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All kinds of essays have two things in common: a well-defined topic and a basic format of introduction, body, and conclusion. When you don’t have an assigned topic, choose something relevant to your course that also intrigues you; you can take a look at our writing prompts for ideas. Then, determine what type of essay you want to write; with its innumerable essay examples, Bartleby can help you get started right away. If you’re also confused about the format of your piece, our sample student essays are great reference points.

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Any essay you write in university helps instructors assess your ability to think critically and express yourself in writing. To put your best foot forward, make sure that you understand the prompt correctly, have a clear stance on the assigned/chosen topic, and are looking into the right resources.

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No student is unaware of the perils of poor essay writing. Tackle your assignments with confidence by following a few simple tips. First, support unique ideas in your essay with suitable analysis and citations. Also, address contrasting discussion points to strengthen your own. Finally, avoid convoluted sentence structure and poor grammar with help from our easy-to-use writing tool

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