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I Wonder What It Feels Like to be Drowned?

Gallery (A. Marvell, Meta)
Garden (A. Marvell, Meta)
Gathering Song of Donald the Black (Sir W. Scott, Gold)
Genius Loci (M.L. Woods, OBEV)
Gibraltar (W.S. Blunt, OBEV)
Gifts (J. Thomson, OBEV)
Gifts of God (G. Herbert, Gold)
Give All to Love (R.W. Emerson, OBEV)
Gloucester Moors (W.V. Moody, YBAV)
Glycine's Song (S.T. Coleridge, OBEV)
God Lyaeus (J. Fletcher, OBEV)
God's Wod (E.S. Millay, MAP)
Goe, and catche a falling starre (J. Donne, Meta)
Going and Staying (T. Hardy, MBP)
Going down Hill on a Bicycle (H.C. Beeching, OBEV)
Go, lovely Rose(E. Waller, Gold)
Go, lovely Rose (E. Waller, OBEV)
Goodfriday, 1613. Riding Westward (J. Donne, Meta)
Good-morrow (J. Donne, Meta)
Grandeur (W.M. Letts, MBP)
Grandma's Prayer (E. Field, YBAV)
Grass (C. Sandburg, MAP)
Grasse-hopper (R. Lovelace, Meta)
Grasshopper (R. Lovelace, OBEV)
Gratiana Dancing (R. Lovelace, OBEV)
Gratiana dauncing and singing (R. Lovelace, Meta)
Grave of Love (T.L. Peacock, OBEV)
Great Adventurer (Anonymous, Gold)
Great Breath ( A. E., MBP)
Great Breath ( A. E., OBEV)
Great Lover (R. Brooke, MBP)
Great Misgiving (W. Watson, OBEV)
Green Linnet (W. Wordsworth, Gold)
Green River (A. Douglas, MBP)
Grief (E.B. Browning, OBEV)
Gunga Din (R. Kipling, MBP)

Halcyon Days (E.M. Robinson, MAP)
Half-asleep (T. Wade, OBEV)
Hame, Hame, Hame (A. Cunningham, OBEV)
Hannah Binding Shoes (L. Larcom, YBAV)
Happy Heart (T. Dekker, Gold)
Happy Insensibility (J. Keats, Gold)
Hark! the Mavis (R. Burns, OBEV)
Haunted Palace (E.A. Poe, YBAV)
Hear the Voice (W. Blake, OBEV)
Hear, ye Ladies (J. Fletcher, OBEV)
He fell among Thieves (H. Newbolt, OBEV)
Helen of Kirconnell (Anonymous, OBEV)
Hellas (P.B. Shelley, OBEV)
Hem and Haw (B. Carman, MAP)
Heraclitus (W. Cory, OBEV)
Her Epitaph (T.W. Parsons, YBAV)
Heri, Cras, Hodie (R.W. Emerson, YBAV)
Heroic Age (R.W. Gilder, YBAV)
Her Opinion of the Play (M. Cook, YBAV)
Her Passing (W. Drummond, OBEV)
Her Reply (Sir W. Raleigh, OBEV)
Hertha (A.C. Swinburne, OBEV)
Hester (C. Lamb, Gold)
Hester (C. Lamb, OBEV)
Hey nonny no(Anonymous, OBEV)
Hidden Flame (J. Dryden, OBEV)
Highland Mary (R. Burns, Gold)
Highland Mary (R. Burns, OBEV)
Highway (Sir P. Sidney, OBEV)
His Ally (W.R. Benét, MAP)
His Books (R. Southey, OBEV)
His Picture (J. Donne, Meta)
His Pilgrimage (Sir W. Raleigh, OBEV)
His Winding-sheet (R. Herrick, OBEV)
Hohenlinden (T. Campbell, Gold)
Holy Tide (F. Tennyson, OBEV)
Home, Sweet Home (J.H. Payne, YBAV)
Home-thoughts, from Abroad (R. Browning, OBEV)
Home-thoughts, from the Sea (R. Browning, OBEV)
Home Wounded (Anonymous, YBAV)
Horatian Ode upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland (A. Marvell, Gold)
Hour of Peaceful Rest (W.B. Tappan, YBAV)
House That Was (L. Binyon, MBP)
How a Cat Was Annoyed and a Poet Was Booted (G.W. Carryl, MAP)
How can the Heart forget her(Anonymous, OBEV)
How Jack Found that Beans May Go Back On a Chap (G.W. Carryl, MAP)
How like a winter hath my absence been (W. Shakespeare, Gold)
How sleep the Brave (W. Collins, OBEV)
How to Catch Unicorns (W.R. Benét, MAP)
Human Seasons (J. Keats, Gold)
Humble-Bee (R.W. Emerson, YBAV)
Hunting Song (Sir W. Scott, Gold)
Hymn (J. Addison, OBEV)
Hymne to God my God, in my sicknesse (J. Donne, Meta)
Hymn in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (R. Crashaw, Meta)
Hymn of Pan (P.B. Shelley, OBEV)
Hymn of the Knights Templars (J. Hay, YBAV)
Hymn of the Nativity (R. Crashaw, Meta)
Hymn on the Morning of Christ's Nativity (J. Milton, OBEV)
Hymn to Adversity (T. Gray, Gold)
Hymn to Diana (B. Jonson, Gold)
Hymn to Diana (B. Jonson, OBEV)
Hymn to Pan (J. Fletcher, OBEV)
Hymn to Saint Teresa (R. Crashaw, Meta)
Hymn to the Spirit of Nature (P.B. Shelley, Gold)
Hypatia (E.C. Stedman, YBAV)

I Am the Mountainy Singer (J. Campbell, MBP)
Ianthe (W.S. Landor, OBEV)
Ianthe's Question (W.S. Landor, OBEV)
Icarus (Anonymous, OBEV)
Ichabod (J.G. Whittier, YBAV)
I do not love Thee (C.E.S. Norton, OBEV)
If Doughty Deeds (R. Cunninghame-Graham, OBEV)
If doughty deeds my lady please (R. Cunninghame-Graham, Gold)
I fear thy kisses, gentle maiden (P.B. Shelley, Gold)
I Have a Rendezvous with Death (A. Seeger, MAP)
I Hear an Army (J. Joyce, MBP)
If I Should Ever By Chance (E. Thomas, MBP)
If I were dead (C. Patmore, OBEV)
I'll never love Thee more (J. Graham, OBEV)
I loved a Lass (G. Wither, OBEV)
Il Penseroso (J. Milton, Gold)
Il Penseroso (J. Milton, OBEV)
Images (R. Aldington, MBP)
Imagination (J. Davidson, MBP)
Immortal Love (G.E. Woodberry, MAP)
Impression du Matin (O. Wilde, MBP)
Imprisoned Soul (W. Whitman, OBEV)
In After Days (H.A. Dobson, OBEV)
In a Gondola (R. Browning, OBEV)
In Amsterdam (E. Field, YBAV)
In an Atelier (T.B. Aldrich, YBAV)
In a Station of the Metro (E. Pound, MAP)
Incognita of Raphael (W.A. Butler, YBAV)
Indian Serenade (P.B. Shelley, OBEV)
Inexorable (W. Drummond, OBEV)
Ingrateful Beauty threatened (T. Carew, OBEV)
Ingratefull beauty threatned (T. Carew, Meta)
In Flanders Fields (J. McCrae, MBP)
In Honour of the City of London (W. Dunbar, OBEV)
In Memoriam (excerpt) (A. Tennyson, OBEV)
Inner Vision (W. Wordsworth, Gold)
In Obitum M.S. Xo Maij, 1614 (W. Browne, OBEV)
In Passing (R. Helton, MAP)
In Sorrow (T. Hastings, YBAV)
Integer Vitae (T. Campion, OBEV)
Interlude (E. Sitwell, MBP)
In the Highlands (R.L. Stevenson, OBEV)
In the Mile End Road (A. Levy, MBP)
In the Rain (W.W. Story, YBAV)
In the Train (J. Thomson, OBEV)
In the Wood of Finvara (A. Symons, MBP)
In Time of Pestilence (T. Nashe, OBEV)
In Time of "The Breaking of Nations(T. Hardy, MBP)
Invictus (W.E. Henley, MBP)
Invictus (W.E. Henley, OBEV)
Invitation (P.B. Shelley, Gold)
Invitation (P.B. Shelley, OBEV)
Invocation (P.B. Shelley, Gold)
Invocation (W. Drummond, OBEV)
Invocation to Youth (L. Binyon, OBEV)
In Youth is Pleasure (R. Wever, OBEV)
Ireland (D. Sigerson, OBEV)
Irish Peasant to His Mistress (T. Moore, OBEV)
I Shall Not Care (S. Teasdale, MAP)
I Shall Not Die for Thee (D. Hyde, MBP)
Is it Well with the Child(C.G. Rossetti, OBEV)
Isles of Greece (G. Byron, OBEV)
Is Love, then, so Simple (I.R. Mcleod, MBP)
I travell'd among unknown men (W. Wordsworth, Gold)
It's a Queer Time (R. Graves, MBP)
It was a lover and his lass (W. Shakespeare, Gold)
It was a Lover and his Lass (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Itylus (A.C. Swinburne, OBEV)
I Wonder What It Feels Like to be Drowned(R. Graves, MBP)


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