1906 Earthquake Research Paper

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On April 18, 1906, in San Francisco, California there was an earthquake that was a major geological disaster that affected people in many ways. According to, San Francisco had a population of around 400,000, and 3,000 people. The earthquake destroyed over 28,000 buildings and around 250,000 people became homeless. The damage costs were $500 in 1906. The magnitude of the earthquake was estimated to be a 7.8, but only lasted for 1 minute. The earthquake started many fires that burned for days and destroyed around 500 city blocks. The earthquake could be felt from Los Angeles to southern Oregon, and in central Nevada. This earthquake was caused by the transform plate boundary from the pacific and North American plates. The 2 plates rubbed against each other creating the earthquake. ( …show more content…

For example a political impact was that the mayor of San Francisco illegally ordered a “shoot to kill” for the military to stop citizens from looting stores that got affected from the earthquake, because after the fire settled down many people went to loot the stores. The army also pressed people to help work and fix the city at gunpoint. ( (popularmechanics). According to another economical impact of this event is that the earthquake destroyed about 80% of the city. The overall cost in damages from the earthquake came to be $500 dollars in 1906 which is about 9.5 to 10 billion dollars, but luckily San Francisco was able to rebuild its city back up

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