2015 Odyssey Research Paper

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Active Safety Features of the 2015 Odyssey (400)

Are you looking for a great car for your family with features that will keep you all safe and secure as you go down the road? If so, consider the 2015 Odyssey by Honda.

Boch Honda has worked closely with the Honda Motor Company to ensure that the Odyssey is packed with the safety features it has heard that its customers need. So let's look at the features that Boch has advised Honda to include to make sure that your family is safe when traveling in the Odyssey.

Rearview Camera with Guidelines

Many parents have let Boch Honda know that seeing what is behind them is a very important concern when it comes to pulling out of the driveway. To make sure that you are able to see where you are going when you back up, Boch has advised Honda to include a rearview camera with guidelines on all models of the 2015 Odyssey. This feature lets you see where your kids may be as your pulling out of the driveway and helps you see what exactly is behind your Odyssey. This means that there is less chance of a tragic accident or a toy being run over.

Forward Collision Warning System …show more content…

To help you do all that you can to avoid a collision, Boch has advised Honda that anything that would warn the driver of possible collisions would be helpful. Because Honda Motor Company values the opinions of its customers and dealers, a Forward Collision Warning System has been included in the Odyssey. This feature is designed to give the Odyssey's driver an immediate alert if it senses that you are at risk for a frontal collision. This means that you and your family have a greater chance of avoiding collisions that could ruin your

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