1984 Character Analysis

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The novel 1984 was written by George Orwell. The setting is London, England and it is very dark and gloomy. 1984 is about a dystopian society in which the government controls everything. Winston, the main character, doesn’t like how his life is controlled by the government and wants to make a change. He wants to revolt, but knows the party is too powerful. The party lied to the people that live in Oceania and they believe it, because they are so brainwashed. He eventually tries to make a change, but it doesn’t work out well for him. Every character in this novel played an important role. Winston is the protagonist in this novel. He is the main character. Winston doesn’t like how the party controls everyone’s lives, and how they can’t make their own decisions. He is an older man with an ulcer on his leg from all the stress he endures. His hate is expressed when he is writing in his journal and doesn’t even notice he’s writing, “Down with big brother” (18). Julia is another character in this novel. She is younger than Winston and is pretty. About half way through the novel, she and Winston meet and fall in love. They are together for the rest of the story. She doesn’t like the party, but it’s not because of the way they’re treated. She says, “I don’t hate the party, I hate what they won’t let me do” (152). Winston thinks that the Thought Police are going to arrest him after he buys a journal from a pawn shop. When he starts writing in it, he is so angry at

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