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Baby Bell
Curse upon Edward

Baby Bell (T.B. Aldrich, YBAV)
Bacchus (F.D. Sherman, MAP)
Bacchus (R.W. Emerson, OBEV)
Balade (G. Chaucer, OBEV)
Ballad for Gloom (E. Pound, MAP)
Ballad of Keith of Ravelston (S. Dobell, OBEV)
Ballad of Lager Bier (E.C. Stedman, YBAV)
Ballad of the Billycock (A.C. Deane, MBP)
Ballad of the Oysterman (O.W. Holmes, YBAV)
Balow (Anonymous, OBEV)
Banks o' Doon (R. Burns, OBEV)
Barbara (A. Smith, OBEV)
Barbara Allen's Cruelty (Anonymous, OBEV)
Barbara Frietchie (J.G. Whittier, YBAV)
Barclay of Ury (J.G. Whittier, YBAV)
Bard (T. Gray, Gold)
Bards of Passion and of Mirth (J. Keats, OBEV)
Bargain (Sir P. Sidney, OBEV)
Barrel-Organ (A. Noyes, MBP)
Batter my heart, three person'd God; for, you (J. Donne, Meta)
Battle-Field (W.C. Bryant, YBAV)
Battle-Hymn of the Republic (J.W. Howe, YBAV)
Battle of the Baltic (T. Campbell, Gold)
Battle of the Baltic (T. Campbell, OBEV)
Battle Song (E. Elliott, OBEV)
Beautiful Lie the Dead (S. Phillips, MBP)
Beauty Bathing (A. Munday, OBEV)
Beauty Clear and Fair (J. Fletcher, OBEV)
Beauty's a Flower (M. O'Neill, MBP)
Beauty, Time, and Love (S. Daniel, OBEV)
Beclouded (E. Dickinson, MAP)
Before (W.E. Henley, MBP)
Before we shall again behold (Sir W. Davenant, Meta)
Beg-Innish (J.M. Synge, MBP)
Behold the Deeds(H.C. Bunner, MAP)
Belinda's Recovery from Sickness (W. Broome, OBEV)
Bells (E.A. Poe, YBAV)
Bells of Shandon (F. Mahony, OBEV)
Bereavement (J.G. Saxe, YBAV)
Bermudas (A. Marvell, OBEV)
Between Two Loves (T.A. Daly, MAP)
Bibliomaniac's Prayer (E. Field, YBAV)
Binnorie (Anonymous, OBEV)
Birches (R. Frost, MAP)
Bird and the Tree (R. Torrence, MAP)
Birdcatcher (R. Hodgson, MBP)
Bivouac of the Dead (T. O'Hara, YBAV)
Blackbird (W.E. Henley, MBP)
Black-Eyed Susan (J. Gay, Gold)
Black Eyes (W.W. Story, YBAV)
Black Sheep (R. Burton, MAP)
Black Vulture (G. Sterling, MAP)
Blessèd Damozel (D.G. Rossetti, OBEV)
Blind Boy (C. Cibber, Gold)
Blind Boy's Pranks (W. Thom, OBEV)
Blind Love (W. Shakespeare, Gold)
Blind Pedlar (O. Sitwell, MBP)
Blossom (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Blossome (J. Donne, Meta)
Blow, blow, thou winter wind (W. Shakespeare, Gold)
Blow, blow, thou Winter Wind (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Blow, Bugle, blow (A. Tennyson, OBEV)
Blow, Northern Wind (Anonymous, OBEV)
Bludy Serk (R. Henryson, OBEV)
Bonnie House o' Airlie (Anonymous, OBEV)
Bonnie Lesley (R. Burns, Gold)
Bonnie Lesley (R. Burns, OBEV)
Bonny Earl of Murray (Anonymous, OBEV)
Borrowing: From the French (R.W. Emerson, YBAV)
Bracelet: To Julia (R. Herrick, OBEV)
Braes of Yarrow (J. Logan, Gold)
Brahma (R.W. Emerson, OBEV)
Brahma (R.W. Emerson, YBAV)
Bridal Song (G. Chapman, OBEV)
Bridal Song (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Bridal Song (J. Fletcher, OBEV)
Bride (H. Alford, OBEV)
Bride Song (C.G. Rossetti, OBEV)
Bridge of Sighs (T. Hood, Gold)
Bridge of Sighs (T. Hood, OBEV)
Bright Star! would I were steadfast as thou art (J. Keats, Gold)
Brignall Banks (Sir W. Scott, OBEV)
Bugler (F.W. Harvey, MBP)
Builder (W. Wattles, MAP)
Burial of Sir John Moore after Corunna (C. Wolfe, OBEV)
Burial of Sir John Moore at Corunna (C. Wolfe, Gold)
Burial of the Dead (J. Keble, OBEV)
Burning Babe (R. Southwell, OBEV)
Burns: To a Rose (F. Halleck, YBAV)
By the Margin of the Great Deep ( A. E., OBEV)
By the Sea (W. Wordsworth, Gold)
By-the-Way (P. Macgill, MBP)

Call (J. Hall, Meta)
Call (Anonymous, OBEV)
Candor (H.C. Bunner, YBAV)
Canopus (B.L. Taylor, MAP)
Cap and Bells (W.B. Yeats, MBP)
Cards and Kisses (J. Lyly, OBEV)
Care-charmer Sleep, son of the sable Night (S. Daniel, Gold)
Carmen Bellicosum (G.H. McMaster, YBAV)
Carol (Anonymous, OBEV)
Carpe Diem (W. Shakespeare, Gold)
Cashel of Munster (Sir S. Ferguson, OBEV)
Ca' the Yowes to the Knowes (I. Pagan, OBEV)
Cean Dubh Deelish (Sir S. Ferguson, OBEV)
Celestial Army (T.B. Read, YBAV)
Chakey Einstein (H.C. Bunner, YBAV)
Chambered Nautilus (O.W. Holmes, YBAV)
Change (A. Cowley, Meta)
Change should breed Change (W. Drummond, OBEV)
Chaperon (H.C. Bunner, YBAV)
Character of a Happy Life (Sir H. Wotton, Gold)
Character of a Happy Life (Sir H. Wotton, OBEV)
Charleston (H. Timrod, YBAV)
Chartless (E. Dickinson, MAP)
Cherry-Ripe (Anonymous, Gold)
Cherry-Ripe (T. Campion, OBEV)
Cherry-Ripe (R. Herrick, OBEV)
Child (S. Coleridge, OBEV)
Child and Maiden (Sir C. Sedley, Gold)
Child-Dancers (P. MacKaye, MAP)
Children Band (Sir A. De Vere, OBEV)
Chiquita (F.B. Harte, YBAV)
Chloe Divine (T. D'Urfey, OBEV)
Chloris in the Snow (W. Strode, OBEV)
Choice (J. Masefield, MBP)
Choice (G. Wither, OBEV)
Chorus from 'Atalanta(A.C. Swinburne, OBEV)
Christ Crucified (R. Crashaw, OBEV)
Christians reply to the Phylosopher (Sir W. Davenant, Meta)
Church-floore (G. Herbert, Meta)
Clair de Lune (F.M. Hueffer, MBP)
Cleopatra (W.W. Story, YBAV)
Clerk Saunders (Anonymous, OBEV)
Cloris, it is not thy disdaine (S. Godolphin, Meta)
Cock-Crow (E. Thomas, MBP)
Colin (Anonymous, Gold)
Collar (G. Herbert, Meta)
Come down, O Maid (A. Tennyson, OBEV)
Comfort to a Youth that had lost his Love (R. Herrick, OBEV)
Complaint (E. Shanks, MBP)
Complaint (M. Akenside, OBEV)
Complaint of the Absence of Her Lover (H. Howard, OBEV)
Composed at Neidpath Castle (W. Wordsworth, Gold)
Comus i (excerpt) (J. Milton, OBEV)
Comus ii (excerpt) (J. Milton, OBEV)
Comus iii (excerpt) (J. Milton, OBEV)
Comus iv (excerpt) (J. Milton, OBEV)
Conclusion (Sir W. Raleigh, OBEV)
Concord Hymn (R.W. Emerson, YBAV)
Congo (V. Lindsay, MAP)
Connecticut (F. Halleck, YBAV)
Conqueror's Grave (W.C. Bryant, YBAV)
Conqueror Worm (E.A. Poe, YBAV)
Consolation (E.B. Browning, OBEV)
Constancy (J. Wilmot, OBEV)
Constant Lover (Sir J. Suckling, OBEV)
Conundrum of the Workshops (R. Kipling, MBP)
Cool Tombs (C. Sandburg, MAP)
Corinna's going a-Maying (R. Herrick, OBEV)
Coronach (Sir W. Scott, Gold)
Coronemus nos Rosis antequam marcescant (T. Jordan, OBEV)
Coronet (A. Marvell, Meta)
Counsel to Girls (R. Herrick, Gold)
County of Mayo (G. Fox, OBEV)
Coup de Grace (E.R. Sill, YBAV)
Courtin(J.R. Lowell, YBAV)
Crabbed Age and Youth (Anonymous, OBEV)
Cradle Song (Anonymous, OBEV)
Cradle Song (W. Blake, OBEV)
Credidimus Jovem Regnare (J.R. Lowell, YBAV)
Creeds (W. Wattles, MAP)
Crowded Street (W.C. Bryant, YBAV)
Cuckoo Song (Anonymous, OBEV)
Cumberland (H.W. Longfellow, YBAV)
Cupid and Campaspe (J. Lyly, Gold)
Curse upon Edward (T. Gray, OBEV)


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