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Sackville to Synge

Sackville, Charles, Earl of Dorset. 1638–1706  Song (OBEV)
Sandburg, Carl. 1878–1967  Cool Tombs (MAP)
Fog (MAP)
Grass (MAP)
Nocturne in a Deserted Brickyard (MAP)
Sargent, Epes. 1813–1880  A Life on the Ocean Wave (YBAV)
Sassoon, Siegfried. 1886–1967  Aftermath (MBP)
Dreamers (MBP)
Rear-Guard (MBP)
Thrushes (MBP)
To Victory (MBP)
Saxe, John Godfrey. 1816–1887  Bereavement (YBAV)
Early Rising (YBAV)
Orpheus and Eurydice (YBAV)
Polyphemus and Ulysses (YBAV)
Scollard, Clinton. 1860–1932  A Day for Wandering (MAP)
Scott, Alexander. 1525?–1584?  A Bequest of His Heart (OBEV)
A Rondel of Love (OBEV)
Scott, Sir Walter. 1771–1832  Answer (OBEV)
A Serenade (Gold)
Brignall Banks (OBEV)
Coronach (Gold)
Datur Hora Quieti (Gold)
Gathering Song of Donald the Black (Gold)
Hunting Song (Gold)
Jock of Hazeldean (Gold)
Lucy Ashton's Song (OBEV)
Maid of Neidpath (Gold)
Outlaw (Gold)
Patriotism 1. Innominatus (OBEV)
Patriotism 2. Nelson, Pitt, Fox (OBEV)
Pride of Youth (Gold)
Proud Maisie (OBEV)
Rosabelle (Gold)
Rover (Gold)
Rover's Adieu (OBEV)
To a Lock of Hair (Gold)
Where shall the lover rest (Gold)
Scott, William Bell. 1812–1890  Which's Ballad (OBEV)
Seaman, Owen. 1861–1936  Thomas of the Light Heart (MBP)
To An Old Fogey (MBP)
Sedley, Sir Charles. 1639–1701  Child and Maiden (Gold)
Not, Celia, that I juster am (Gold)
To Celia (OBEV)
To Chloris (OBEV)
Seeger, Alan. 1888–1916  I Have a Rendezvous with Death (MAP)
Selina, Helen, Lady Dufferin. 1807–1867  Lament of the Irish Emigrant (OBEV)
Sewell, George. 1639–1701  Dying Man in His Garden (Gold)
Shakespeare, William. 1564–1616  Absence (Gold)
A Consolation (Gold)
A Madrigal (Gold)
A Sea Dirge (Gold)
Aubade (OBEV)
Blind Love (Gold)
Blossom (OBEV)
Blow, blow, thou winter wind (Gold)
Blow, blow, thou Winter Wind (OBEV)
Bridal Song (OBEV)
Carpe Diem (Gold)
Dirge (OBEV)
Dirge of Love (Gold)
Dirge of the Three Queens (OBEV)
Fairy Land(OBEV)
Fairy Land ii (OBEV)
Fairy Land iii (OBEV)
Fairy Land iv (OBEV)
Fairy Land(OBEV)
Farewell! thou art too dear for my possessing (Gold)
Fidele (Gold)
Fidele (OBEV)
How like a winter hath my absence been (Gold)
It was a lover and his lass (Gold)
It was a Lover and his Lass (OBEV)
Life without Passion (Gold)
Love (OBEV)
Love's Perjuries (Gold)
Madrigal (Gold)
Madrigal (Gold)
Man's Love (Gold)
Orpheus (OBEV)
Phoenix and the Turtle (OBEV)
Post Mortem (Gold)
Remembrance (Gold)
Revolutions (Gold)
Silvia (OBEV)
Since brass, nor stone, nor earth, nor boundless sea (Gold)
Sonnets ii (OBEV)
Sonnets iii (OBEV)
Sonnets iv (OBEV)
Sonnets vi (OBEV)
Sonnets vii (OBEV)
Sonnets viii (OBEV)
Sonnets ix (OBEV)
Sonnets xi (OBEV)
Sonnets xii (OBEV)
Sonnets xiii (OBEV)
Sonnets xiv (OBEV)
Sonnets xv (OBEV)
Sonnets xvi (OBEV)
Sonnets xvii (OBEV)
Sonnets xviii (OBEV)
Sonnets xix (OBEV)
Sonnets xx (OBEV)
Soul and Body (Gold)
Spring and Winter(OBEV)
Spring and Winter ii (OBEV)
Sweet-and-Twenty (OBEV)
Take, O take those Lids away (OBEV)
That time of year thou may'st in me behold (Gold)
Time and Love (Gold)
To His Love (Gold)
To me, fair Friend, you never can be old (Gold)
Triumph of Death (Gold)
Unchangeable (Gold)
Under the greenwood tree (Gold)
Under the Greenwood Tree (OBEV)
When in the chronicle of wasted time (Gold)
Winter (Gold)
World's Way (Gold)
Shanks, Edward. 1892–1953  Complaint (MBP)
Shanly, Charles Dawson. 1811–1875  Fancy Shot (YBAV)
Sheffield, John, Duke of Buckinghamshire.  
On One who died discovering her Kindness (OBEV)
Reconcilement (OBEV)
Shelley, Percy Bysshe. 1792–1822  A Dream of the Unknown (Gold)
A Lament (Gold)
A widow bird sate mourning for her Love (Gold)
Flight of Love (Gold)
From the Arabic (OBEV)
Hellas (OBEV)
Hymn of Pan (OBEV)
Hymn to the Spirit of Nature (Gold)
I fear thy kisses, gentle maiden (Gold)
Indian Serenade (OBEV)
Invitation (Gold)
Invitation (OBEV)
Invocation (Gold)
Lines (OBEV)
Lines to an Indian Air (Gold)
Love's Philosophy (Gold)
Moon (OBEV)
Music, when soft voices die (Gold)
Music, when Soft Voices die (OBEV)
Night (OBEV)
Ode to the West Wind (Gold)
Ode to the West Wind (OBEV)
One word is too often profaned (Gold)
Ozymandias of Egypt (Gold)
Poet's Dream (Gold)
Question (OBEV)
Recollection (Gold)
Remorse (OBEV)
Stanzas Written in Dejection near Naples (Gold)
To —— (OBEV)
To a Lady, with a Guitar (Gold)
To a Skylark (Gold)
To a Skylark (OBEV)
To the Moon (Gold)
To the Night (Gold)
Written among the Euganean Hills, North Italy (Gold)
Sherburne, Edward. 1618–1702  Proud Ægyptian Queen, her Roman Guest (Meta)
Sherman, Frank Dempster. 1860–1916  Bacchus (MAP)
Shirley, James. 1596–1666  A Hymn (OBEV)
Death the Leveller (Gold)
Death the Leveller (OBEV)
Last Conqueror (Gold)
Sidney, Sir Philip. 1554–1586  A Ditty (Gold)
Bargain (OBEV)
Highway (OBEV)
Philomela (OBEV)
Sleep (OBEV)
Song (OBEV)
Splendidis longum valedico Nugis (OBEV)
This Lady's Cruelty (OBEV)
Voices at the Window (OBEV)
Sigerson, Dora. d. 1918  Ireland (OBEV)
Sill, Edward Rowland. 1841–1887  Coup de Grace (YBAV)
Fool's Prayer (YBAV)
Lover's Song (YBAV)
Momentous Words (YBAV)
Open Window (YBAV)
To a Maid Demure (YBAV)
Sitwell, Edith. 1887–1964  Interlude (MBP)
Web of Eros (MBP)
Sitwell, Osbert. 1892–1969  Blind Pedlar (MBP)
Progress (MBP)
Skelton, John. 1460?–1529  To Mistress Margaret Hussey (OBEV)
To Mistress Margery Wentworth (OBEV)
Smart, Christopher. 1722–1771  Song to David (OBEV)
Smith, Alexander. 1829–1867  Barbara (OBEV)
Love (OBEV)
Smollett, Tobias George. 1721–1771  To Leven Water (OBEV)
Sorley, Charles H. 1895–1915  To Germany (MBP)
Two Sonnets (MBP)
Southey, Caroline. 1787–1854  To Death (OBEV)
Southey, Robert. 1774–1843  After Blenheim (Gold)
His Books (OBEV)
Scholar (Gold)
Southwell, Robert. 1561?–1595  Burning Babe (OBEV)
Times go by Turns (OBEV)
Spenser, Edmund. 1552?–1599  A Ditty (OBEV)
Daphnaïda (excerpt) (OBEV)
Easter (OBEV)
Epithalamion (OBEV)
Prothalamion (Gold)
Prothalamion (OBEV)
Whilst it is prime (OBEV)
Squire, J. C. 1884–1958  A House (MBP)
Stanley, Thomas. 1625–1678  Divorce (Meta)
Exequies (Meta)
La Belle Confidente (Meta)
Relapse (OBEV)
Repulse (Meta)
To Celia pleading want of Merit (Meta)
Stedman, Edmund Clarence. 1833–1908  Ballad of Lager Bier (YBAV)
Edged Tools (YBAV)
Hypatia (YBAV)
Kearny at Seven Pines (YBAV)
Pan in Wall Street (YBAV)
Provençal Lovers (YBAV)
Si Jeunesse Savait(YBAV)
Undiscovered Country (YBAV)
World Well Lost (YBAV)
Stephens, James. 1882–1950  Shell (MBP)
To the Four Courts, Please (MBP)
What Tomas An Buile Said In a Pub (MBP)
Sterling, George. 1869–1926  Black Vulture (MAP)
Stevenson, Robert Louis. 1850–1894  In the Highlands (OBEV)
Requiem (MBP)
Requiem (OBEV)
Romance (MBP)
Romance (OBEV)
Summer Sun (MBP)
Winter-Time (MBP)
Stevenson, William. 1530?–1575  Jolly Good Ale and Old (OBEV)
Stoddard, Richard Henry. 1825–1903  A Woman's Poem (YBAV)
Flight of Youth (YBAV)
Without and Within (YBAV)
Story, William Wetmore. 1819–1895  Black Eyes (YBAV)
Cleopatra (YBAV)
In the Rain (YBAV)
L'Abbate (YBAV)
Praxiteles and Phryne (YBAV)
Snowdrop (YBAV)
Strode, William. 1602–1645  Chloris in the Snow (OBEV)
Suckling, Sir John. 1609–1642  A Doubt of Martyrdom (OBEV)
Constant Lover (OBEV)
Encouragements to a Lover (Gold)
My dearest Rival, least our Love (Meta)
Of thee (kind boy) I ask no red and white (Meta)
Oh! for some honest Lovers ghost (Meta)
Out upon it, I have lov'd (Meta)
When, Dearest, I but think of Thee (OBEV)
Why so Pale and Wan(OBEV)
Swinburne, Algernon Charles. 1837–1909  Ave atque Vale (OBEV)
Chorus from 'Atalanta(OBEV)
Hertha (OBEV)
Itylus (OBEV)
Sylvester, Joshua. 1563–1618  Love's Omnipresence (Gold)
Ubique (OBEV)
Symons, Arthur. 1865–1945  In the Wood of Finvara (MBP)
Modern Beauty (MBP)
Synge, J. M. 1871–1909  A Translation from Petrarch (MBP)
Beg-Innish (MBP)
To the Oaks of Glencree (MBP)


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