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Pack, clouds, away, and welcome day
Ruth, or the Influences of Nature

Pack, clouds, away, and welcome day (T. Heywood, Gold)
Palabras Cariñosas (T.B. Aldrich, YBAV)
Palinode: Autumn (J.R. Lowell, YBAV)
Pan in Wall Street (E.C. Stedman, YBAV)
Paradisi Gloria (T.W. Parsons, YBAV)
Paradox (J.B. Rittenhouse, MAP)
Parting (M. Drayton, OBEV)
Parting (E.C. Pinkney, YBAV)
Parting at Morning (R. Browning, OBEV)
Parting Word (O.W. Holmes, YBAV)
Passing Away (C.G. Rossetti, OBEV)
Passionate Shepherd to His Love (C. Marlowe, Gold)
Passionate Shepherd to His Love (C. Marlowe, OBEV)
Passions (W. Collins, Gold)
Past (W.C. Bryant, YBAV)
Past and Present (T. Hood, Gold)
Pater Filio (R. Bridges, OBEV)
Pater of the Cannon (S. Leslie, MBP)
Patriotism 1. Innominatus (Sir W. Scott, OBEV)
Patriotism 2. Nelson, Pitt, Fox (Sir W. Scott, OBEV)
Peace (H. Vaughan, OBEV)
Pear Tree ( H. D., MAP)
Peggy (A. Ramsay, OBEV)
People (D.H. Lawrence, MBP)
Perfect Woman (W. Wordsworth, OBEV)
Persuasions to Joy: a Song (T. Carew, OBEV)
Petition (J.R. Lowell, YBAV)
Phillada flouts Me (Anonymous, OBEV)
Phillida and Coridon (N. Breton, OBEV)
Phillis(T. Lodge, OBEV)
Phillis(T. Lodge, OBEV)
Philomel (R. Barnefield, OBEV)
Philomela (M. Arnold, OBEV)
Philomela (Sir P. Sidney, OBEV)
Philosopher to His Love (O.W. Holmes, YBAV)
Phoebus with Admetus (G. Meredith, OBEV)
Phoenix (A.C. Benson, OBEV)
Phoenix and the Turtle (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Phyllida's Love-Call (Anonymous, OBEV)
Piano (D.H. Lawrence, MBP)
Picture of little T. C. in a Prospect of Flowers (A. Marvell, Meta)
Picture of Little T. C. in a Prospect of Flowers (A. Marvell, OBEV)
Pipe and Can (Anonymous, OBEV)
Pippa's Song (R. Browning, OBEV)
Plain Language from Truthful James (F.B. Harte, YBAV)
Plaint (E. Elliott, OBEV)
Planting of the Apple-Tree (W.C. Bryant, YBAV)
Plough (R.H. Horne, OBEV)
Plougher (P. Colum, MBP)
Poet (R.W. Emerson, YBAV)
Poetry of Dress (R. Herrick, Gold)
Poet's Dream (P.B. Shelley, Gold)
Poet to His Love (M. Bodenheim, MAP)
Polyphemus and Ulysses (J.G. Saxe, YBAV)
Poplar Field (W. Cowper, Gold)
Poppy (F. Thompson, OBEV)
Porphyria's Lover (R. Browning, OBEV)
Portrait of a Boy (S.V. Benét, MAP)
Portrait of an Old Woman (A.D. Ficke, MAP)
Post Mortem (W. Shakespeare, Gold)
Praise (S. O'Sullivan, MBP)
Praise and Prayer (Sir W. Davenant, OBEV)
Praise of Women (R. Mannyng of Brunne, OBEV)
Praxiteles and Phryne (W.W. Story, YBAV)
Prayer (L. Untermeyer, MAP)
Prayer for Indifference (F. Greville, OBEV)
Prayers (H.C. Beeching, OBEV)
Preëxistence (F. Cornford, MBP)
Preference Declared (E. Field, YBAV)
Prelude (R. Aldington, MBP)
Prelude (W.W. Gibson, MBP)
Preparations (Anonymous, OBEV)
Present Crisis (J.R. Lowell, YBAV)
Present in Absence (Anonymous, Gold)
Pride of Youth (Sir W. Scott, Gold)
Primrose (R. Herrick, OBEV)
Prisoner (E. Brontë, OBEV)
Private Devotion (P. Brown, YBAV)
Problem (R.W. Emerson, YBAV)
Proem to Edition of 1847 (J.G. Whittier, YBAV)
Progress (O. Sitwell, MBP)
Progress of Poesy (T. Gray, Gold)
Progress of Poesy (T. Gray, OBEV)
Prohibition (J. Donne, Meta)
Pro Patria Mori (T. Moore, Gold)
Prothalamion (E. Spenser, Gold)
Prothalamion (E. Spenser, OBEV)
Proud Ægyptian Queen, her Roman Guest (E. Sherburne, Meta)
Proud Maisie (Sir W. Scott, OBEV)
Proud Word you never spoke (W.S. Landor, OBEV)
Provençal Lovers (E.C. Stedman, YBAV)
Psalm CXXXVII: The Babylonian Captivity (J. Barlow, YBAV)
Psycholophon (G. Burgess, MAP)
Pulley (G. Herbert, OBEV)
Purple Cow (G. Burgess, MAP)

Queen's Marie (Anonymous, OBEV)
Question (P.B. Shelley, OBEV)
Question to Lisetta (M. Prior, OBEV)
Quia Amore Langueo (Anonymous, OBEV)
Quickness (H. Vaughan, Meta)
Quiet Life (A. Pope, Gold)
Qui Vive (O.W. Holmes, YBAV)

Rainbow (W. Wordsworth, OBEV)
Randolph of Roanoke (J.G. Whittier, YBAV)
Raven (E.A. Poe, YBAV)
Reality (A. Wickham, MBP)
Realm of Fancy (J. Keats, Gold)
Reaper (W. Wordsworth, Gold)
Rear-Guard (S. Sassoon, MBP)
Recessional (R. Kipling, OBEV)
Reciprocity (J. Drinkwater, MBP)
Recollection (P.B. Shelley, Gold)
Reconcilement (J. Sheffield, OBEV)
Redemption (G. Herbert, Meta)
Red Jacket (F. Halleck, YBAV)
Reeds of Innocence (W. Blake, OBEV)
Reform (R.W. Gilder, YBAV)
Regeneration (H. Vaughan, Meta)
Regret (R. Le Gallienne, MBP)
Relapse (T. Stanley, OBEV)
Relique (J. Donne, Meta)
Remain(W.S. Landor, OBEV)
Remember (C.G. Rossetti, OBEV)
Remembrance (W. Shakespeare, Gold)
Remembrance (E. Brontë, OBEV)
Remorse (P.B. Shelley, OBEV)
Renouncement (A. Meynell, OBEV)
Repulse (T. Stanley, Meta)
Requiem (R.L. Stevenson, MBP)
Requiem (R.L. Stevenson, OBEV)
Requiescat (O. Wilde, MBP)
Requiescat (M. Arnold, OBEV)
Resignation (W.S. Landor, OBEV)
Resignation (H.W. Longfellow, YBAV)
Resolve (A. Brome, OBEV)
Respice Finem (F. Quarles, OBEV)
Rest (C.G. Rossetti, OBEV)
Retreat (H. Vaughan, Gold)
Retreat (H. Vaughan, OBEV)
Retreate (H. Vaughan, Meta)
Return (R. Kipling, MBP)
Return (J. Wilmot, OBEV)
Return(S. Dobell, OBEV)
Reunited (G. Parker, OBEV)
Reveillé (A.E. Housman, MBP)
Revelation (E. Gosse, OBEV)
Reverie of Poor Susan (W. Wordsworth, Gold)
Revolutions (W. Shakespeare, Gold)
Rhodora (R.W. Emerson, YBAV)
Richard Corey (E.A. Robinson, MAP)
Rich Man (F.P. Adams, MAP)
Rime of the Ancient Mariner (S.T. Coleridge, OBEV)
Rivals (W. Walsh, OBEV)
River Inn (R.W. Gilder, YBAV)
River of Life (T. Campbell, Gold)
Road Not Taken (R. Frost, MAP)
Robin and Makyne (R. Henryson, OBEV)
Robinson Crusoe's Story (C.E. Carryl, MAP)
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep (E. Willard, YBAV)
Rock Me to Sleep (E. Allen, YBAV)
Romance (R.L. Stevenson, MBP)
Romance (W.J. Turner, MBP)
Romance (R.L. Stevenson, OBEV)
Rosabelle (Sir W. Scott, Gold)
Rosalind's Madrigal (T. Lodge, OBEV)
Rosalind's Scroll (E.B. Browning, OBEV)
Rosaline (T. Lodge, Gold)
Rosaline (T. Lodge, OBEV)
Rose (W. Browne, OBEV)
Rose Aylmer (W.S. Landor, OBEV)
Rosebud (W. Broome, OBEV)
Rounding the Horn (J. Masefield, MBP)
Rover (Sir W. Scott, Gold)
Rover's Adieu (Sir W. Scott, OBEV)
Rule, Britannia (J. Thomson, Gold)
Ruth (T. Hood, OBEV)
Ruth, or the Influences of Nature (W. Wordsworth, Gold)


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