1984 Abandoned Love Analysis

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Bob Dylan’s song Abandoned Love can be accurately compared to the plot of the story 1984 written by George Orwell because of their similarities between Winston Smith’s thoughts and Bob Dylan’s thoughts of abandoned/hopeless love. 1984’s storyline is about a “negative utopia”, finding ways to take Big Brother down and the relationship of the main characters Winston and Julia. Abandoned love, however, can be considered as being a song about destined, hopeless love. There is a clear thematic link between the two being about hopeless love. 1984 focuses in on the life of Winston Smith who is a member of the Party and does not get to choose who he wants to be with. He fell in love with a spunky young girl with a heart filled with rebellion. She sparked a flame inside Winston’s heart, sadly it would never work out due to the dystopian world they now inhabited. The party in 1984 designates who the party members marry, “All marriages between party members had to be approved by a committee appointed for the purpose (…) permission was always refused if the couple concerned gave the impression of being physically attracted to one another.”(Orwell 65). Winston had already gone through one loveless marriage that made him truly value the idea of love and want. Winston knew they could get caught at one time or another, which portrays the idea of it was hopeless love from the moment they started engaging in love affairs. What makes Winston and Julia’s romance so engrossing is the fact it

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