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Tappan to Young

Tappan, William Bingham. 1794–1849  Hour of Peaceful Rest (YBAV)
Taylor, Bert Leston. 1866–1921  Canopus (MAP)
Taylor, Sir Henry. 1800–1866  Elena's Song (OBEV)
Teasdale, Sara. 1884–1933  I Shall Not Care (MAP)
Night Song at Amalfi (MAP)
Spring Night (MAP)
Tennyson, Frederick. 1807–1898  Holy Tide (OBEV)
Tennyson, Alfred, Lord Tennyson. 1809–1892  Blow, Bugle, blow (OBEV)
Come down, O Maid (OBEV)
In Memoriam (excerpt) (OBEV)
Lady of Shalott (OBEV)
Mariana (OBEV)
Maud (OBEV)
Miller's Daughter (OBEV)
O that 'twere possible (OBEV)
St. Agnes' Eve (OBEV)
Song of the Lotos-Eaters (OBEV)
Summer Night (OBEV)
Thom, William. 1798–1848  Blind Boy's Pranks (OBEV)
Thomas, Edith M. 1854–1925  Frost To-night (MAP)
Thomas, Edward. 1878–1917  Cock-Crow (MBP)
Fifty Faggots (MBP)
If I Should Ever By Chance (MBP)
Tall Nettles (MBP)
Thompson, Francis. 1859–1907  An Arab Love-Song (MBP)
Daisy (MBP)
Poppy (OBEV)
To Olivia (MBP)
Thomson, James. 1700–1748  For ever, Fortune, wilt thou prove (Gold)
On the Death of a particular Friend (OBEV)
Rule, Britannia (Gold)
Thomson, James. 1834–1882  Gifts (OBEV)
In the Train (OBEV)
Sunday up the River (OBEV)
Vine (OBEV)
Thurlow, Edward, Lord Thurlow. 1781–1829  May (OBEV)
Tietjens, Eunice. 1884–1944  Drug Clerk (MAP)
Timrod, Henry. 1828–1867  Charleston (YBAV)
Ode (YBAV)
Todhunter, John. 1839–1916  Aghadoe (OBEV)
Maureen (OBEV)
Torrence, Ridgely. 1875–1950  Bird and the Tree (MAP)
Townshend, Aurelian. 1583?–1643?  Loves Victory (Meta)
Upon kinde and true Love (Meta)
Traherne, Thomas. 1636–1674  News (OBEV)
Turner, Charles Tennyson. 1808–1879  Letty's Globe (OBEV)
Turner, W. J. 1889–1946  Romance (MBP)
Untermeyer, Jean Starr. 1886–1970  Autumn (MAP)
Untermeyer, Louis. 1885–1977  On the Birth of a Child (MAP)
Prayer (MAP)
Summons (MAP)
Vaughan, Henry. 1622–1695  And do they so? have they a Sense (Meta)
Ascension-Hymn (Meta)
As time one day by me did pass (Meta)
Dwelling-place (Meta)
Friends Departed (OBEV)
Man (Meta)
Night (Meta)
Peace (OBEV)
Quickness (Meta)
Regeneration (Meta)
Retreat (Gold)
Retreat (OBEV)
Retreate (Meta)
Timber (OBEV)
To Amoret gone from him (Meta)
Water-fall (Meta)
Vere, Edward, Earl of Oxford. 1550–1604  A Renunciation (Gold)
Wade, Thomas. 1805–1875  Half-asleep (OBEV)
Wakefield, Nancy (Priest). 1836–1870  Over the River (YBAV)
Walker, William Sidney. 1795–1846  Too solemn for day, too sweet for night (OBEV)
Waller, Edmund. 1606–1687  Go, lovely Rose(Gold)
Go, lovely Rose (OBEV)
Old Age (OBEV)
On a Girdle (Gold)
On a Girdle (OBEV)
Walsh, William. 1663–1708  Rivals (OBEV)
Watson, William. 1858–1935  Estrangement (MBP)
Great Misgiving (OBEV)
Ode in May (MBP)
Ode in May (OBEV)
Song (MBP)
Song (OBEV)
Wattles, Willard. 1888–1935  Builder (MAP)
Creeds (MAP)
Watts, Isaac. 1674–1748  A Cradle Hymn (OBEV)
Day of Judgement (OBEV)
Watts-Dunton, Theodore. 1832–1914  Wassail Chorus at the Mermaid Tavern (OBEV)
Webbe, Charles. c. 1678  Against Indifference (OBEV)
Webster, John. 1580?–1625?  A Dirge (OBEV)
A Land Dirge (Gold)
Shrouding of the Duchess of Malfi (OBEV)
Vanitas Vanitatum (OBEV)
Wells, Carolyn. 1869–  A Penitential Week (MAP)
Spelling Lesson (MAP)
Wever, Robert. c. 1550  In Youth is Pleasure (OBEV)
Wheelock, John Hall. 1886–1978  Sunday Evening in the Common (MAP)
Whitman, Walt. 1819–1892  Imprisoned Soul (OBEV)
O Captain! My Captain(OBEV)
O Captain! My Captain(YBAV)
Whittier, John Greenleaf. 1807–1892  Barbara Frietchie (YBAV)
Barclay of Ury (YBAV)
Dedication of "In War Time(YBAV)
Ichabod (YBAV)
Lines on the Death of S. O. Torrey (YBAV)
Maud Muller (YBAV)
My Playmate (YBAV)
Old Burying-Ground (YBAV)
Proem to Edition of 1847 (YBAV)
Randolph of Roanoke (YBAV)
Vesta (OBEV)
Watchers (YBAV)
What the Birds Said (YBAV)
Wickham, Anna. 1884–1947  Reality (MBP)
Singer (MBP)
Song (MBP)
Widdemer, Margaret. 19th Cent.?  Factories (MAP)
Wilde, Oscar. 1854–1900  Impression du Matin (MBP)
Requiescat (MBP)
Willard, Emma (Hart). 1787–1870  Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep (YBAV)
Willis, Nathaniel Parker. 1806–1867  Love in a Cottage (YBAV)
Unseen Spirits (YBAV)
Wilmot, John., Earl of Rochester 1647–1680  Constancy (OBEV)
Love and Life (OBEV)
Return (OBEV)
To His Mistress (OBEV)
Wilson, T. P. Cameron. 1889–1918  Sportsmen in Paradise (MBP)
Wither, George. 1588–1667  A Widow's Hymn (OBEV)
Choice (OBEV)
I loved a Lass (OBEV)
Lover's Resolution (OBEV)
Manly Heart (Gold)
Wolfe, Charles. 1791–1823  Burial of Sir John Moore after Corunna (OBEV)
Burial of Sir John Moore at Corunna (Gold)
To Mary (OBEV)
Wood, Charles Erskine Scott. 1852–1944  Sunrise (MAP)
Woodberry, George Edward. 1855–1930  Immortal Love (MAP)
Woods, Margaret L. 1856–  Genius Loci (OBEV)
Wordsworth, William. 1770–1850  Admonition to a Traveller (Gold)
Affliction of Margaret (Gold)
A Lesson (Gold)
A slumber did my spirit seal (Gold)
By the Sea (Gold)
Composed at Neidpath Castle (Gold)
Daffodils (Gold)
Daffodils (OBEV)
Desideria (Gold)
Desideria (OBEV)
Education of Nature (Gold)
England, 1802 i (OBEV)
England, 1802 ii (OBEV)
England, 1802 iii (OBEV)
England, 1802 iv (OBEV)
England, 1802 v (OBEV)
England and Switzerland, 1802 (Gold)
Evening on Calais Beach (OBEV)
Fountain (Gold)
Green Linnet (Gold)
Inner Vision (Gold)
I travell'd among unknown men (Gold)
London, 1802 (Gold)
Lost Love (Gold)
Lucy ii (OBEV)
Lucy iii (OBEV)
Lucy iv (OBEV)
Mutability (OBEV)
My heart leaps up when I behold (Gold)
Nature and the Poet (Gold)
Ode. Intimations of Immortality (OBEV)
Ode on Intimations of Immortality (Gold)
Ode to Duty (Gold)
Ode to Duty (OBEV)
On the Extinction of the Venetian Republic (Gold)
On the Extinction of the Venetian Republic, 1802 (OBEV)
Perfect Woman (OBEV)
Rainbow (OBEV)
Reaper (Gold)
Reverie of Poor Susan (Gold)
Ruth, or the Influences of Nature (Gold)
Same (Gold)
She was a Phantom of delight (Gold)
Simon Lee, the Old Huntsman (Gold)
Solitary Reaper (OBEV)
Sonnet ii (OBEV)
To a Distant Friend (Gold)
To Sleep (Gold)
To the Cuckoo (Gold)
To the Daisy (Gold)
To the Highland Girl of Inversnaid (Gold)
To the Skylark (Gold)
Trosachs (OBEV)
Two April Mornings (Gold)
Upon Westminster Bridge (Gold)
Upon Westminster Bridge (OBEV)
Valedictory Sonnet to the River Duddon (OBEV)
When I have borne in memory what has tamed (Gold)
Within King's College Chapel, Cambridge (Gold)
World (OBEV)
World is too much with us (Gold)
Written in Early Spring (Gold)
Yarrow Unvisited (Gold)
Yarrow Visited (Gold)
Wotton, Sir Henry. 1568–1639  A Hymn to my God in a night of my late Sicknesse (Meta)
Character of a Happy Life (Gold)
Character of a Happy Life (OBEV)
Elizabeth of Bohemia (Gold)
Elizabeth of Bohemia (OBEV)
On his Mistris, the Queen of Bohemia (Meta)
Upon the Death of Sir Albert Morton's Wife (OBEV)
Wyatt, Sir Thomas. 1503–1542  Appeal (OBEV)
A Revocation (OBEV)
A Supplication (Gold)
Forget not yet (OBEV)
Lover's Appeal (Gold)
To His Lute (OBEV)
Vixi Puellis Nuper Idoneus (OBEV)
Yeats, William Butler. 1865–1939  An Old Song Resung (MBP)
Cap and Bells (MBP)
Lake Isle of Innisfree (MBP)
Lake Isle of Innisfree (OBEV)
Song of the Old Mother (MBP)
When You are Old (OBEV)
Where My Books go (OBEV)
Young, Francis Brett. 1884–1954  Lochanilaun (MBP)


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