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Macaulay to Prior

Macaulay, Thomas Babington,  
Lord Macaulay. 1800–1859  
A Jacobite's Epitaph (OBEV)
McCrae, John. 1872–1918  In Flanders Fields (MBP)
MacDonald, George. 1824–1905  That Holy Thing (OBEV)
Macgill, Patrick. 1890–  By-the-Way (MBP)
Death and the Fairies (MBP)
MacKaye, Percy. 1875–1956  Child-Dancers (MAP)
Mcleod, Irene Rutherford. 1891–  Is Love, then, so Simple (MBP)
Lone Dog (MBP)
MacLeod (William Sharp), Fiona. 1855–1905  Valley of Silence (MBP)
Vision (MBP)
McMaster, Guy Humphreys. 1829–1887  Carmen Bellicosum (YBAV)
Mahony, Francis. 1805–1866  Bells of Shandon (OBEV)
Mangan, James Clarence. 1803–1849  Dark Rosaleen (OBEV)
Nameless One (OBEV)
Mannyng of Brunne, Robert. 1288?–1338  Praise of Women (OBEV)
Markham, Edwin. 1852–1940  A Prayer (MAP)
Lincoln, the Man of the People (MAP)
Marlowe, Christopher. 1564–1593  Passionate Shepherd to His Love (Gold)
Passionate Shepherd to His Love (OBEV)
Marquis, Don. 1878–1937  Unrest (MAP)
Marvell, Andrew. 1621–1678  A Dialogue between Soul and Pleasure (Meta)
A Dialogue between the Soul and Body (Meta)
A Garden (OBEV)
An Epitaph (OBEV)
An Horatian Ode (OBEV)
Bermudas (OBEV)
Coronet (Meta)
Definition of Love (Meta)
Fair Singer (Meta)
Gallery (Meta)
Garden (Meta)
Horatian Ode upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland (Gold)
On a Drop of Dew (Meta)
Picture of little T. C. in a Prospect of Flowers (Meta)
Picture of Little T. C. in a Prospect of Flowers (OBEV)
Song of the Emigrants in Bermuda (Gold)
Thoughts in a Garden (Gold)
Thoughts in a Garden (OBEV)
To his Coy Mistress (Meta)
To His Coy Mistress (OBEV)
Masefield, John. 1878–1967  A Consecration (MBP)
Choice (MBP)
Rounding the Horn (MBP)
Sea-Fever (MBP)
Sonnet (MBP)
Masters, Edgar Lee. 1868–1950  Anne Rutledge (MAP)
Lucinda Matlock (MAP)
Silence (MAP)
Mayne, Jasper. 1604–1672  Time (OBEV)
Meredith, George. 1828–1909  Love in the Valley (OBEV)
Love's Grave (OBEV)
Lucifer in Starlight (OBEV)
Phoebus with Admetus (OBEV)
Tardy Spring (OBEV)
Messinger, Robert Hinckley. 1811–1874  A Winter Wish (YBAV)
Meynell, Alice. 1847–1922  A Thrush Before Dawn (MBP)
Lady of the Lambs (OBEV)
Renouncement (OBEV)
Mickle, William Julius. 1734–1788  Sailor's Wife (Gold)
Millay, Edna St. Vincent. 1892–1950  God's Wod (MAP)
Milnes, Richard Monckton,  
Lord Houghton. 1809–1885  
Shadows (OBEV)
Milton, John. 1608–1674  Arcades (excerpt) (OBEV)
At a Solemn Music (Gold)
At a Solemn Musick (OBEV)
Comus i (excerpt) (OBEV)
Comus ii (excerpt) (OBEV)
Comus iii (excerpt) (OBEV)
Comus iv (excerpt) (OBEV)
Hymn on the Morning of Christ's Nativity (OBEV)
Il Penseroso (Gold)
Il Penseroso (OBEV)
L'Allegro (Gold)
L'Allegro (OBEV)
Light (OBEV)
Lycidas (Gold)
Lycidas (OBEV)
Ode on the Morning of Christ's Nativity (Gold)
On His Blindness (Gold)
On His Blindness (OBEV)
On His Deceased Wife (OBEV)
On Shakespear. 1630 (Meta)
On the Late Massacre in Piemont (Gold)
On the Morning of Christs Nativity (Meta)
On Time (OBEV)
Samson Agonistes i (excerpt) (OBEV)
Samson Agonistes ii (excerpt) (OBEV)
To Cyriack Skinner (Gold)
To Cyriack Skinner (OBEV)
To Mr. Lawrence (Gold)
To Mr. Lawrence (OBEV)
To the Lady Margaret Ley (Gold)
When the Assault Was Intended to the City (Gold)
Monro, Harold. 1879–1932  Every Thing (MBP)
Nightingale Near the House (MBP)
Strange Meetings (MBP)
Montgomerie, Alexander. 1545?–1598?  Night is Near Gone (OBEV)
Moody, William Vaughn. 1869–1910  Gloucester Moors (YBAV)
Ode in Time of Hesitation  (YBAV)
On a Soldier Fallen in the Philippines (MAP)
Moore, Thomas. 1779–1852  At the mid hour of night (Gold)
At the Mid Hour of Night (OBEV)
Echoes (Gold)
Irish Peasant to His Mistress (OBEV)
Journey Onwards (Gold)
Light of Other Days (Gold)
Light of Other Days (OBEV)
Pro Patria Mori (Gold)
Young May Moon (OBEV)
Moore, T. Sturge. 1870–1944  A Duet (OBEV)
Dying Swan (MBP)
Silence Sings (MBP)
Morley, Christopher. 1890–1957  To a Post-Office Inkwell (MAP)
Morris, William. 1834–1896  Love is enough (OBEV)
Nymph's Song to Hylas (OBEV)
Summer Dawn (OBEV)
Munday, Anthony. 1553–1633  Beauty Bathing (OBEV)
Nairne, Lady Carolina. 1766–1845  Land o' the Leal (Gold)
Land o' the Leal (OBEV)
Nashe, Thomas. 1567–1601  In Time of Pestilence (OBEV)
Spring (Gold)
Spring (OBEV)
Neihardt, John G. 1881–1973  Let Me Live Out My Years (MAP)
Newbolt, Henry. 1862–1938  Drake's Drum (MBP)
He fell among Thieves (OBEV)
Nichols, Robert. 1893–1944  Nearer (MBP)
Noel, Roden Berkeley Wriothesley.  
Old (OBEV)
Water-Nymph and the Boy (OBEV)
Norton, Caroline Elizabeth Sarah. 1808–1877  I do not love Thee (OBEV)
Noyes, Alfred. 1880–1958  Barrel-Organ (MBP)
Epilogue (MBP)
Sherwood (MBP)
O'Hara, Theodore. 1820–1867  Bivouac of the Dead (YBAV)
Oldham, John. 1653–1683  A Quiet Soul (OBEV)
Oldys, William. 1687–1761  On a Fly drinking out of his Cup (OBEV)
O'Neill, Moira. 19th Cent.  A Broken Song (MBP)
Beauty's a Flower (MBP)
Oppenheim, James. 1882–  Lincoln-Child (MAP)
Slave (MAP)
Tasting the Earth (MAP)
O'Reilly, John Boyle. 1844–1890  A White Rose (OBEV)
O'Shaughnessy, Arthur William Edgar.  
Fountain of Tears (OBEV)
Ode (MBP)
Ode (OBEV)
Song (OBEV)
O'Sullivan, Seumas. 1879–  Praise (MBP)
Otway, Thomas. 1652–1685  Enchantment (OBEV)
Pagan, Isobel. 1740–1821  Ca' the Yowes to the Knowes (OBEV)
Palmer, John Williamson. 1825–1896  Fight at the San Jacinto (YBAV)
Stonewall Jackson's Way (YBAV)
Palmer, Ray. 1808–1887  Faith (YBAV)
Parker, Gilbert. 1862–1932  Reunited (OBEV)
Parnell, Thomas. 1679–1718  Song (OBEV)
Her Epitaph (YBAV)
Mary Booth (YBAV)
Obituary (YBAV)
On a Bust of Dante (YBAV)
Paradisi Gloria (YBAV)
Saint Peray (YBAV)
Patmore, Coventry. 1823–1896  A Farewell (OBEV)
Departure (OBEV)
If I were dead (OBEV)
Married Lover (OBEV)
Toys (OBEV)
Payne, John Howard. 1791–1852  Home, Sweet Home (YBAV)
Peabody, Josephine Preston. 1874–1922  Spinning in April (MAP)
Peacock, Thomas Love. 1785–1866  Grave of Love (OBEV)
Love and Age (OBEV)
Three Men of Gotham (OBEV)
Peele, George. 1556–1596  A Farewell to Arms (OBEV)
Fair and Fair (OBEV)
Perry, Nora. 1841–1896  After the Ball (YBAV)
Philips, Ambrose. 1671–1749  To Charlotte Pulteney (Gold)
Philips, Katherine (Orinda). 1631–1664  To my Excellent Lucasia, on our Friendship (Meta)
To my Lucasia, in defence of declared Friendship (Meta)
To One persuading a Lady to Marriage (OBEV)
Phillips, Stephen. 1868–1915  A Dream (MBP)
Beautiful Lie the Dead (MBP)
Fragment from "Herod(MBP)
Philpot, William. 1823–1889  Maritæ Suæ (OBEV)
Pike, Albert. 1809–1891  Dixie (YBAV)
Pinkney, Edward Coate. 1802–1828  A Health (YBAV)
A Serenade (YBAV)
Parting (YBAV)
Song (YBAV)
Widow's Song (YBAV)
Poe, Edgar Allan. 1809–1849  Annabel Lee (OBEV)
Annabel Lee (YBAV)
Bells (YBAV)
Conqueror Worm (YBAV)
For Annie (OBEV)
Haunted Palace (YBAV)
Raven (YBAV)
To Helen (OBEV)
To Helen (YBAV)
To One in Paradise (YBAV)
Ulalume (YBAV)
Pope, Alexander. 1688–1744  Dying Christian to his Soul (OBEV)
Elegy to the Memory of an Unfortunate Lady (OBEV)
On a certain Lady at Court (OBEV)
Quiet Life (Gold)
Pound, Ezra. 1885–1972  Ballad for Gloom (MAP)
In a Station of the Metro (MAP)
Praed, Winthrop Mackworth. 1802–1839  Fairy Song (OBEV)
Pratt, George. 1832–1875  A Pen of Steel (YBAV)
Prior, Matthew. 1664–1721  A Letter (OBEV)
For my own Monument (OBEV)
Lady who offers her Looking-Glass to Venus (OBEV)
Merchant, to secure his treasure (Gold)
On My Birthday, July 21 (OBEV)
Question to Lisetta (OBEV)
Song (OBEV)
To a Child of Quality, Five Years Old (OBEV)


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