21 Day Challenge Research Paper

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The 21 day challenge was a great experience for me, and I think it overall made me a happier person. It was easiest for me to just set apart a time each night to journal about a positive experience, write down three things I am grateful for, and pray. For me writing three things I was grateful for each day was the aspect of this challenge that increased my happiness the most. It is easy for me to just think about all the negative aspects of my life and not really think about all the positives, so by writing them down each day it made me realize how much I have to be grateful for. I realized that most of the day I would focus on the bad things that happened, so it was nice to focus on all the good parts of my life. When I started the challenge, …show more content…

Most of the time there are million things going on, so a few minutes to not think about things like work and school was very relaxing or me. Overall I don’t think praying made me much happier, but it did help me because it was a time to just be alone with my thoughts. Completing a random act of kindness each day was somewhat challenging at first because I would forget about doing it, and I would remember later at night and have to do something before going to bed. However later in the challenge I found it much easier to remember to complete these random acts of kindness. After completing these acts of kindness, I felt much happier because it is a good feeling knowing you have helped someone. I felt good knowing that I helped someone or made their day a little better. Overall, I think this challenge increased my level of happiness because it made me realize I have a lot to be thankful for, and there are many more positives in my life than what I realized. When I looked through my notebook consisting of the positive experiences and the 3 things I was grateful for it was very nice that instead of just remembering the bad things that happened those days I now can remember the good things. I have a lot more to be happy about than I thought I did going into this challenge. I now find myself realizing things that I am grateful for more often and

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