13 Reasons People Attempt Suicide By Mr. Alex Lickerman

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Suicide is a sensitive subject that can be portrayed multiple ways in literature. How do we change a suicidal mind that suicide isn't the way out?

What leads to suicide? Bullying , feeling your life is in ruin, feeling lonely and thinking no one cares for you and going deep into depression. According to the article “ The Six Reasons People Attempt Suicide” Mr. Alex Lickerman states that “1. They’re depressed, 2. They're psychotic ,3. They’re impulsive, 4. They’re crying out for help,5. They have a philosophical desire to die, 6. They’ve made a mistake,
In the book 13 Reasons Why Hannah makes 13 tapes talking about the people who have caused her to commit suicide. In each tape she says her 13 reasons why she killed herself. Her reasons were, bullying,betrayal, and trauma. Because she received all of these things she felt threatened, scared and not safe anymore, not even in her own home.“My house. My bedroom.They were supposed to be safe for me. Safe from everything outside. But you were the one who took that away.” (Asher 15)

In the book 13 Reasons Why Hannah was saying
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Literature, when it comes to suicide, it gives a lot more detail than suicide in the real world. in the real world you usually don’t hear people giving as much detailed stories as books. Literature goes into every single detail of what goes on in a suicidal mind, why they think like that, what’s causing them to feel the need that they don’t deserve to be in this world anymore. Since usually the main character is the one with the suicidal mind. Literature also can help prevent suicide simply by giving too much detail. Literature also puts in too much dramatic, mystery, and plot twist to also make books more interesting. Some books can be helpful and others are for simple entertainment, to feel that urge that you must keep
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