1950's Theater, Film, And Television

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1950’s and Theater, Film, and Television

“In mid-decade, the average film budget was less than one million dollars (Dirks).” The television was a toy for the wealthy and then a more affordable TV set was made, that’s when it became so popular. Theater soon came to be popular on television, but only for a certain amount of time. The 1950’s theater, film and television all interacted and affected each other in many different ways.

1950’s Historical, Social, and Political Events

In 1950’s the end of World War II and the beginning of the Korean War idealized the men of war as new and exciting symbols of rebellion in many different films, such as The Silver Chalice. During the baby boom, electrical products were ideal to have for entertainment and educational reasons which caused TV to become so popular.

1950’s Television, Theater and Film

The 1950’s were known as the golden age of television, even though the television sets were in black and white, about 4.4 million …show more content…

Theater was used to express the meaning in a story, also to give the audience a live performance of their favorite musicals. There were many big hits known in theater. A story lined based Shakespeare story of Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story was just one of the many big hits. Also an old-fashioned musical comedy of The Music Man had sent audiences home for 1,375 performances. Theater also played a part in the golden age of television. Broadcasters in the early years needed to fill in programming, so networks turned to theater for plays. “Hollywood soon quickly wooed away the playwrights and actor (The American Dream, 138).” Soon after networks came to rely on videotape in 1957.

Many families had television as a form of entertainment in the 1950’s. Theater was broadcasted on television but was short lived, but quite popular. Also, in a way television, theater, and film had some type of impact on each

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