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Da Capo
Future Life

Da Capo (H.C. Bunner, YBAV)
Daffodils (W. Wordsworth, Gold)
Daffodils (W. Wordsworth, OBEV)
Daisies (B. Carman, MAP)
Daisy (F. Thompson, MBP)
Daphnaïda (excerpt) (E. Spenser, OBEV)
Dark Rosaleen (J.C. Mangan, OBEV)
Datur Hora Quieti (Sir W. Scott, Gold)
Dawn (J. Ford, OBEV)
Daybreak (J. Donne, OBEV)
Day is Done (H.W. Longfellow, YBAV)
Day of Judgement (I. Watts, OBEV)
Days (R.W. Emerson, YBAV)
Days Too Short (W.H. Davies, MBP)
Deacon's Masterpiece (O.W. Holmes, YBAV)
Dead at Clonmacnois (T.W. Rolleston, OBEV)
Dead Men Tell No Tales (H. Long, MAP)
Dear Old London (E. Field, YBAV)
Death (J. Donne, OBEV)
Death (T. Hood, OBEV)
Death and the Fairies (P. Macgill, MBP)
Deathbed (T. Hood, Gold)
Death-bed (T. Hood, OBEV)
Death be not proud, though some have called thee (J. Donne, Meta)
Death of the Flowers (W.C. Bryant, YBAV)
Death the Leveller (J. Shirley, Gold)
Death the Leveller (J. Shirley, OBEV)
Dedication of "In War Time(J.G. Whittier, YBAV)
Definition of Love (A. Marvell, Meta)
De Fust Banjo (I. Russell, MAP)
Delight in Disorder (R. Herrick, OBEV)
Departure (C. Patmore, OBEV)
Description of Spring (H. Howard, OBEV)
Deserted (M. Cawein, MAP)
Deserted Garden (E.B. Browning, OBEV)
Desideria (W. Wordsworth, Gold)
Desideria (W. Wordsworth, OBEV)
Desolate City (W.S. Blunt, OBEV)
Destinie (A. Cowley, Meta)
Devotion (Anonymous, OBEV)
Devotion(T. Campion, OBEV)
Devotion ii (T. Campion, OBEV)
Diaphenia (H. Constable, Gold)
Dibdin's Ghost (E. Field, YBAV)
Dilemma (O.W. Holmes, YBAV)
Diogenes (M. Eastman, MAP)
Dirce (W.S. Landor, OBEV)
Dirge (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Dirge (F.D. Hemans, OBEV)
Dirge of Love (W. Shakespeare, Gold)
Dirge of the Three Queens (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Discipline (G. Herbert, Meta)
Discipline (G. Herbert, OBEV)
Discovered (P.L. Dunbar, MAP)
Divorce (T. Stanley, Meta)
Dixie (A. Pike, YBAV)
Dominus Illuminatio Mea (Anonymous, OBEV)
Donkey (G.K. Chesterton, MBP)
Dora (T.E. Brown, OBEV)
Doth then the world go thus, doth all thus move(W. Drummond, Gold)
Dowie Houms of Yarrow (Anonymous, OBEV)
Dow's Flat (F.B. Harte, YBAV)
Drake's Drum (H. Newbolt, MBP)
Dream (J. Donne, OBEV)
Dreame (J. Donne, Meta)
Dreamers (S. Sassoon, MBP)
Dream-Pedlary (T.L. Beddoes, OBEV)
Drug Clerk (E. Tietjens, MAP)
Duel (E. Field, YBAV)
Duncan Gray (R. Burns, Gold)
Dust (R. Brooke, MBP)
Dwelling-place (H. Vaughan, Meta)
[Greek(E. Pound, MAP)
Dying Christian to his Soul (A. Pope, OBEV)
Dying Man in His Garden (G. Sewell, Gold)
Dying Swan (T.S. Moore, MBP)

Eagle That Is Forgotten (V. Lindsay, MAP)
Earl Mertoun's Song (R. Browning, OBEV)
Earliest Spring (W.D. Howells, OBEV)
Early Death (H. Coleridge, OBEV)
Early Rising (J.G. Saxe, YBAV)
Easter (G. Herbert, OBEV)
Easter (E. Spenser, OBEV)
Easter wings (G. Herbert, Meta)
Echoes (T. Moore, Gold)
Echoes of Childhood (A. Corbin, MAP)
Ecstasy (J. Donne, OBEV)
Edged Tools (E.C. Stedman, YBAV)
Edom o' Gordon (Anonymous, OBEV)
Education of Nature (W. Wordsworth, Gold)
Edward, Edward (Anonymous, OBEV)
Egyptian Serenade (G.W. Curtis, YBAV)
Eileen Aroon (G. Griffin, OBEV)
Elegy (G. Byron, Gold)
Elegy on Thyrza (G. Byron, Gold)
Elegy over a Tomb (Lord Herbert, Meta)
Elegy to the Memory of an Unfortunate Lady (A. Pope, OBEV)
Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard (T. Gray, Gold)
Elegy written in a Country Churchyard (T. Gray, OBEV)
Elena's Song (Sir H. Taylor, OBEV)
Elf and the Dormouse (O. Herford, MAP)
Elizabeth of Bohemia (Sir H. Wotton, Gold)
Elizabeth of Bohemia (Sir H. Wotton, OBEV)
Enchantment (T. Otway, OBEV)
Encouragements to a Lover (Sir J. Suckling, Gold)
Endymion (H.W. Longfellow, YBAV)
England, 1802 i (W. Wordsworth, OBEV)
England, 1802 ii (W. Wordsworth, OBEV)
England, 1802 iii (W. Wordsworth, OBEV)
England, 1802 iv (W. Wordsworth, OBEV)
England, 1802 v (W. Wordsworth, OBEV)
England and Switzerland, 1802 (W. Wordsworth, Gold)
England, My England (W.E. Henley, OBEV)
Epigram (Sir W. Jones, OBEV)
Epilogue (A. Noyes, MBP)
Epitaph (A. Levy, MBP)
Epitaph On the Lady Mary Villiers (T. Carew, OBEV)
Epitaph, upon a Child that died (R. Herrick, OBEV)
Epithalamion (E. Spenser, OBEV)
Estrangement (W. Watson, MBP)
Eternity of Love protested (T. Carew, Meta)
Eve (R. Hodgson, MBP)
Evening Clouds (F. Ledwidge, MBP)
Evening on Calais Beach (W. Wordsworth, OBEV)
Evening: Psalm CXLI. 2 (G.W. Doane, YBAV)
Ev'n like two little bank-dividing brookes (F. Quarles, Meta)
Every Thing (H. Monro, MBP)
Example (W.H. Davies, MBP)
Excelsior (H.W. Longfellow, YBAV)
Exequies (T. Stanley, Meta)
Exequy (H. King, Meta)
Exequy on his Wife (H. King, OBEV)
Expiration (J. Donne, Meta)
Extasie (J. Donne, Meta)

Fable (R.W. Emerson, YBAV)
Factories (M. Widdemer, MAP)
Fair and Fair (G. Peele, OBEV)
Fair Annie (Anonymous, OBEV)
Fair Helen (Anonymous, Gold)
Fair Hills of Ireland (Sir S. Ferguson, OBEV)
Fairies (W. Allingham, OBEV)
Fair Ines (T. Hood, OBEV)
Fair Singer (A. Marvell, Meta)
Fairy Land(W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Fairy Land ii (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Fairy Land iii (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Fairy Land iv (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Fairy Land(W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Fairy Song (W.M. Praed, OBEV)
Faith (R. Palmer, YBAV)
Faith and Fate (R. Hovey, YBAV)
Faithless Shepherdess (Anonymous, OBEV)
Fallen Star (G. Darley, OBEV)
Falsehood (W. Cartwright, OBEV)
False though She be (W. Congreve, OBEV)
Fancy (J. Keats, OBEV)
Fancy Shot (C.D. Shanly, YBAV)
Farewell (R. Burns, OBEV)
Farewell! thou art too dear for my possessing (W. Shakespeare, Gold)
Farewel ye guilded follies, pleasing troubles (Anonymous, Meta)
Fawnia (R. Greene, OBEV)
Feminine (H.C. Bunner, YBAV)
Fidele (W. Shakespeare, Gold)
Fidele (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Fidele (W. Collins, OBEV)
Fifty Faggots (E. Thomas, MBP)
Fight at the San Jacinto (J.W. Palmer, YBAV)
Finis (W.S. Landor, OBEV)
Fleet Street (S. Leslie, MBP)
Flight of Love (P.B. Shelley, Gold)
Flight of Youth (R.H. Stoddard, YBAV)
Florence Vane (P.P. Cooke, YBAV)
Flowers (W.B. Rands, OBEV)
Fog (C. Sandburg, MAP)
Fool's Prayer (E.R. Sill, YBAV)
Footsteps of Angels (H.W. Longfellow, YBAV)
For Annie (E.A. Poe, OBEV)
Forest Hymn (W.C. Bryant, YBAV)
For ever, Fortune, wilt thou prove (J. Thomson, Gold)
Forget not yet (Sir T. Wyatt, OBEV)
For Music (G. Byron, OBEV)
For my own Monument (M. Prior, OBEV)
Forsaken Bride (Anonymous, Gold)
Forsaken Merman (M. Arnold, OBEV)
For the Lady Olivia Porter (Sir W. Davenant, Meta)
Fountain (W. Wordsworth, Gold)
Fountain of Tears (A.W.E. O'Shaughnessy, OBEV)
Fragment from "Herod(S. Phillips, MBP)
Fragment of an Ode to Maia (J. Keats, OBEV)
Freedom (J. Barbour, OBEV)
Freedom and Love (T. Campbell, Gold)
Freedom for the Mind (W.L. Garrison, YBAV)
Free Fantasia on Japanese Themes (A. Lowell, MAP)
Friends Departed (H. Vaughan, OBEV)
Friendship (H. Coleridge, OBEV)
From the Arabic (P.B. Shelley, OBEV)
From the Hymn of Empedocles (M. Arnold, OBEV)
From "Vashti(L. Abercrombie, MBP)
Frost To-night (E.M. Thomas, MAP)
Funeral (J. Donne, OBEV)
Funerall (J. Donne, Meta)
Funeral Rites of the Rose (R. Herrick, OBEV)
Future Life (W.C. Bryant, YBAV)


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