 1880–1916  To My Daughter Betty, The Gift of God (MBP)
Key, Francis Scott. 1779–1843  Star-Spangled Banner (YBAV)
Kilmer, Joyce. 1886–1918  Trees (MAP)
King, Bishop of Chichester, Henry. 1592–1669  A Contemplation upon flowers (Meta)
A Contemplation upon Flowers (OBEV)
A Renunciation (OBEV)
Exequy (Meta)
Exequy on his Wife (OBEV)
Tell me no more how fair she is (Meta)
Kingsley, Charles. 1819–1875  Airly Beacon (OBEV)
Sands of Dee (OBEV)
Kipling, Rudyard. 1865–1936  A Dedication (OBEV)
An Astrologer's Song (MBP)
Conundrum of the Workshops (MBP)
Gunga Din (MBP)
L'Envoi (OBEV)
Recessional (OBEV)
Return (MBP)
Knibbs, Henry Herbert. 1874–1945  Trail-Makers (MAP)
Kreymborg, Alfred. 1883–1966  Old Manuscript (MAP)
Kynaston, Sir Francis. 17th Cent.  To Cynthia. On concealment of her beauty (Meta)
Lamb, Charles. 1775–1834  Hester (Gold)
Hester (OBEV)
Old Familiar Faces (Gold)
Old Familiar Faces (OBEV)
On an Infant Dying as Soon as Born (Gold)
On an Infant dying as soon as born (OBEV)
Lamb, Mary. 1765–1847  A Child (OBEV)
Landor, Walter Savage. 1775–1864  Absence (OBEV)
Alciphron and Leucippe (OBEV)
Autumn (OBEV)
Dirce (OBEV)
Finis (OBEV)
Ianthe (OBEV)
Ianthe's Question (OBEV)
Late Leaves (OBEV)
Maid's Lament (OBEV)
Mother, I cannot mind my Wheel (OBEV)
Of Clementina (OBEV)
On Catullus (OBEV)
Proud Word you never spoke (OBEV)
Resignation (OBEV)
Rose Aylmer (OBEV)
Separation (OBEV)
Twenty Years hence (OBEV)
Verse (OBEV)
Years (OBEV)
Lang, Andrew. 1844–1912  Odyssey (OBEV)
Lanier, Sidney. 1842–1881  Marshes of Glynn (YBAV)
Song of the Chattahoochee (YBAV)
Larcom, Lucy. 1826–1893  Hannah Binding Shoes (YBAV)
Lawrence, D. H. 1885–1930  People (MBP)
Piano (MBP)
Le Gallienne, Richard. 1866–1947  A Ballad of London (MBP)
August Moonlight (MAP)
Regret (MBP)
Second Crucifixion (OBEV)
Song (OBEV)
Ledwidge, Francis. 1891–1917  An Evening in England (MBP)
Evening Clouds (MBP)
Leonard, William Ellery. 1876–1944  To the Victor (MAP)
Leslie, Shane. 1885–1971  Fleet Street (MBP)
Pater of the Cannon (MBP)
Letts, W. M. 1887–  Grandeur (MBP)
Spires of Oxford (MBP)
Levy, Amy. 1861–1889  Epitaph (MBP)
In the Mile End Road (MBP)
Lindsay, Lady Anne. 1750–1825  Auld Robin Gray (Gold)
Auld Robin Gray (OBEV)
Lindsay, Vachel. 1879–1931  Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight (MAP)
Congo (MAP)
Eagle That Is Forgotten (MAP)
Locker-Lampson, Frederick. 1821–1895  At Her Window (OBEV)
Lodge, Thomas. 1558?–1625  Phillis(OBEV)
Rosalind's Madrigal (OBEV)
Rosaline (Gold)
Rosaline (OBEV)
Logan, John. 1748–1788  Braes of Yarrow (Gold)
To the Cuckoo (OBEV)
Long, Haniel. 1888–1956  Dead Men Tell No Tales (MAP)
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. 1807–1882  A Psalm of Life (YBAV)
Arsenal at Springfield (YBAV)
Cumberland (YBAV)
Day is Done (YBAV)
Endymion (YBAV)
Excelsior (YBAV)
Footsteps of Angels (YBAV)
Maidenhood (YBAV)
My Lost Youth (OBEV)
My Lost Youth (YBAV)
Nuremberg (YBAV)
Resignation (YBAV)
Seaweed (YBAV)
Skeleton in Armor (YBAV)
Song of the Silent Land (YBAV)
Village Blacksmith (YBAV)
Warden of the Cinque Ports (YBAV)
Lovelace, Richard. 1618–1658  Grasse-hopper (Meta)
Grasshopper (OBEV)
Gratiana Dancing (OBEV)
Gratiana dauncing and singing (Meta)
Scrutinie (Meta)
To Althea from Prison (Gold)
To Althea, From Prison (Meta)
To Althea, from Prison (OBEV)
To Amarantha, that she would dishevel her Hair (OBEV)
To Lucasta, Going beyond the Seas (Gold)
To Lucasta, Going beyond the Seas (Meta)
To Lucasta, going beyond the Seas (OBEV)
To Lucasta, Going to the Warres (Meta)
To Lucasta, going to the Wars (OBEV)
To Lucasta, on Going to the Wars (Gold)
Lowell, Amy. 1874–1925  Free Fantasia on Japanese Themes (MAP)
Madonna of the Evening Flowers (MAP)
Two Lacquer Prints (MAP)
Lowell, James Russell. 1819–1891  Auf Wiedersehen: Summer (YBAV)
Credidimus Jovem Regnare (YBAV)
Ode Recited at the Harvard Commemoration (YBAV)
Palinode: Autumn (YBAV)
Petition (YBAV)
Present Crisis (YBAV)
Song (YBAV)
Telepathy (YBAV)
Washers of the Shroud (YBAV)
What Mr. Robinson Thinks (YBAV)
Without and Within (YBAV)
Lydgate, John. 1370?–1449  Vox ultima Crucis (OBEV)
Lyly, John. 1554?–1606  Cards and Kisses (OBEV)
Cupid and Campaspe (Gold)
Spring's Welcome (OBEV)
Lytle, William Haines. 1826–1863  Antony and Cleopatra (YBAV)
Lyttelton, Lord Lyttelton, George. 1709–1773  Tell me, my Heart, if this be Love (OBEV)
Lytton, Edward Robert Bulwer,  
Earl of Lytton. 1831–1892  
A Night in Italy (OBEV)
Last Wish (OBEV)


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