13th Amendment Free Speech

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Free Speech The Thirteenth Amendment was an additional amendment that joined the constitution of the United States on January 31st, 1865. The purpose of this amendment was mainly to terminate slavery in the United States. Although most of the Founding Fathers owned slaves at some point in time, a few such as Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, and Abraham Lincoln did not tolerate slavery; they became supporters of abolishing slavery and limiting the growth of it. Some of the Founding Fathers repelled the idea because they would have many difficulties developing crops on their own, they did not want equality with African Americans or slaves, and they would have less representation in Congress if their population decreased; the slaves helped the population although it was Three-Fifths of the population. One of the Founding Fathers, Abraham Lincoln, established the Emancipation Proclamation. That document allowed all the slaves in the Confederacy States or southern states to be free. While the Emancipation Proclamation was meant to keep a strong union, it was also a step taken to abolish slavery in the United States overall. Following the Declaration of Independence, the states did not promote equality as they should have. That was another reason why some of the Founding Fathers opposed slavery. On July 13th, 1787, a law called Northwest Ordinance was passed by Confederation Congress. Relating to the Thirteenth Amendment, it outlawed the practice of slavery in
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