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Sweetest love, I do not goe

Sacrifice (R.W. Emerson, YBAV)
Sad Day (T. Flatman, OBEV)
Sailor's Wife (W.J. Mickle, Gold)
St. Agnes' Eve (A. Tennyson, OBEV)
Saint John Baptist (W. Drummond, Gold)
Saint John Baptist (W. Drummond, OBEV)
Saint Mary Magdalene (R. Crashaw, Meta)
Saint Peray (T.W. Parsons, YBAV)
St. Valentine's Day (W.S. Blunt, OBEV)
Sally in Our Alley (H. Carey, Gold)
Sally in our Alley (H. Carey, OBEV)
Salve(T.E. Brown, OBEV)
Same (W. Wordsworth, Gold)
Samela (R. Greene, OBEV)
Samson Agonistes i (excerpt) (J. Milton, OBEV)
Samson Agonistes ii (excerpt) (J. Milton, OBEV)
Sands of Dee (C. Kingsley, OBEV)
Satyre (J. Donne, Meta)
Say not the Struggle Naught availeth (A.H. Clough, OBEV)
Scholar (R. Southey, Gold)
Scholar-Gipsy (M. Arnold, OBEV)
Scrutinie (R. Lovelace, Meta)
Sea Gypsy (R. Hovey, YBAV)
Sea-Fever (J. Masefield, MBP)
Searchlights (A. Brody, MAP)
Seaweed (H.W. Longfellow, YBAV)
Second Crucifixion (R. Le Gallienne, OBEV)
Seein' Things (E. Field, MAP)
Separation (W.S. Landor, OBEV)
Sephestia's Lullaby (R. Greene, OBEV)
Serenade (A. De Vere, OBEV)
Seven Virgins (Anonymous, OBEV)
Shadow (B. Jonson, OBEV)
Shadows (R.M. Milnes, OBEV)
Shakespeare (M. Arnold, OBEV)
Shakespeare (R.W. Emerson, YBAV)
She is not fair to outward view (H. Coleridge, Gold)
She walks in Beauty (G. Byron, OBEV)
She walks in beauty, like the night (G. Byron, Gold)
She Was a Beauty (H.C. Bunner, YBAV)
She was a Phantom of delight (W. Wordsworth, Gold)
Sheep and Lambs (K.T. Hinkson, MBP)
Sheep and Lambs (K.T. Hinkson, OBEV)
Shell (J. Stephens, MBP)
Shepherd Boy sings in the Valley of Humiliation (J. Bunyan, OBEV)
Sheridan's Ride (T.B. Read, YBAV)
Sherwood (A. Noyes, MBP)
Ships at Sea (R.B. Coffin, YBAV)
Shorten Sail (G.B. Dodington, OBEV)
Show me deare Christ, thy spouse, so bright and clear (J. Donne, Meta)
Shrouding of the Duchess of Malfi (J. Webster, OBEV)
Sic Transit (W. Drummond, Gold)
Sight (W.W. Gibson, MBP)
Si Jeunesse Savait(E.C. Stedman, YBAV)
Silence (E.L. Masters, MAP)
Silence (T. Hood, OBEV)
Silence Sings (T.S. Moore, MBP)
Silent Lover(Sir W. Raleigh, OBEV)
Silent Lover ii (Sir W. Raleigh, OBEV)
Silvia (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Simon Lee, the Old Huntsman (W. Wordsworth, Gold)
Simplex Munditiis (B. Jonson, OBEV)
Since brass, nor stone, nor earth, nor boundless sea (W. Shakespeare, Gold)
Since First I saw your Face (Anonymous, OBEV)
Singer (A. Wickham, MBP)
Sirena (M. Drayton, OBEV)
Sirens' Song (W. Browne, OBEV)
Sir Patrick Spens (Anonymous, OBEV)
Sister, Awake(Anonymous, OBEV)
Skaters (J.G. Fletcher, MAP)
Skeleton in Armor (H.W. Longfellow, YBAV)
Slave (J. Oppenheim, MAP)
Sleep (J. Fletcher, OBEV)
Sleep (Sir P. Sidney, OBEV)
Sleeping Beauty (S. Rogers, Gold)
Snowdrop (W.W. Story, YBAV)
Snow-Shower (W.C. Bryant, YBAV)
Society upon the Stanislaus (F.B. Harte, YBAV)
Soldier (R. Brooke, MBP)
Soldier's Dream (T. Campbell, Gold)
Solitary-Hearted (H. Coleridge, OBEV)
Solitary Reaper (W. Wordsworth, OBEV)
Solitude of Alexander Selkirk (W. Cowper, Gold)
Some Things Love Me (T.B. Read, YBAV)
Sometimes (T.S. Jones, MAP)
Sonet (M.A. Boyd, OBEV)
Song (L. Abercrombie, MBP)
Song (T.L. Beddoes, OBEV)
Song (A. Behn, OBEV)
Song (W. Blake, OBEV)
Song (W.S. Blunt, OBEV)
Song (W. Browne, OBEV)
Song (R. Browning, OBEV)
Song (T. Carew, OBEV)
Song (H. Coleridge, OBEV)
Song (J. Cutts, OBEV)
Song (G. Darley, OBEV)
Song (J. Davidson, OBEV)
Song (J. Donne, OBEV)
Song (Sir G. Etherege, OBEV)
Song (J. Gay, OBEV)
Song (R. Le Gallienne, OBEV)
Song (J.R. Lowell, YBAV)
Song (A.W.E. O'Shaughnessy, OBEV)
Song (T. Parnell, OBEV)
Song (E.C. Pinkney, YBAV)
Song (M. Prior, OBEV)
Song (C.G. Rossetti, OBEV)
Song (C. Sackville, OBEV)
Song (Sir P. Sidney, OBEV)
Song (W. Watson, MBP)
Song (W. Watson, OBEV)
Song (A. Wickham, MBP)
Song for St. Cecilia's Day, 1687 (J. Dryden, Gold)
Song from Ælla (T. Chatterton, OBEV)
Song from 'Paracelsus(R. Browning, OBEV)
Song from the Persian (T.B. Aldrich, YBAV)
Song of Callicles (M. Arnold, OBEV)
Song of Marion's Men (W.C. Bryant, YBAV)
Song of the Chattahoochee (S. Lanier, YBAV)
Song of the Emigrants in Bermuda (A. Marvell, Gold)
Song of the Indian Maid (J. Keats, OBEV)
Song of the Lotos-Eaters (A. Tennyson, OBEV)
Song of the Old Mother (W.B. Yeats, MBP)
Song of the Silent Land (H.W. Longfellow, YBAV)
Song to a Fair Young Lady (J. Dryden, OBEV)
Song to David (C. Smart, OBEV)
Songs (R.W. Gilder, YBAV)
Songs from an Evil Wood (Lord Dunsany, MBP)
Sonnet (A.D. Ficke, MAP)
Sonnet (J. Masefield, MBP)
Sonnet(W. Wordsworth, OBEV)
Sonnet ii (W. Wordsworth, OBEV)
Sonnets from the Portuguese(E.B. Browning, OBEV)
Sonnets from the Portuguese ii (E.B. Browning, OBEV)
Sonnets from the Portuguese iii (E.B. Browning, OBEV)
Sonnets from the Portuguese iv (E.B. Browning, OBEV)
Sonnets from the Portuguese(E.B. Browning, OBEV)
Sonnets(W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sonnets ii (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sonnets iii (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sonnets iv (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sonnets(W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sonnets vi (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sonnets vii (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sonnets viii (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sonnets ix (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sonnets(W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sonnets xi (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sonnets xii (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sonnets xiii (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sonnets xiv (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sonnets xv (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sonnets xvi (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sonnets xvii (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sonnets xviii (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sonnets xix (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sonnets xx (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sorrow (A. De Vere, OBEV)
Soul and Body (W. Shakespeare, Gold)
South Country (H. Belloc, MBP)
Speak(W. Wordsworth, OBEV)
Spelling Lesson (C. Wells, MAP)
Spinning in April (J.P. Peabody, MAP)
Spires of Oxford (W.M. Letts, MBP)
Spirits (R. Bridges, OBEV)
Splendidis longum valedico Nugis (Sir P. Sidney, OBEV)
Sportsmen in Paradise (T.P.C. Wilson, MBP)
Spring (T. Nashe, Gold)
Spring (T. Nashe, OBEV)
Spring (A. Cowley, Meta)
Spring and Winter(W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Spring and Winter ii (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Spring Bereaved(W. Drummond, OBEV)
Spring Bereaved(W. Drummond, OBEV)
Spring Bereaved(W. Drummond, OBEV)
Spring Night (S. Teasdale, MAP)
Spring of the Year (A. Cunningham, OBEV)
Spring Song (G.W. Curtis, YBAV)
Spring Song of the Birds (King James I, OBEV)
Spring's Welcome (J. Lyly, OBEV)
Spring-tide (Anonymous, OBEV)
Stanzas (J. Keats, OBEV)
Stanzas Written in Dejection near Naples (P.B. Shelley, Gold)
Star and the Water-Lily (O.W. Holmes, YBAV)
Star-Spangled Banner (F.S. Key, YBAV)
Stone (W.W. Gibson, MBP)
Stone Trees (J. Freeman, MBP)
Stonewall Jackson's Way (J.W. Palmer, YBAV)
Strange Meetings (H. Monro, MBP)
Strictly Germ-proof (A. Guiterman, MAP)
Summer Dawn (W. Morris, OBEV)
Summer Night (A. Tennyson, OBEV)
Summer Sun (R.L. Stevenson, MBP)
Summons (L. Untermeyer, MAP)
Summons (J.W. Howe, YBAV)
Summons to Love (W. Drummond, Gold)
Sun (H. Rowe, OBEV)
Sunday Evening in the Common (J.H. Wheelock, MAP)
Sunday up the River (J. Thomson, OBEV)
Sunne Rising (J. Donne, Meta)
Sunrise (C.E.S. Wood, MAP)
Sun rises bright in France (A. Cunningham, OBEV)
Sweet Content (T. Dekker, OBEV)
Sweet-and-Twenty (W. Shakespeare, OBEV)
Sweetest love, I do not goe (J. Donne, Meta)


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