Importance of Good Writing in Daily Life

Once upon a time, there originated a myth that writing as a skill is important only for authors, teachers, and English majors. A widespread lie was propagated that one doesn’t need to worry about writing if one aspires to be a scientist or a sportsman or a businessman. But, in today’s day and age, writing is one of the key tools of effective communication in almost every profession.

We live in an era where people are judged by the grammatical errors in their emails and spelling mistakes in their social media posts. With obsessive grammar experts always on the prowl online, it would be foolish to undermine the power of the written word and pepper it with mistakes. Here are five ways writing plays an important role in one’s life.

  1. Tool of effective communication: In this fast-paced world, effective communication is key in transferring information. Written communication in the form of emails and texting are some of the most popular platforms to transmit information. Communication plays a vital role in building relationships as well. And nothing strengthens the bond between people more than a personalized, handwritten letter. Since the way one communicates defines one’s personality, it is not surprising that people judge each other on the basis of their writing prowess.
  2. Medium to express views and ideas: When a blogger writes about a social issue, they are expressing their opinions on the issue. When a student writes an argumentative essay, he/she is expressing his/her thoughts on the subject in hand. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg of how people use writing to express ideas, thoughts, and views. Writing not only gives you a way to express your feelings, it also encourages critical thinking and makes people more open to new ideas. To sum it up, writing is not just a form of expression but a medium to think out of the box.
  3. Personal tool for introspection: While writing is a tool to communicate and express, it is also vital for personal introspection. Many people write journals to pour their heart out on paper and to keep track of their thoughts and feelings. Writing lets you reflect on your past and plan for your future. The more one writes for themselves, the more they are in touch with their feelings. In a way, writing is pivotal for personal growth.
  4. Key to establish businesses and attract customers: Everyone has heard the phrase, ‘content is king’. While video content is slowly taking over the market, most businesses rely heavily on written content to connect with customers. Writing is instrumental in the content creation for thousands of websites and blogs online. In order to attract more users, websites strive for great quality of written content to engage with the audience.
  5. Learning mechanism: Taking notes is one of the most effective ways of retaining what you have learned. Writing and learning go hand-in-hand as writing what you learn leaves a deeper impact on your memory and makes it easier to recall. Students all over the world use writing as a learning mechanism to retain and recall what they have read.

In a nutshell, writing is important for the overall development of a person from any walk of life. It is a parameter based on which the world judges a person’s character, talent, intellect, etc. To ignore writing as a life skill can be detrimental to one’s progress in personal and professional aspects of life.

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